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Any wisdom welcome, please!


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Soo I was diagnosed 8 years ago when I was 15. I burned when I peed, I never had any sores. It was hsv1. 8 years go by and I'm stillasymptomatic. The doctors re-test me and  tell me that basically I cant give this to anyone and had a possibly mis-diagnosis. I couldnt believe it, they told me i didnt even have to tell my partners before sex even! So i got used to "not having it". Two momths ago my partner broke out in oral cold sores (pretty sure I gave to him with no symptoms) He gave me oral while it was almost completely  healed, I figured it wouldnt matter since I have fought the virus off before. Might have been a big mistake. Then two weeks ago, I spent 9 hours in the sun working construction, got the worst burn of my life and boom. Outbreak the next day! My first sore down there. I was so devastated...they healed after a week, then i had sex with my partner and now I think there is another possible sore I am fighting off. Does anyone have any wisdom on why it would be dormant for so long? Then why would my immune system have so much difficulty suppressing it now?? Very frustrated and trying to stay positive. Also got re tested and positive blood for hsv1 still. Any wisdom would be apprecaiated thanks!

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It could be that your immune system is just compromised at this point in time and you are having an outbreak and furthermore sex could be causing an outbreak which it can actually do.   

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Thank you so much @Lisajd

I appreciate your response greatly and  is a very likely reason

 So hopefully I should just abstain for a while and let my immune system suppress this virus for me like it has in the past.? I think that is most logical. I hope you are doing well. 

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