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Bad belly pain


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I did. As I was getting diagnosed. I met my now boyfriend he took me to dinner I had such pain I ate almost nothing I had to force down the food played with the food the worst cramps ever. I was almost crying i had to hide it from him. I had a Pellegrino which is like soda water usually good for stomach before we got to restaurant.  I have not drank one since. What did you feel

1 hour ago, hateeverythingrn said:

Has anyone had bad belly pain during your first OB? It hurts so bad 


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About a month ago I was forced into sex with a guy, and he didn't wear a condom. I freaked out after and took plan b. About two weeks later my whole lower area was hurting.. like the skin. It hurt to even sit down. My lymph nose in my groin was swollen and hurt. Then I developed a blister. I went to the ER and the doctor was EXTREMELY condescending and told me that it didn't look anything like herpes and it was diaper rash. WHAT?! So then the following day, the blister turned into multiple little open sores. So I went to my gynecologist appointment and he said right away that it sounded like herpes. He did a swab (OWW) and a culture internally, but started me on an antiviral bc he's certain it's herpes. I feel like the outbreak is moving along quickly and it isn't terribly severe. It's only been a week and the blisters are already opened. I should get the results early next week, but we're treating it as though they're positive. I used teatree oil after my shower.. I read it's helpful in speeding up the healing of an outbreak. Right now the sores are alternating between sore and itchy, my lymph nodes are still tender and swollen, I've been pretty tired, and my stomach is KILLING me. I'm not sure if it's something I ate, the stress of it all, or the herpes. 

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