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I have no symptoms but..

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Guest Anonymous

I have been with my girlfriend for four months, she has had a few yeast infections during that time. She recently got inflation and a bad yeasty smell, day after we had sex. She couldn't afford anything to take for it for a few days and wouldn't accept my help, she found some money and took yeast infection medication, and she developed a cut and some blisters. She could barely walk, she is terribly worried about having herpes, she went to a doctor and got tested, results should be back in a week.

I am male, been in a series of long term relationships mostly, except I had unprotected sex a few times in between, I have never had any symptoms or problems down there whatsoever, but everything is so vague about herpes that I am still worried that I might be a carrier. I have an appointment to see a doctor, and I will ask to get tested. I have had cold sores in the past, but I haven't had one in a long time, but I do tend to have chapped lips. I started smoking in the last few months and I have had a bad cough for the last 3 weeks, and a runny nose and fever earlier on. She also has a cold and has rather complicated heath issues, osteoporosis, and endometriosis.

How worried should I be?

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Go read EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS article 2 final by Richard, if you didn't yet. It's under "Everything Herpes" in this forum. You will get pretty good idea about herpes.

Then... you'll see... there are lots of possibilities in your case.

She might get it from her ex-boyfriend and didn't have any symptom till now. You might give it to her, since you have cold sore, and if you perform oral sex, or.. you might have it genitally, but you just never had symptom. etc.etc.

Well, you have to wait her test result.... but.. since she's got blisters and she is in pain, she can't walk.... that very much sounds like herpes.

Also, catching a cold or flu can be a trigger for herpes symptom.

Just in case it is herpes, tell her, when she touch the sore, wash her hand well. And some girls take luke warm bath to ease the pain, but if the sore is really painful, the bath can aggravate it more...

Tell her to rest a lot. Until the result come in, try to relax (both of you) and.. please try to ease her mind. She must be having a hard time now...

And, yes, it's a good idea that you'll have the test also. Knowing the status of both, is very important for both of you. Then you can go from there... You'll know how to take care of each other's health.

I know... you must be very anxious right now... But.. learn a lot about herpes and other things at this opportunity, and please take care of your girlfriend ( and of course yourself)..

Best wishes..


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I started smoking in the last few months

Just started? :shock:

Did you hear good things about smoking or something??? :?:roll:


Ok, I'm sorry for the brash humor... I just couldn't help but make a comment about that...

As far as worried or not... See what your girlfriends results come back as... Don't do anything sexually until you figure that out.

Good luck,

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Guest Anonymous

Well, started smoking is probably the wrong description, I smoked before, just resumed, gf smokes, lol

She is on her period now, generally gets bad cramps from her endometriosis so that's another thing on the go. Complicated woman medically, so I have no idea. Only symptoms were the yeasty smell, and difficulty urinating could be from a yeast infection as well, from her description, it sounds like normal blisters and she had a cut that was bleeding. My guess right now is a bad yeast infection that she didn't do anything about for 3 days, she didn't get blisters or a cut until she used the yeast infection cream (egg thing, whatever). Anyway, time will tell.

Thanks for the replies.

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