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Ok Richard or Faith! I need your expertise!

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I found a bump on the outside of my vagina (hate that word). It is the color of my skin - unless i pull on the skin and then it becomes white. I asked a friend and she said it probably was a pimple. There is just one not many. It just appeared overnight. I check myself almost daily (after i have had sex - and it was a week ago today) and this was not there the other day. it looks like if i tried - it would pop. but i am not about to do that. i have had no fever, i actually threw up today cuz i got a tickle in my throat - but that was it. i have felt bloated - but could be due to my period. i do have "little bumpish" things underneath my skin all around my vaginal area - they have been there for as long as i can remember and have never gave me any problem. i have even asked doctors about them and they said they were just part of me. do you think this is herpes?

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Hi Katerina,

Mostlikely... it's a pimple.

Well, that's a place you can get pimple easily, if you never had herpes outbreak before it might be hard for you to tell, but....

You don't have any unbearable pain, or discharge, or tingling, headache,... nothing, right? And it doesn't hurt when urinating, right?

It it hurts and becoming a blister, you should go see a doctor..

But if it looks like a big one pimple, and the top is white... I think it's just a pimple..

But of course I didn't see it, so this is just my guess from your description.

If it starts bothering you physically, you should go see a doctor.

But pretty much I think... it's not herpes.

Best wishes..


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You have nothing to worry about... That thing your probably seeing is A: a pimple like Faith said, or B: an ingrown hair... We all get em, and you just gave a perfect description of an ingrown hair yourself... It'll go away within 5 days, you'll see...


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Guest Anonymous


thanks - i just didnt understand how you could get a pimple there. i mean - it is not on the part where there is hair - it is on the stretchy part and i have never had one there before. you are right - there is no pain - it is currently irratated bc i was poking at it...lol. thanks for the help

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I've actually heard some girls who got a pimple down there. It's the place where air can't really go through. Pimples, and, like Rich said, ingrown hair, .. it seems like we get such things there often...

Best wishes..


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      Hi @Anxious 1234 Did you get diagnosis for this?
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      Hi @WhatDidIDo2023, hopefully all is well with you and your significant other and are still together.   Did she develop any other symptoms after you mentioned her getting itchiness? Was it determined what you had was contagious? Most likely developed a fungal disease and caused her a yeast or uti 
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      Well thank you I appreciate it 
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      Hi @Luna 01 I really feel it is worthwhile obtaining a proper Herpeselect test given the outcomes of the home panel test. Regardless, your current symptoms are almost certainly not related to herpes. Hopefully, your doctor can assist in resolving these.
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