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Zovirax ointment Making thing worse?


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I started using Zovirax ointment a couple of days ago for a couple of spots that were starting on my lips. Since then, only more bumps, redness, and swelling have progressed. I even have spots on my chin now. Last night, the spots were so itchy and painful (like super sharp pins and needles) it woke me up out of my sleep almost in tears. I washed the ointment off and applied Blistex cream. The spots were still uncomfortable, but I was able to get some sleep. This morning, my lips are much more swollen, the skin feels tight, the areas are much redder, and I have even more bumps...like I really angered it! 

Has anyone had this experience with Zovirax? Is it supposed to hurt before it gets better? Should I continue to use it? Any insight is appreciated!!

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Very possible. I don't get my test results back until tomorrow. Are cold sores usually this itchy and painful? These are excruciating to the point I have trouble concentrating at work. There isn't an exact sore, but several spots all along the border of my lips and a patch on my chin. 

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If you having a severe outbreak only antiviral will happen and maybe it was just the start of something worse to come when you apply the cream.  Remember your immune system is what determines the level of outbreak you have and it could be allergic reaction to something even the cream.  If zo irax has an antiviral in it should not make it worse.  I would go and have the tools swapped if you have not done so already

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