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Overseas and overwhelmed . . . please, please help

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First off, I apologize for the length of this post. I'm overseas, and consequently completely alone. I've been very, very ill, and would appreciate any and all help in getting to the bottom of this--so here's the whole (long) history:

Perhaps 6 weeks ago, my boyfriend gave me oral sex. (We also had sexual intercourse only once, but with a condom.) I left not too long thereafter to study abroad in Italy, and about 1.5 weeks later ended up at a gynecologist for what seemed to be a yeast infection. I'd never had one before, and his English was terrible. He took a quick look, ran no tests whatsoever, and gave me some suppositories and pills. Things seemed to be more or less better, although there was still some very, very mild (nearly unnoticeable) discomfort in my vaginal area.

About 2/2.5 weeks ago, the vaginal discomfort increased somewhat--just sort of mildly burning. I started running a low-grade fever, especially at night and had some slight abdominal pain. I saw an Italian GP, who ran some tests for mono and rheumatism and checked my blood cell counts--everything came back fine. I was starting to feel a little better, and then about 1 weeks ago the fever started to return, and the vaginal burning really increased. In a frantic online search for whatever I might have I stumbled herpes, and sort of freaked to realize that I had experienced pretty much all of the symptoms, although as of yet had seen no blisters or sores within my vagina: it was just red and very raw. Monday I thought I saw some blister-y sores right in my vagina, but they have since disappeared. (Now it's just sort of red, raw, and rather swollen.) This prompted the panicked contact of said-boyfriend (only guy I've gotten intimate with--what a way to start out . . .) and (being poor students) resulted in a very awkward online conversation. Ends up he had cold sores as a kid, and claims he hasn't had them in over 20 years. My stomach plummeted a little at that.

These last few days my symptoms have included a rather high fever (last night it crawled up to 102*F), swollen lymph nodes (but I think limited entirely in my neck), this burning and rawness of my vagina, aches and pains (especially in my back and buttocks/legs), lower abdominal pain, and some mild headaches. Just in case things weren't bad enough, earlier today I also broke out in hives, a problem I have never had before.

I saw the gynecologist again yesterday. He listened to me for about 30 seconds before telling me that I cannot possibly have anything wrong with my vagina that would give me a fever, gave me a very cursory look over, and passed me back off to the GP I had been seeing. The GP's English is better, but still not great. He sort of dismissed all talk of herpes as well, being more worried about the fever and swollen glands. I went in for some blood work today, and decided that I would also get the serum tests for herpes. Tonight I am seeing both the GP and his OB-GYN friend--hopefully they are a little more receptive this evening.

I am hoping that it is all in my head (perhaps I've made it all up?), but the symptoms combined do make an awful lot of sense for a first OB. Whatever this is, I need to get to the bottom of it--I've got chronic kidney disease as well, and one of my latest medications is a very slight immunosuppressant, which I haven't been taking regularly these last few days in case it is contributing to whatever these symptoms are that I've been experiencing.

In short, I'm overseas and I'm feeling very, very ill. I'm frustrated both at my inability to get to the root of this problem, and at my inability to discuss freely with my physicians what I fear that I have.

Any feedback would be very much appreciated--comments on symptoms, or advice as to how I ought to proceed. I feel very much alone (naturally, I'm hesitant to even raise the possibility with my parents . . .) and very scared. I'm completely panicked, and do not know what I can do. I feel that this could be easily resolved at home, but somehow things seem to be getting lost in translation here.

Thanks a lot for your help . . .

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I'm so sorry you feel this way. I can't imagine going through this in a place where i couldn't fully communicate with my doctors!

What you're describing does sound like a classic HSV combination, but nothing is certain.

I don't really have much advice, just sympathy. I hope you can get it all sorted out!!!!

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It sounds very much that you have contracted hsv 1 from his oral region.........it is sad he didnt tell you he had oral herpes before b/c this could have been prevented....but the sad case is that some people with oral herpes do not want to call it that for one and do not want to become aware of the fact that they can shed the virus from their oral region from time to time, even without the presence of coldsores or any other symptoms........also, some people just think since they havent had them since kids that they wont give it to someone else and that just unfortunately is not the case.......he has oral herpes and therefore can and seems he has, infected others either orally by just kissing people, and/or genitally if he performs oral sex on them. Oral herpes sheds asymptomatically as well as genital herpes, but oral sheds from the mouth region. Perhaps he was just undeducated but he needs to get the facts so he can understand his condition and not infect others...or at least inform them so they can decide.

I hope your tests come back negative, but please understand that a negative test result does not guarantee you dont have it..........as it can sometimes take weeks to a few months for antibodies to show up in the blood. I know it is hard being in another country but try and keep strong and not give up hope. We are here to support you while you are going through this all. If negative test at first then get retested in 6 weeks and again once more if negative after that to be sure. I have been to italy before and can only imagine how it would be to be going through this while having just arrived there at this point in your life so feel free to private message me if you have anything else you need to know or if you just need to talk to someone about anything.

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    • IAmDesperate
      Yeah and the stigma hit me pretty hard since I'm originally from Asia and we don't have sex ed or STD education so the regret and self-hating are as bad as stigma. Hoping is the only way to get me out of suicidal thoughts. I know that a lot has been done and I'm glad. I just hope they continue with the hsv research instead of abandoning it cuz it's not life-threatening and I also hope that the big pharma conspiracy isn't real.
    • Dvm
    • blurneworder
      @Dvm, he says this to almost everyone.  Best ignore his bad advice 
    • Dvm
      Thx so much. However HSV can affect the trigeminal nerve/from post herpetic neuralgia and can actually cause all these symptoms. Some people, once affected can have short term symptoms,  while others have sporadic flare ups and some are permanently affected. Gabapentin for trigeminal neuralgia, prescribed by my neurologist, did help me for some time,  but I'm glad to be off it.  Hope my post helps someone w similar issues who havent gotten help from primary care Dr.
    • WilsoInAus
      @Dvm you can be assured that HSV is not the cause of these issues. As you have found, it’s likely a spinal issue and it sounds like you have found some help. Stick with that.
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