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New herpes vaccine

Jesus Chuy

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(1) The grant is part of the NAIA's Small Business Research Innovation grant program. It is funded by the NIH.

(2) There are no therapeutic vaccines for any infectious disease. If any of the four candidates now in the clinic succeed, it would be the first. At this time, all vaccines against pathogens are prophylactic (preventative).

(3) Comparison of NanoBio with what's already out there (Some of this is inference and speculation because of incomplete information):

  • Rational Vaccine's Theravax HSV-2candidate has the potential to both prevent and treat HSV-2 and HSV-1 infections, but the company is planning to conduct only Phase II trials in infected patients at this time. 
  • Genocea's GEN-003, a sub-unit vaccine, seems to be inducing a weaker immune response than Theravax.
  • The University of Pennsylvania's trivalent vaccine induces immunity and blocks the action of elements of the immune system that inhibit the immune response. It worked better in guinea pigs than in monkeys.

Impressions: The Penn and NanoBio vaccines seem to be roughly similar at this point; efficacious in animals, but not tested in humans. Theravax has performed well in animals (unpublished) and humans (Phase I, also unpublished), which may or may not put the company ahead of the pack. Theravax has not been tested in the US, nor does RVx have any plans in doing so in the foreseeable future—an unorthodox approach to vaccine development. And all human data are from one 20-person trial. While encouraging, many promising drugs have died unexpected deaths once they are studied in larger populations. The company maintains that results will be published in 2017, at which point we will know much more. GEN-003 may not be long for this world. Although clinical trials are being conducted in the US, it is a synthetic subunit vaccine, which have been notoriously unsuccessful.

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4 hours ago, LillianPanos said:

Someone said they they were going to participate in this study. Was thst you?


It was Jreemi. It was in the post I started about nano bio a few days ago.

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12 hours ago, Jemel09 said:

It was Jreemi. It was in the post I started about nano bio a few days ago.


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