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Herpes urethritis - Urethra opening


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Hi all, 

a few weeks ago i had a white lesion in my urethra terminal i thought this may be herpes however to date the Dr have ruled this out visually. i have seen very little about this on this site as it only effects a small number of people however I came across this presentation which i found useful, clinically this did look like my lesion however i had no pain during urination so iv been left a little confused as to what i had. it would be interesting to hear from other who have had an ob in the urethra terminal, did yo have any pain during urination? how long did ur ob last? did the white lesion clear up or did it stick around?

either way i hope someone finds this an interesting read. 




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did you ever find out what it was? i see a white ulcer inside penis too, no pain or burn when i urinate, it just feels irritated throughout the day. only other symptom was urge to pee 5 days after exposure and that cleared up with azithromycin.

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I had, kind of the same problem, small whitish thing in the side of the urethra, it went away but irritation in the meatus persisted, no luck with a diagnosis yet.

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