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9 years of study - Here's how I overcome Herpes Outbreaks.

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The Voyager

Wanted to post this for quite some time now but never found the right moment until now.

I must have had herpes passed to me as a child because there is a photograph of me with a coldsore when I was about 10 so that really sucks!

And as much as I wish I didn't have it (I really would do anything to not have it) I have actually learned more about health and well-being from it than I would have otherwise. Basically you begin to understand your immune system and learn how to tell when things are not so good (therefore making the correct adjustments to see that you are mentally and physically sound and fit). There's a Chinese proverb that goes, 'one disease long life no disease short life' and that means you sometimes need an unfortunate event to make you realise and see the bigger picture. True though, like death and family passings, always puts things into perspective.

I was quite ignorant of the fact that every year or longer sometimes, I would occasionally get cold sores on my lips from ages 10 to about 22, but didn't feel socially constraint by them as I do now, I'd just accept that they come, in fact I didn't even know it was herpes as such until I started to seriously research the topic.

I started seeing a girl aroun 2010 and I am unsure what made me think but I could not bare the fact that should I have an outbreak I would have to see this girl, and I think the worrying about it probably brought one on, I sort of avoided the girl for 2 weeks but in that time isolated myself in my house and I know people say you should not do that but in that 2 weeks I think I learned all I needed to know about how to combat Herpes and make sure it never came again to that severity. I eventually told her and she seemed kinda cool and just saif be careful when together etc but I was determined to avoid that situation at all cost. Those 2 weeks were hell, I think I tried every single kitchen and bathroom remedy on the internet and actually did more damage to my whole lips and mouth that I wondered if the crater i had created would ever go. I tried tea bags, salty water, honey, nail polish remover, tea tree oil, olive oil, Lysine tablets, cutting out all arginine foods and about a million others, honestly it was not good, physical and mental states were deteriorating and I could no longer do it.

Three things I pulled from my research were 'IMMUNE SYSTEM', 'ACIDIC AND ALKALINE' states, 'LYSINE + ARGININE based foods' and 'PRESCRIPTION ACICLOVIR CREAM AND TABLETS.

The immune system is evident, you run your body down you get ill, making more work for your immune system to try to fix, like a country being attacked from all boarders, if you have a weak immune system then it will be easy for invaders to infiltrate, a stronger immune will make it much harder. Also body is made up of trillions of cells, cells are like little soldiers, if you treat your army well, exercise them regularly, give them the right foods and let them live in the right environment then you shouldn't have anything to worry about. The acid and alkaline theory states this, any virus is incapable of surviving in an oxygen rich environment such as in an alkaline state, and eating foods high in oxygen and water 'should' push your body to a more alkaline state. Even if you don't believe in this theory, the fact is eating foods high in water, oxygen, chlorophyl, unsaturated fats, vitimins and minerals as opposed to foods that oppose this, well you run the risk of pouring a right sticky mess into your body! That's my none scientific explanation of what I took. It doesn't have to be scientific and hard to understand. And as many of you will know, foods high in Arginine are a food source for the herpes virus, so I researchd that heavily and began to eliminate accordingly. It ws quite simple as most of the arginine foods were also the least healthy in most cases (but the idea is not to be too strict with this, just trial and error some things, if they don't work try something else, eventually after a year or two you should start to see change). I soon got onto my doctor and asked to be prescribed aciclovir cream and tablets as my research had told me that these are the only over the counter meds that work, Lysine was also reccomended butit says you should take one a day minimum to prevent and to be fair I did for about 6 months then thought fuck this, I'll just clean up my body and then I won't need to be taking this as often (which I did). Even now I won't take Lysine or Aciclovir cream or tablets daily because I also read that your body can become immune so you have to save that weaponry for when it's needed.


A quick look at my lifestye before I took things seriously.

Meat eater. Drank coffee (with milk). Took party drugs and partied long and hard into the night and day. Had sugar in coffee and tea. No real idea of what healthy food was. No understanding of the bodies immune (didn't care either). Smoked weed now and then. Only drank water when I was hot. Not too much exercise. Ate chocolate and sweets. Allowed myself to exert my stress physically. 

Sounds horrible now looking at that list, but I knew I had to change some things up, this was by no means an overnight trandformation, and the research was ongoing and a developmental thing.

To keep this short and as to not repeat myself, if you look at the list above of my lifestyle before I took things seriously, well I started to be the exact oppisite of all of them. Simple. Started to eat clean whole foods like legumes, rice, dark greens, basically more of a vegetarian / vegan based diet but still love thin base pizza and snacks now and then, it's just moderation. Stopped drinking so much alchohol and gradually reduced it to literally maybe one or two drinks a week, cut out ALL spirits etc, started to drink water more regular. Nothing breakthrough at all.

