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Talking to my bf about ghsv2... Advice wanted

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So recently I took a trip to the doctor to treat my horrible bv. Also months after telling my bf for the second time I tested positive for herpes 2.( Previously I've been positive then equivocal and back to positive). Well anyway Saturday after we had unprotected sex as we always have, he asked me did I take another test. I explained to him I didn't but I did speak with a new doctor she wasn't sold on me having herpes and thought I was being "too worried," recommended i see a dermatologist. Well he then continues to say if i really have it, he just wants to know. He said he didn't care but I'm not sure in what context he meant that cos he just said it out if nowhere. He even corrected himself after saying how having it was embarrassing but I guess he thought about how that made me feel then said it wasn't embarrassing it was just a lot. I told him I really didn't know i don't understand all what's happening being told different things but I think we should assume I do and hence the positive result and I wanted to start using protection( which I've told him before). Since then we've yet to wear a condom. I asked him if he had been experiencing symptoms because before when I've brought this up he'd get extremely irate and start saying some pretty fucked up shit -which I understood- but now he seemed to have a softer spot like he wanted to understand. He doesn't have any sores or anything but he has been complaining about his nose being stuffy and congestion which I believe are just allergies since he works outdoors. He was tested a month ago and remains negative. Once we ended the conversation he goes "well I just want you to tell me what's going on because I don't want to hear anything in the end when you get mad about something". I asked him what did he mean, like I would yell out in a argument "that's why I have herpes!" because I could have done that years ago since we've been dating. I want to bring the conversation up with him again but he made it clear he didn't want to discuss this anymore, but I don't understand if he's not having any symptoms why does he keep asking me about something we've discussed. I don't believe he's gonna leave me I mean when I first told him he flipped out but he never left me he even kept having sex with me unprotected even when I told him we shouldn't. I'm just so confused about what I should do. I've been backing away from sex with him because I sense that he's worried but he's in a hard place. He obviously loves me to deal with this but I know he doesn't want to have to really deal with this. I've read the statistics and how he's more likely to get me pregnant than I am to give him herpes. Which I assume is try since he's negative and I just gave birth January and now I'm pregnant again (haven't told him yet). I don't want to make him angry but I do think we may need to have another conversation about this. I told him I was making another doctors appointment and i would have the doctor speak with him about herpes and all my results if that'll ease him, but he's declined. What do y'all thibk? Am I handling this appropriately? How do I bring this conversation up again? I hate having this responsibility, this shit is so hard to talk about. I'm constantly worried about his health about our babies health. Any conversation would be much appreciated right now.


background: *Had a hookup with cousins bff used protection.. *Didn't pee or bath had to be up for work early.. *Woke up late about 6 am vagina felt like I had discharge gushing out. Got home looked in mirror vagina looked cloudy. Gooogled some home rememides used tea tree oil drunk buttermilk before ultimately using Monistat... Woke up to piss burned like a mfer. * Diagnosed visually the next day... Initially test showed bv got tested again a year later had a low positive result treated with rocephin shot and doxycycline. *After receiving positive result I attempted to kill myself ex bf found me unresponsive took me to hospital, thrown onto psych floor once I was released from the icu. * at that time I had lesions on me which I noticed literally shriveled up and disappear. The dead skin from the lesions literally feel off. I assumed the meds worked and it must have been something else * tested months later after being released from psych ward and had a equivocal result doctor assured me if I tested again id be negative. *well my dumbass slept with the guy who started all this itchiness in my jungle and once again I had lesions on me (this would be a new year) *tested positive again January 17'

