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I have a few questions

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

I'm so glad I found theres boards...

I just found out I have it. I have some questions, but first heres some facts about me

19 female

Been in a relactionship with the same guy for 4 years ( Only ever had sex with him and hes only been with me)

I think i got it from a cold sore... I have it on my face in and around my nose... ears...mouth...boobs...and down below.

Not been to the doctor and no medisons.

Ok so heres my questions..

1 Will all my brake outs happen at once, or will it be diffrent times

2 with out mesidon how long does it usually take for them to go away

3 how often do YOu get a outbreak with/ or without medison

4 will i still have a normal life/ sex life

5 when and how to tell my boyfriend?

6 can it get all the way down my trought into my stumich? or anywhere else from being on my mouth?

sorry for all the questions i have read the online stuff on all this i just want to know whats it like for "real" peole that have it..

thanks all


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Here read this, it'll help you alot.... http://herpes-coldsores.com/messageforum/viewtopic.php?t=501

1. Usually differant times

2. 2 - 3 weeks

3. Depends on your immune system, how much stress is in your life

4. Yes and no... You shouldn't have sex during outbreak

5. I dunno...

6. U can spread it to alot of places on your body, read my article...


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1 Will all my brake outs happen at once' date=' or will it be diffrent times[/quote']

Sometimes they do. Sometimes at different times. I have them in 2 completely different places. I sometimes get outbreak only in one place, sometimes both, almost at the same time.

It depends on the person. Here's my experience. It used to take more than 2 weeks to heal completely, but now it usually heals in a week.

It depends on the person, and your physical & mental condition. It really varies.

Yes. It's only a little inconvenience. When you have outbreak, you shouldn't have sex. And you should take care of yourself physically and emotionally to reduce the future outbreak minimum.

You should tell BEFORE you have sex with him. Just be honest. Sincerely. Mostlikely, he'll listen. ( I think a while ago, MC37 Pilot wrote the suggestion of how to do this "telling". Maybe you should look it up. Do the search in this forum, under his name.)

You can get it all the way down, but.. if you have only HSV-1, I think it mostlikely appears in the upper half of body...


All posts in this forum are voices of real people who have herpes and know your pain from experience, and people who don't have it, but are concerned and offer help. Read as many posts as possible. Soon you'll see everything in perspective. <smile>

Best wishes..


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    • EssenceL25
      I’m going to force him to get tested ! Thanks for your help ! 
    • WilsoInAus
      @EssenceL25 there really isn't a question mark around the source, it's your latest partner. The median time from infection to an outbreak of lesions upon initial infection is 4 days.  The only thing that isn't certain is the type I suggest.
    • EssenceL25
      I asked if it was hsv 1 or 2 and the doctor said it was Hsv2. I’m not sure i just asked him when he was tested last he said this year I said I think we should go test together and he agreed . I’m going to bring it up again cause I really need to know if he gave this to me I wasn’t sure since it was so close to my previous relationship.
    • WilsoInAus
      @EssenceL25 then it is all beyond reasonable doubt that the current partner is the source. A 'perfect' fit in terms of timing, symptoms and swab. It may be though that the type is not technically known. Culture swabs are very often not typed and just assumed to be HSV-2 if taken from a genital location. If you received oral sex in the days leading into 7 March then it is 50/50 as to whether this is HSV-1 or HSV-2. You could contact your doctor and confirm if the swab was actually typed (which is a second test where fluorescent antibodies for HSV-1 and HSV-2 are added and see which one 'glows').  If that test wasn't done then you do not know type. If you have oral HSV-1 yourself (cold sores) then this will be HSV-2. Does your partner have oral HSV-1? It is somewhat strange for him not to rush and test - many people have a 'reaction' if they truly do not know their status and have concerns that you infected them etc. (not initially rational of course). This indicates he may know his status - or maybe he just isn't simply the sharpest tool in the shed!?
    • EssenceL25
      I had flu like symptoms and ulcers on my vagina . They did a culture and I tested positive for hsv2. I asked my partner to get tested he agreed but I’m not sure if he will cause he hasn’t said anything else about it. 
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