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Hello everyone and appreciate all readers and those who reply.  I have been stressing the past week and constantly wondering if I have oral herpes.  Almost a week ago I smoked a cigarette after a friend only to find out he had a cold sore.  I covered the end of the cigarette with my fingers because I have always been sure to avoid germs although I'm sure some of his saliva could have been passed.  Once I saw the cold sore I went inside and washed off my lips and put alcohol and fingernail polish to possibly kill any germs that could cause it.  The next day I had to work in the sun and kept licking my lips (being paranoid) and they were also a little dry.  That night my lips burned and became cracked but I didn't notice any blistering or sores.  A week later my lips aren't dry or cracked anymore but now I notice a very slight bump on inside of my lip (could have been there just didn't notice till now).  This bump has been there for about 2 days now and isn't causing any discomfort.  Has anyone had any experience or know if any of this sounds like oral herpes?   I have been beating myself up and stressing over this for past week and at this point just want to know if I'm going to have this or not.  Would I have had an OB by now if I contracted it?  Is it possible that I came in close contact but didn't contract it? Any knowledge would be useful and would be appreciated I need peace of mind at this point as I can barely think of anything else.  Please someone respond.

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If you google cold sores you'll see what one looks like.  Typically a cold sore weeps with fluid and then crusts over.  Bumps happen on the lips for various reasons and one of them could be the nail polish remover you used on your lips.

If you're paranoid of cold sores, something a huuuuge amount of the north american population has, then avoid sharing anything oral.

It doesn't sound very likely that you have a cold sore, from what you've described.

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If you do have oral herpes you are going to join in the 80% of other people who have it and if you really want to avoid getting it you going to have to avoid kissing anybody you come in contact with unless you ask them whether they have cold sores or whether you get them to test for oral herpes.  And it could be highly likely that you are already one of the 80% but just can't ever remember having an outbreak because you might of had it as a young child.  

If you are afraid of catching herpes then you are going to have to restrain from kissing and having sex for the rest of your life because there are many people out there who have this virus and do not even know.  And testing is not always 100% accurate without symptoms

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At what point would I be clear because I keep wakin up expecting to see one.  At this point im just anxious to know what I'm dealing with. Are the blisters the only for sure sign or is chapped lips also a side effect? Hate to sound like I'm asking stupid questions but it's all I can think about still.

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I'm not worried about smoking because I am physically active and only an occasional smoker. I am far more concerned about having a viral disease that I can't get rid of that's gonna keep recurring on my face.

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