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Exhausted and tearful


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Just need a quick rant- isn't it weird that this subject is so hard to talk to people about ? My partner went away for work on 13th march for four weeks. Lo and behold the week before he went I had an ob- miss him so much-can't sleep and worried about him because its dangerous where he is. This week I've had another ob or maybe the other just hadn't cleared? He's due back Friday which I'm so excited about but today my son and his fiancé have decided to postpone their July 29th wedding and he's moved home for a few days. Needless to say my stress levels are sky high which I know won't help me heal. Feel so so down 

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So sorry you're under a lot of stress :( meditate, do yoga, watch a funny movie, take a bath... This sadness and worry will pass, I promise! sending you good vibes. 

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You are in a viscious cycle. Stress equals ob. Ob equals depression or more stress. You never get chance to revive

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