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anyone know of any natural remedies

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hi there I'm just wondering if anybody has any pointers on how to choose natural remedies to sue the herpes sores when they are at their worst

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I tried everything that is suggesting on every website and everything stings

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I have a pretty detailed thread, titled new but wanted to share. I wouldnt suggest doing the extreme regime i did, but stick to like 2 things and see how your body responds. Id suggest iodine via lugols and oil of oregano.

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well I tried oil of Oregon directly on all my wounds and it was too painful for me because I have one on my clitoris and I don't know it's stung so bad it Felt like it hit some nerves

I want to find something that dries them up but at the same time is soothing

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    • Skye249
      By Skye249
      If I am still getting regular outbreaks two years post-infection does it mean I will likely continue to have them regularly?
      I'm considering going on antiviral suppressive therapy as I have been getting monthly outbreaks over the last four or five months and before that was getting them about every other month. I also get regular itching and tingling, there aren't many days in a month where I feel the virus isn't active or having a physical effect on me.
      But, I am worried that if I start taking them, say for a year, I will find myself back at square one after I come off as nothing will have changed and my immune system still won't be able to fight of the virus.
      I was only diagnosed during my third outbreak so prior to this and for the most part during subsequent outbreaks I have not used antivirals (acyclovir - as I live in the UK), just licodaine for the pain. This is partly due to the fact that I'm never quite sure whether it's an outbreak until the sore appears as my symptoms are so regular and by then it's too late.
      I eat a fairly healthy diet but there's definitely room for improvement. I don't currently take any supplements, but I have just brought some olive leaf extract pills and some red marine algae tablets. I have also just started building up my fitness by jogging.
      The aggravating factors are that I have an addiction to chocolate (read emotional eating issues), a fair bit of stress in my life from my job and a bad relationship with my 'giver', but that's another issue entirely.
      Basically I'm wondering whether a) I should persevere with a healthier lifestyle and give the natural route one last chance or b) go on the antivirals for a while to give myself some respite and then just see what happens while continuing said healthier lifestyle.
      Advice/thoughts welcome.
    • james7green
      By james7green
      I just wanted to firstly say how relieved I am that I found this community. The work you all have put in over the years is so impressive and you have collectively created an incredible resource. THANK YOU! 
      I was wondering if I could reach out to all of you and ask for some help. I have been recently diagnosed with gHSV-2 but my first OB was two years ago. Each OB after the initial one took place while I was travelling and I could never get to a Dr in time for a definitive test. In a a way I am now relieved because at least I know with certainty what I have. 
      In the last two years I have had at least 12-15 OBs. From what I have been reading on this forum my OBs are mild and not too painful. Having said that they are a major cause of stress for me. They usually occur between the head of my penis and the foreskin but recently I have started developing OBs on my upper thigh/below my butt. Now that you have read my longwinded backstory I will cut to the chase ;-) 
      I am scheduled to see my Dr in London to talk about the choices I have going forward. I am seriously considering a suppression therapy because even though my OBs are "mild" and painless they do last for many weeks. With so many outbreaks a year I am hoping that a suppression therapy will minimise the stress I go through and make the OBs less frequent. 
      What do you think is the "best" suppression therapy available out there? I usually take Acyclovir during OBs and that seems to be working well. I just wanted to hear your thoughts on a possible long term suppression therapy and the side effects it might have. Is there a preferred and proven medication I should discuss with my Dr? 
      I apologise in advance for the probably redundant post and than you in advance for reading this and pointing me in the right direction on the forums. Cheers
    • Darbouxie79
      By Darbouxie79
      Anyone out there had experience with herp-b-gone? I am ob free but I got the salve in the mail yesterday so I put some on. This morning I'm experiencing cramping in the seat area (like where a bicycle seat hits). Could it be related?
    • Jeremy Spokein
      By Jeremy Spokein
      Hi everyone,
      I've just been diagnosed and I'm still wrapping my head around this whole ordeal. I can't sleep at all, even though I'm supposed to get plenty of rest. Anyhow, the thought of having to take medicine that could be potentially damaging to the kidneys is really troublesome. Is this a concern for anyone else?
      I was looking at alternative forms of medicine and read about the herb Prunella vulgaris and the mushroom Rozites caperata (Gypsy Mushroom) for suppressive therapy – in addition to garlic supplements daily.
      Does anyone have any personal experience with this WITHOUT being on the antiviral pills? Of course including a healthy diet, exercise also.
      Thanks for your input
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    • TerribleAtUserNames
