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Talking to my bf about ghsv2... Advice wanted

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So recently I took a trip to the doctor to treat my horrible bv. Also months after telling my bf for the second time I tested positive for herpes 2.( Previously I've been positive then equivocal and back to positive). Well anyway Saturday after we had unprotected sex as we always have, he asked me did I take another test. I explained to him I didn't but I did speak with a new doctor she wasn't sold on me having herpes and thought I was being "too worried," recommended i see a dermatologist. Well he then continues to say if i really have it, he just wants to know. He said he didn't care but I'm not sure in what context he meant that cos he just said it out if nowhere. He even corrected himself after saying how having it was embarrassing but I guess he thought about how that made me feel then said it wasn't embarrassing it was just a lot. I told him I really didn't know i don't understand all what's happening being told different things but I think we should assume I do and hence the positive result and I wanted to start using protection( which I've told him before). Since then we've yet to wear a condom. I asked him if he had been experiencing symptoms because before when I've brought this up he'd get extremely irate and start saying some pretty fucked up shit -which I understood- but now he seemed to have a softer spot like he wanted to understand. He doesn't have any sores or anything but he has been complaining about his nose being stuffy and congestion which I believe are just allergies since he works outdoors. He was tested a month ago and remains negative. Once we ended the conversation he goes "well I just want you to tell me what's going on because I don't want to hear anything in the end when you get mad about something". I asked him what did he mean, like I would yell out in a argument "that's why I have herpes!" because I could have done that years ago since we've been dating. I want to bring the conversation up with him again but he made it clear he didn't want to discuss this anymore, but I don't understand if he's not having any symptoms why does he keep asking me about something we've discussed. I don't believe he's gonna leave me I mean when I first told him he flipped out but he never left me he even kept having sex with me unprotected even when I told him we shouldn't. I'm just so confused about what I should do. I've been backing away from sex with him because I sense that he's worried but he's in a hard place. He obviously loves me to deal with this but I know he doesn't want to have to really deal with this. I've read the statistics and how he's more likely to get me pregnant than I am to give him herpes. Which I assume is try since he's negative and I just gave birth January and now I'm pregnant again (haven't told him yet). I don't want to make him angry but I do think we may need to have another conversation about this. I told him I was making another doctors appointment and i would have the doctor speak with him about herpes and all my results if that'll ease him, but he's declined. What do y'all thibk? Am I handling this appropriately? How do I bring this conversation up again? I hate having this responsibility, this shit is so hard to talk about. I'm constantly worried about his health about our babies health. Any conversation would be much appreciated right now.


background: *Had a hookup with cousins bff used protection.. *Didn't pee or bath had to be up for work early.. *Woke up late about 6 am vagina felt like I had discharge gushing out. Got home looked in mirror vagina looked cloudy. Gooogled some home rememides used tea tree oil drunk buttermilk before ultimately using Monistat... Woke up to piss burned like a mfer. * Diagnosed visually the next day... Initially test showed bv got tested again a year later had a low positive result treated with rocephin shot and doxycycline. *After receiving positive result I attempted to kill myself ex bf found me unresponsive took me to hospital, thrown onto psych floor once I was released from the icu. * at that time I had lesions on me which I noticed literally shriveled up and disappear. The dead skin from the lesions literally feel off. I assumed the meds worked and it must have been something else * tested months later after being released from psych ward and had a equivocal result doctor assured me if I tested again id be negative. *well my dumbass slept with the guy who started all this itchiness in my jungle and once again I had lesions on me (this would be a new year) *tested positive again January 17'

