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Does this look like herpes? Pics attached


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Hi everyone, had protected sex 2 weeks ago but also had unprotected oral sex. Cant get tested for at least another week and this is really stressing me out. 

About 4 days after i got a red bump on my penis. I kept poking and prodding it which i think made it worse. It was looking better today when i thought i saw a yellow head on it so tried to squeeze it and i believe a tiny but of white came out, similar to a pimple. It seems to have took the skin off and now it looks like a blister?

It dosent hurt now at all, and never hurted before i messed with it either.


Thanks for any help!




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You suppose to swab it ASAP , this is the only way to make sure irrespective of what anyone is saying and regardless of your sexual encounter , thanks 

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Hey guys, i know i should but i am currently abroad and i do not get back home for another week at least :( 

I guess i just wondered if it was immediately obvious or not if it was herpes,


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Not obvious at all, I wouldn't be concerned about it. If you experienced an initial infection a couple of weeks back, you'd most likely have much more to show for it than a single dot.

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