Here's how I see it, your body is a machine, nothing more, your soul is wherever the hell it is but your body is a bio-mechanical machine that needs regular maintenance, servicing and looking after. Like a car or motorbike, if you don't put the oil in, the engine siezes, if you don't put the right fuel in, it will come to a stop, if you don't polish the body work it's going to look rubbish and so on. Your body is no different. If you treat your body like crap, when an invader tries to invade (in herpes situation travel up your nerves and attack local cells on your skin / lips / body well it will have an easy time because your 'soldiers' or cells will be fat old men who can't run or defend shit.

I have not had an outbreak in nearly 2 years until 3 days ago, and that's because I let my guard down, I decided to drink on the weekend and woke up feeling really bad, and shot out of bed like lightening when i felt something on my lip. I was lucky enough to feel the first tingling and a very small bump on my lip, so ran very quicky to grab Aciclovir creme and proceeded to dab that all over, and it probably just about caught it in time, unfortunately I did not have Aciclovir anti-viral tablets to also combat this, so instead used 1000mg lysine tablets whch are no way as good, but I definitely saved it from ballooning and making a mess of me, I am hoping to be cleared in another 2/3 days.

I have now decided to NEVER drink again, whereby drinking so much you don't know how you got home, sure I'll have the occassional beer but never above the drink drive limit. Sound harsh? Well I see drinking as a waste of money anyway and I would much rather be up on Sunday at 7am making memories and drinking tea than lying in bed with a coldsore for 1 week!

There's probably more I could say and share on my experiences, but I seemed to have written a lot already. If you want to ask me anything feel free, but one last piece of advice I can give is what works for someone might not work for you and vice versa. It's a trial and error thing. Such as the coffee thing, some people will swear that they eat coffee beans and drink all black coffees daily and nevera  thing, good for them, but I know cutting coffee out of my diet not only saved me a lot of money, made me physically and mentally healthier but I do believe it stopped the outbreaks. Plus it's a mind over matter thing also, if you don't focus on the problem it will never be a reality, you could kiss your teddybear every morning and tell people that you have not had an outbreak ever since you started kissing your teddybear, if that works keep doing it, just try not to pass such madness on as scientific breakthrough :)

Congrats for getting this far.





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The Voyager
2 minutes ago, Vitaliy said:

Thanks for sharing your experience

Can I ask you a few questions? Do you use oils for cooking? Do you consume something other than whole foods? (Food that has refined oils sugar and not natural preservatives)  Have you ever tried to use dried brushing for releasing the toxins from the skin? And as far as tea? What kind of tea you drink.  (Judging by teaware on the photo it looks like nice Chinese Puerh or oolong tea.)





OILS: I don't really fry foods, as I don't eat meat and if I have eggs i'll poach them. Saying that I have recently been playing about with scrambled egg with lots of added veg like onions, peppers, tomatos, spinach etc. And I do use oil but not too much and use either cold pressed olive oil (to make sure all the goodness is in there) or rcently cold pressed avacado oil. But that's about the only thing I will fry.


WHOLEFOODS: Yeah like I said I occasionally might have pizza, but it's freshly made at a fave bar, super thin crust and fresh vegetables (no meat). And will have light topping of cheese on that, I won't buy cheese or milk from super market but if a friend offers black tea I'll usually have milk in it as I normally only ever drink green tea, so change is nice sometimes. I'll eat things like Hummus and Pitta sometimes, but no don't really buy processed foods from stores at all. Even as far as not using concentional shampoo because they have SLS in their, and that is taking it to the extreme but I think that goes beyond the confines of Herpes and more on a personal level, I don't want to be pouring nasty chemicles over my body (so I use hand made soaps and condition with coconut oil lightly.


TOXINS: I used to have hot baths with Epsum bath salts, which basically make you sweat eveythign out, the salt draws up toxins as you know from deep in your skin, but then joined a gym where they have a steamer room, and that thing is amazing, 2 times a week so that's quite a nice treat, and who knows, I think it wil definitely aid in a healthier body, that mixed with not using SLS in shampoo and with a healthy diet and exercise, it all has to contribute to something right?


TEA: Mostly loose leaf green tea, no specific blend just green leaf, but I have tried loads of different blends in the past, tea is way more diverse than coffee, and so much better for your health (if coffee is not drunk in moderation). I will sometimes have raw honey in their too for the boost!

I could do an experiment in my head and know the results: 1 person drinks coca cola, 5 liters a day and one person drinks clean water, 5 liters a day, after 1 month who do you think is going to have a stronger immune system and all round good health?






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The Voyager
3 minutes ago, Vitaliy said:

Thanks for this part. As someone was explaining that in many cases herpes gets suppressed by the immune system but some toxins remain in skin tissue and getting released later.  Many people think that lifestyle changes do not work after seeing an outbreak and give up to early. So toxin elimination is a must. 

