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Hello, so I am studying abroad and I met a really sweet guy when I first visited a few years ago. We kept in touch since. Now, we mainly have small talk, due to language barriers, and I told him a few weeks ago that I had HSV2. He consoled me and said I was still a good person. 

*Sigh. Last night, we both got naked and one thing led to another and... for some (stupid) reason, he didn't put on a condom and I did not call him out for it. He asked me "are you okay?" in his language and I assumed he meant if I was okay emotionally and I said yes. So, we had like a minute of quick shower sex cause it was uncomfortable and we washed up right after. 

We were sitting on my bed when he pulls out his phone and used google translate to ask me a question. He asked when I got all better and I was puzzled - he meant "are you okay?" as in if I was cured from the illness. So for about an hour, we talked about how I have herpes and I guess that proper communication was lost --- basically, he thought that herpes wasn't for life and that I received treatment. I then had to explain what it was and so forth. I feel like absolute sh*t because I have put this nice guy's wellbeing in danger, perfectly knowing I had this condition and that I could spread it.

Yes, I know the rates of how prevalent it is, that it's a disease and not the end of the world, but I just never thought I'd be the one to pass it on. He keeps saying that everything will be okay, that he isn't upset with me, and that he will get tested in a few weeks.  

But, I made a mistake that was easily preventable. 


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There are some factors hear that you probably need to consider before you think that you have put him at risk.  For example when did you last have an outbreak and secondly sex that was that quick is probably I'll a chance that you would pass it to him.  The second thing is he may have oral herpes which is also providing him with some antibodies which will lessen the risk.   At the end of the day regardless of the language barrier you did tell him and I'm sure he would have found information in his own language regarding herpes so I don't think you should feel as bad as you do.  And also he chose not to use a condom.  But remember that you should also think about your own safety when you have sex with somebody else because how do you know what he may be carrying.   I don't think you should beat yourself up and unless he has symptoms a blood test will not show up until after 12 weeks from the time you had sex

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16 minutes ago, Lisajd said:

Thank you for your comment. I agree, there were mistakes made on both parts/ the underlying circumstances are complicated/ and I definitely should be concerned about my well-being as well... but I guess the difference is that I know the full extent of herpes and he was a bit oblivious. I don't know how I will react if I do find out he is positive for it. 

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    • Sarah889
      Really wasn't sure which topic to put this in! I'm guessing a lot of you will have seen the recent news that Mel B was rushed to hospital thinking she was blind from her eye herpes.  I know she's not as famous as she used to be, but I really don't understand why celebrities with a big presence aren't doing anything about this, such as fundraising for a cure or even just talking about it to raise awareness. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think she's ever spoken about it before!  She clearly suffers from some bad symptoms. Thinking that you've gone blind must have been one of the most terrifying experiences, and to me, after that ordeal I would try and do everything in my power to raise awareness and find a cure.  Maybe she just doesn't know about all the vaccination research that's currently happening, and how many of these places need the extra funding to keep going?  Not sure where I'm going with this 😂 But does anyone think it's worth getting in contact with her about raising some awareness?
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @Alda whatever is going on for your arm you can rest assured it is not at all likely to be herpes. Could the blister type things be from the massage causing irritation, perhaps even contact dermatitis? If you aren't seeing improvement soon consider seeing the doctor but it doesn't strike me as anything of much concern.
    • Alda
      I need help; i went and got a massage and 2 days later my upper arm feels super sore and is red with 3 blister type things, each about a small pea size the place I got a massage at was  not very sanitary , it was hot in there and the masseuse was sweating I think (i do have the down south H but haven’t had a breakout in about a year and I still don’t.) my arm does not itch just super sore. I wonder what is on my arm. any ideas?
    • Quest
      It did! There are combinations you can take that will not give you this effect, I just didn't want to do medication anymore. What I am doing https://www.amazon.com/MakingCosmetics-BHT-4-4oz-125g/dp/B01DE780OS read Steve Fowkes free book BHT1/8 t in coconut liquid MCT chain oil. Extremely hard to dissolve. I leave it for a day, must read Steve Fowkes free book online, overdose gets people dizzy! More is not better! Oils will also not get Rancid if you put some in your cooking oils! whole food vitamin, glutamine 3x one gram, suggested by case9 love it DHEA,25mg, most people who breakout have low levels lugols iodine worked way to four drops. Fulvic acid minerals. Thyriod granular meds   When I used to have obs I used monolaurin and st.John s wort. I used diaper rash cream for obs I also still spray genitals with zinc sulfate mixed with water. I learned it kills any virus plus summer sweat won't smell at all!  There is one thing I will not be without and that's BHT and zinc sulfate
    • blurneworder
      Did your hair grow back?
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