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    • Hannah95
      By Hannah95
      I recently got out of a relationship (from the person who gave me hsv1). How do I tell someone new that it’s not a big deal? Often times I forget I even have it because I haven’t had an outbreak since my first (over a year ago). I know I have to tell them still but how do I make them understand it’s not this horrible thing people make it out to be? 
    • Deexoxo
      By Deexoxo
      Hi I’m new to this website, it’s been a year since I found out I have  HSV 2. My question is, how likely can genital herpes be spread during sex if the condom tore the skin of the vagina area and it was bleeding a tiny bit? I was intimite with a man recently and we used a condom, it ended up pulling and tearing a small cut on my vagina, towards the end he took the condom off and I didn’t know until afterwards... I am on a suppressive treatment. I take Valtrex once a day but I forget to take it sometimes. what are the chances of him getting it?
    • KJ92
      By KJ92
      Hi everyone.
      I never thought I'd see the day that I would be posting in an online forum, let alone for this topic. I also never thought in a million years that I would get this. Im not really sure what to say on here, I just needed to say something. I was recently diagnosed positive for GHSV2... like "4 hours ago" newly diagnosed. I am still just in complete shock. It hasn't settled with me yet that I will be dealing with this for the rest of my life. I already picked up my medication, Valtrex, and it took me a solid 3 minutes to even bring myself to swallow the pill, cause I had this deep sinking feeling, like "once I do this, it's for real... this is actually happening... this is actually my life now.. this isnt some terrible nightmare that Im going to wake up from." Ive already called my (new) boyfriend and broke the news to him. He was much more understanding than I had expected and is actually going tonight to get himself tested, so we can decide where to go from there.
      So I had my doctors appointment yesterday with a new gyno who upon immediately examining me came to the conclusion that what I had was herpes. I didnt want to accept it and continuously reassured her that it couldn't be that because I had just gotten tested in June and those results came back NEGATIVE. Or so I had thought... Apparently, my results in June did NOT come back negative, and in fact came back positive for HSV2, yet NO ONE called me to review these results or follow up with a care plan for me. I don't remember much from that time, but considering the fact that I have been living for almost 5 months now, unknowingly with this virus, tells me that IF/WHEN I had spoken to someone at that particular doctors office, than they must have told me that I showed negative for everything, because I went on living my life like I had nothing. Im not sure what the protocol is in different states, but for VA (where I live) the doctor usually calls you and states that "they received your results and then they proceed to read off said results for each test" over the phone. I know for a FACT, that I would have remembered being told that I was positive for ANYTHING back in June.. especially considering I usually get myself tested often at and take testing very seriously, since I always dreaded the thought of ever catching something. And now.... look where I am left!!! I feel incredibly hurt and angry that this office failed to discuss these results with me! I never received a paper copy of my results, no email, nothing. The only thing I ever received from that visit was a bill stating the amount of money I had left to pay after insurance, and what tests the charges were for. Had I known that I tested positive back in June, I would have NEVER exposed my boyfriend who I very much care about and saw a new future with. I will feel incredibly guilty if his results come back positive and come to find out that  I AM the reason for his diagnosis. 
      Im sorry this is so long, I just have so much inside me that I need to let out. Clearly, you can see I am incredibly angry at this. I feel immensely isolated. I feel dirty. I feel like no one will ever love me again. I feel like even if I find a new partner, how can someone willingly choose to be with a person who has herpes, when they are not infected themselves? Why would they subject themselves to that exposure when there are plenty of other people they can be with who aren't exposed? I have always had a poor self image, I'm incredibly self-conscious. I consistently, on a daily basis struggle with self esteem issues and self-worth... and now, to have this psychological trauma and burden to add on top of all of that?! I don't know how to live with myself and I feel like my world is falling apart and I would be better off dead, than have to deal with a lifetime of loneliness and misery that comes from this psychological pain I am going through. 
      I know I keep reading that "this isn't the end of the world", and "things will get better", etc etc. but being as this is DAY ONE for me.... and I feel like this... I can't imagine having to feel this way EVERY DAY, for who knows how long... until I just feel completely numb from it. I guess when that day finally comes, it'll also be the day that I start getting over it and dealing with this. But from this point A until that point B... the thought of that time in between just feels like so MUCH to deal with. So much pain, and hurt, and sorrow, that I just don't want to feel. not right now, not for a few months, not ever.
      I can't be the only one who has felt this way. I am trying to be positive and divert my energy into researching this illness and finding support groups and forums like this, but I just need to know that I am not alone in this. I know for right now, that in my physical, every day life, the relationships/friendships I deal with in-person on a daily basis, I will be alone for the time being... but I really just need to know that I can, at least, find some support online... from others who understand me or have felt similar to what I am feeling right now. 
    • CC912
      By CC912
      I’m so fucking upset. I found out I had HSV2 this last June and I was so sick in hospital (before I knew) with fever chills my whole body felt like it got hit by a truck. They thought I had meningitis. Then I realized I had sores and got tested for herpes and came back positive. So since then I keep having outbreaks! I have a healthy diet I don’t drink I live a normal life. I even got vitamin C powder and L-lysine to take. My doctor ended up putting me on Valtrex to take every day since I kept getting outbreaks. But nope! Still Happening. I swear I get them every other week and it makes me SO ANGRY I’ve never had so much rage I seriously hate my life now. I can’t even exercise anymore and I’m afraid to even have sex with my boyfriend who surprisingly  doesn’t have it. Does anyone else get them all the time? I’ve never talked to anyone about it besides my doctor and boyfriend so figured I’d join this thing and at least talk to someone who has been through it. UGH 
    • Leemell48
      By Leemell48
      I recently noticed a red rash inside the opening of my vagina. It painful to the touch and I see a small flesh colored bump all of sudden. I'm freaking out since I can't get to the doctor til Tuesday. I also have white gray discharge. What kind of symptoms did you have during first ob?
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