      Hi there,  Long time lurker, first time poster, and I'll keep it simple and condensed.  I've only signed up because I realize the depths of suffering some people are in, trying all sorts of desperate treatments, and I've basically been sitting on something that has taken me to near 0 outbreaks (hsv1 genital). When I first got infected some years back, I had an atypical presentation--no pain or itching, but permanently there. Bumps going up and down within the same day even, but pretty much permanently covering the head of my penis. Doctor swabbed it--came back hsv 1; he said it looked like it to him too.  Now to the meat of it--rubbing alcohol. Its simple, and I'm pretty surprised that I've only seen it mentioned once here--a woman was talking about it, so I assume it works for girls too. I apply once daily, to once every 3 days, and that keeps me pretty much permanently outbreak free.  It quite literally went from every day broken out for me to just about nothing. Anyway, to the what and where of it all...    I use 99% isopropyl. 70% seems good too. I now have a spray bottle, but used to just dump it on the head and roll my foreskin up over it for like 20ish seconds--whatever process is actually happening, I like to think I'm facilitating absorption into the soft tissue by doing this and wreaking havoc on the virus. Obviously, you may have to do it a bit differently, genital depending. I've been doing this treatment for a few years now, so it has staying power. I read once that herpes is shreded by alcohol, so if true, I guess that explains it? However, iterupting regular treatment seems to have anecdotally, but not with great surety, made the herpes a bit less suceptible to the alcohol upon resumption.  Yes, it burns terribly at first. Over time it gets better. Some days it still really burns, and in those cases I advise listening to your body and cutting the countdown short. Other than that, it feels really damn good to basically tell herpes to eff off.  I don't know what kind of health risks there are. Or whether using a high % grain (drinking) alcohol would work / be healthier. I advise asking your doctor--afterall, alchohol is implicated in throat cancer. Who knows if 20-30 seconds daily on your junk can do something too.  But for those who struggle constantly, I truly hope this can help someone other than just me.    I also hope that this finds its way to the right forum. I wanted it in a place where casual, straight from Google, viewers would see it when they came here, and I'm hoping--and asking, please--that if I didn't get it in the right place, a moderator can instead. And, should it help as I suggest, perhaps even stickying it one day.  I'm sorry in advance, I'm not a big forum person and don't come here crazy often. It just felt like something I should do for everyone else's sake. Hopefully you can excuse me if I'm an absentee topic starter.  Thanks for reading, - Taylor
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @Jazz923 they don’t look like herpes lesions, more like pearly papules that some guys get.  I’d suggest these are independent of your herpes status. The question of your herpes status will depend on the test that you had. What test suggested you had HSV-2? Was it a blood test?
    • Jazz923
      I recently seen these bumps on my penis didn’t hurt or itch only broke because I was masturbating (dumb move) this cleared up in week I got test and said it was hsv 2 but my gf got tested and had nothing I didn’t experience the things I seen on google and I didn’t take the medicine cause it has the virus in it I just need a bit more clarification like any kind of test or anything helps     https://ibb.co/pRm0VbJ
    • Sarah889
      So I guess I'm just on here for a bit of a rant, as today I woke up with my second outbreak in a month! My initial one was only at the end of April, and even after investing in a load of vitamins, lysine etc I'm in this situation again. I was hoping I'd be one of those who never gets another outbreak, but apparently not.  I think the problem is, I really liked my life before all of this crap, and I don't really want to have to change anything. Going to the gym is amazing for my mental health, and i normally go around 4 times a week. I also love a bit of chocolate every day (but I eat super healthy for the majority of the day) and being a uni student, I'm partial to a few cocktails and late nights every month as well. This is my time to socialise with my friends and have some fun. At 21 you really don't want to be taking your life too seriously.  Does anyone else just feel annoyed about having to switch up a happy life that they enjoy? I understand there's a lot of people who had unhealthy lifestyles before their diagnosis, that went on to lose weight which is great! But I'm already slim and active, and I eat freshly cooked food every day with lots of fruit and veggies.  I'm starting to believe that the only way to avoid an outbreak is to sit in my flat eating salads all day and have no contact with anyone else (in case of stress). Like I legit feel like I need to wrap myself up in cotton wool and just not allow myself to have a life at all. I'm so frustrated that I have to stop doing the things that I love. I'm going travelling next month, and I would bet all the money that I have that I will get another outbreak, because of the plane journey, late nights and alcohol. I just want to be a normal 21 year old who gets to enjoy her life! Does anyone else feel the same? 
    • BioHacker
      The meds work the same as long as you take them every day (some are one a day, some are multiple times per day). They cost money, but there is no reason you can't take them for life. Most people would just take the meds, but if you are married for 20 years and the meds are annoying for some reason, and you don't care about it, then maybe don't bother? It's up to the two of you. Skipping the daily meds would increase the risk from 0.7% per year to 1.4% per year (assuming sex 2x per week). That changes it from a 1-in-140 year event to a 1-in-70 year event (assuming you still use condoms every time). To be honest, most married people would probably rather skip the condoms before they skip the meds. It's up to you what measures you take though.
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