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    • meg2
      Soo I had a conversation with the person who I'm about 95% sure gave me herpes. After I was diagnosed back in May, I texted him to let him know and that he should get tested asap. I also let him know that if anything comes up, to let me know. Fast forwarded to yesterday, he recently has been reaching out to me to start a conversation. I'm not sure why. Anyway, I brought it up and asked him if he ever got tested. He told me he did and that he was all good, and asked what I meant by that because I thought they tested me for everything. I told him they did... but I was just asking. It seems like he got defensive. However, I didn't specifically ask if he got a routine screen with a herpes test or just a regular screen without one. I got really overwhelmed... angry, sad, etc. and just didn't even reply to the last thing he said because it was upsetting.   He kept insisting that he's clean and he wasn't lieing that after we had sex that he was clean. Even after I told him, he said he had 0 symptoms and didn't notice anything. He said if he did, he would of never had sex with me that day. I tried to inform him that sometimes you can be asymptomatic and not even know you have it. Even after my swab/bloodwork came back positive... luckily, I only get prodones of tingling every once in awhile since my original diagnosis. So far so good. Granted, as I've said before one part of my bloodwork was negative. But  I obviously know I have it because my OB did a swab of the small cuts and from reading my results it said positive. I guess I'm just frustrated with him... but maybe he really didn't know. It's hard to tell. I'm just venting
    • WilsoInAus
      Praise the Lord for the healing powers of colonics ... and peppermint foot scrubs.
    • Screwed
      I was also dx in June, definitely not thinking of having any prospects on the love life. I actually thought last year it was time to find someone to spend my life with and have a family. I actually I’m so mad at myself, because I believe the dude who gave me this knew, he had this crap.  At that I had also been so careful and picky and the year I tell myself it’s time to open myself and get to know someone this bullshit happens. Never trust someone who gives you too much attention, lesson learned. I hate myself now and days. I have shut everyone out. I can’t deal with anything. It was hard to function. I cry telling myself now I have to live by myself forever and just kill that dream of being married or having children which really hurts. 
    • Screwed
      Look up Dr Axe on his website for candida cleanse   
    • Mr Fasting
      Maybe not with doctor's medication but with fasting, colonic's yes it is i have seen the proof!
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