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Ineffective Antivirals


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I'm having a problem. My antivirals arent working completely. Im currently on 1g valtrex. I typically take it everyday. I went a few days without taking it. And I automatically got an out break. I've noticed since I had my daughter 2 years ago that I get them automatically. I also noticed I now get a cold sore that starts on my lip when I'm about to have a genital outbreak. 

The thing is, when I started taking the valtrex again the cold sore on my lip cleared up within days. But I still have sensitivity and itching down there. I even started taking lysine and tried tea tree oil down there. 

I havent had sex in years so I know this isn't another STD. I'm going to give it one more week then I'm going to make an appt with the doctor. I'm just wondering if anyone ever had this problem. 

It may be a combination of sleep deprivation and stress too. But I try to eat healthy and take care of myself. I'm frustrated.

I just started seeing this guy, and I'd like to have the talk with him. I get worried he'll be okay with it and I'll be like oh wait! We can't do it right now. I'm having an OB! LOL 


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Have you gone through any hormonal changes lately?  Have you changed medications, environments, diet, etc?

Lack of sleep and stress are huge and are likely what's causing you grief.  I would recommend trying to get those in check.  There are lots of resources on the internet for better sleeps and stress reduction.  If they don't work then speak to your doctor as they might have some ideas based on your personal situation.

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