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    • Learningtolivewithhsv
      By Learningtolivewithhsv
      Hey guys and girls,
      Yesterday I was diagnosed with genital hsv-1. I’ve been taking medicine for this since Tuesday though. Last week Saturday I had my first outbreak, I realized it on Friday, but thought it was an ingrown hair until the guy I was dating staring moving funny on Saturday morning (I haven’t received oral or penetration from him in like two weeks though). I went to urgent care on Saturday morning. When initially went to the DR he said it just looked as if my skin was irritated and gave me some cream to put on it. I know my body though so I failed to believe it was just irritated skin. He drew blood because he felt as if I didn’t have enough for the culture (he still performed one though). Anyway, I started researching to figure out how I could soothe my pain and decided to go to the free clinic where I lived. The obgyn looked at my outbreak and told me it was herpes. She also took a culture, but put me on medicine right away. I’ve been taking the medicine twice a day, have been using Dermoplast to numb my vag so I can use the bathroom (I haven’t used it in a couple of days though because it’s easier to use it without having to deal with it burning), taking epsom salt baths multiple times a day, using tea tree oil, and placing an ice pack on it at night. When i first thought I had HSV I wanted to die...like literally wanted to end it all because 9/10 I used condoms during sex and can literally count how many times I’ve had sex. But then I decided to just educate myself. Yesterday, dr #1 called me back for my results and told me it was genital hsv1. I feel like a lot of us forgets the danger of having unprotected oral. I’ve contacted all the partners I’ve ever had and told them to get checked for hsv 1 and 2 so they won’t infect an innocent girl. How do you guys deal with gHSV1? How often do you have recurrences? Are any of you on suppressive therapy?
    • Marley91
      By Marley91
      I was diagnosed with HSV2 in the form of whitlow on the palm of my hand over a year ago. 
      Since then I have had breakouts almost every single month, sometimes more. I take valcyclovir 1000mg daily and had been ob free for a couple of months. I missed one day of medication and am now struggling with a terrible outbreak. 
      My anxiety is through the roof- especially with the fear of viral shedding when I don’t have an ob.  
      When I have an ob I am EXTREMELY fatigued and can barely function. Does anyone else get run down this easily? I know it’s only supposed to happen with the first outbreak but I’m going on 15+ in the last year with terrible side effects. 
      Will I need to wear a bandaid for the rest of my life- even when not experiencing an ob?? I get massages regularly and am always paranoid when they massage my hand that I might spread it to them through viral shedding. 
      The bandaids irritate my skin- does anyone have a better solution to keep my Palm covered all the time? 
    • Leedschick
      By Leedschick
      Hey folks. 
      I posted here last week, I didn't include a picture so here it is. Also my previous post if no one saw it. Does it look like herpes to you? 
      Hey guys and girls. Anyone any advice for me? I feel at a loss. I haven't been properly diagnosed, only a visual diagnosis. On Friday night I was with my fella, we've been seeing each other for 5 months and always used a condom. Everything was fine, then Saturday I felt a little nippy down below. Sunday came and I decided to have a look down there. I was horrified at what I saw. In the entrance of my vagina was a rather large white patch,it looked like a hole, filled with white stuff. After that it got really painful to pee, very painful to walk and even sit down. I told him it looks like herpes, as I googled it. 
      So that night I took a bath, and had another look after my bath. The white stuff had gone, and honest to God all i could see was a bright red looking hole. So this morning I went to my local clinic, and had a nurse take a look. she said it does look like herpes, it could be herpes, but it may not be. She tried to take a swab but the pain was that bad that everytime she touched it you had to peal me off the ceiling so she had to give up, gave me anti viral medication and an ointment to apply and I've to go back next week. I've had my suspicions for a while now as my ex had coldsores, and after a night with him I started to feel funny down there. This was a year and a half ago. Eventually I got diagnosed with vulvodynia, which I'm now thinking it may have been herpes all along.
      I don't know what to do. Feel disgusting. My boyfriend says if we'd never break up over it, but I'm an over thinker and I'm thinking the worst. I only done 2 things different last week, I used a hair removal cream, and used a different condom to the ones we had been using. Racking my brain trying to think of what else it could be, but honestly I do believe it's genital herpes and I'm gutted. It's the worse physical pain I've ever been in, peeing is the worst. 

    • lostgirll
      By lostgirll
      Hey everyone, I recently got diagnosed 2 months ago with genital herpes and the guy that gave it to me is it denial about it. About a week ago, I met a new guy and we talk about having sex a lot but I feel so guilty that he does not know yet. We haven’t engaged in the act but we are going on a date this sunday and I have a feeling that he is expecting to have sex. I’m just so scared of his reaction for when I tell him. Are my odds in my favor? How likely am I to get rejected or ghosted after telling him? What are your guys’ experiences? 
    • lilmay
      By lilmay
      So  about 2 months ago, I started having unprotected and protected sex with a new person. During this time, I was experiencing a lot of itchiness and some burning. When realizing this, I decided to go to my gynecologist who tested me for all vaginal bacterial infections and all stds. The results came out negative even though I have been having this constant itching and burning on my labia. I have also learned that when I have sex, the itching and burning gets more intense and sometimes my whole vulva would be inflamed for a day or two. My sexual partner also got tested for stds and he was negative as well. I don't know what to do to make this itching and burning stop. I stopped having sex for more than a month now and the problem still hasn't gone away. I keep thinking its herpes even though I got a blood test and never had any kind of sores and my partner has never experienced any kind of symptoms for it. What can I do?  
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