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Herpes confusion

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I was diagnosed with genital herpes in October. All of my outbreaks have been normal until this one. Its definitely an outbreak but its weird.  It doesnt itch and doesnt hurt. And when the blisters burst it bled. Is this normal for outbreaks? And also, why do I only get them on my buttcheeks? Please can someone help me with this? 

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That does sound like an unusual outbreak. Do you have dry skin? Eczema can cause weird outbreaks. Try putting coconut, tea tee and peppermint oils on it. All help with itching and that general crerpy crawly misery. 

Sounds like sacral herpes...

"Sacral Herpes is an HSV-2 infection, the same virus responsible for genital herpes, except that doesn’t appear in the genital or groin area. It usually appears as herpes on the back or buttocks"

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Thank you for replying to my post. I will definitly try those things.  And thank you for giving me the info on sacral herpes. It makes a lot more sense now. I appreciate it so very much. 

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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