I'd agree, I am no scientist but I see toxins as waste, garbage, probably even carinigins - more crap for your immune system to try and sort out. The more stress / work you load onto your immune system the less an advantage it will have when that nasty herpes virus decides to go for an attack up your nervous system! Look after your body and it will look after you.

I stand by my claim that to some degree, SLS (sodium laurel sulphate - which is basically a white powdered chemicl) is not good for your body and will add stress onto your immune, even if microscopically, it's undue stress and mix that with all other possibilities it's an outbreak that could have easily been prevented... Like I said I was OB free for nearly 2 years, and I have been iving a generally clean life for best past of 4 ot 5 years. By no means a saint, I have partied still, got high now and then (just baked cakes though) and eaten a few biscuits :) but generally if you make sure that you are 80% clean and allow room for fun etc you should be good.

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  • Similar Content

    • Quest
      By Quest
      Sanguine108 believed in St John's wort combo therapy and I was looking for elements/actions that would give me everything to punch HSV2 from many angles and give me-
      1. body that was alkaline since hsv loves an acid anaerobic environment.  Apple cider vinegar or lemon/lime water minus an overload of carbs. Possibly Keto like Bethany. Fulvic Acid (thanks JxC) to keep it alkaline and get the much-needed minerals entering at a cellular level.
      2. To build the immune system, I was short on DHEA. I will probably look into boosting immune system with the correct amount of vitamin A, B complex, E, zinc picolinate /quality zinc do not ingest zinc oxide, Iodine, extra vitamin D, 4000iu , extra Vit C possible liposomal ( or make your own because liposomal C and glutathione is so pricey) unless you take it to bowel tolerance, minerals like boron,  magnesium citrate,  (unless you want the Hershey squirts)   Ashwagandha powder (1t) to get the thyroid humming perfectly, and Glutathione immunity booster, it is involved all our cells and our number one antioxidant. Take them as directed more is not better especially vit A
      9 ways to boost glutathione https://draxe.com/glutathione/
      3. dissolving the lipid coating of HSV 2 with St. John's wort and BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene), an FDA-approved food preservative - I have only been using it for a week. Book -http://www.projectwellbeing.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/BHTbook-StevenWmFowkes-100903.pdf less than a gram/1000mg (more is not better) because it is less expensive or a combo of Brand-Lauricidin/ monolaurin on a lower dose because it is costly.
      "Regarding the natural treatment of herpes infection, we can take advantage of the characteristics of the virus to impact its tendency to erupt. Since the virus is essentially a piece of DNA surrounded by a fatty layer, if we target this aspect we can largely “disable” the virus. Luckily, we have two substances which are known to target this tendency of the virus.
      First, the herb Hypericum perforatum, commonly known as St. John’s wort, contains a chemical called hypericin. It is hypericin that gives the red color to the oil glands in the leaves, and it is hypericin that selectively targets the lipid capsule of viruses.
      For centuries, physicians have valued St. John’s wort as a nervine, meaning a medicine that targets the nervous system. Thus practitioners have traditionally used St. John’s wort to treat depression and toothache. Remember that the nervous system consists largely of cells with fatty coatings, similar to the encapsulated viruses. The plant in its wisdom contains the active chemical hypericin in an oily base, and because oil only dissolves in oil, it penetrates the oily tissues of the body, that is, the nerve cells, where hypericin then dissolves the lipid coating of the virus. (wow, heavy claim) I generally prefer Mediherb herbal products because of their potency. The dose is two tablets twice per day, even for the very long term. I did not get that exact brand.
      The second characteristic takes advantage of the virus-disabling effect of lauric acid, the 12-carbon fatty acid found in breast milk fat and in coconut oil. Thanks to the work of Mary Enig, readers of this journal are familiar with the anti-microbial benefits of lauric acid and other short- and medium-chain fatty acids found in coconut oil. During digestion, the body breaks triglycerides (three fatty acids joined to a glycerol molecule) into di-glycerides (two fatty acids joined to a glycerol molecule), monoglycerides (one fatty acid joined to a glycerol molecule) and free fatty acids. It is the monoglycerol of lauric acid, called monolaurin, that has the strongest anti-microbial effects.
      For years, I counseled my herpes patients to eat as much coconut oil, as they could stomach. However, in the past year, I discovered a product called Lauricidin, which is a concentrate or pure form of monolaurin. One dose of  Brand name -Lauricidin is the equivalent of taking many tablespoons of coconut oil per day, a practice most people find intolerable. I have been consistently impressed with the ability of Lauricidin to suppress herpes outbreaks, not to mention yeast problems like candida (monolaurin is also a potent anti-fungal agent), and allow people to get off their antiviral drugs. It is a safe extract, which can be taken long term. The usual dose to suppress the herpes is about 1/2 to 1 scoop, one to three times per day. It should be swallowed, not chewed, and always taken with some food. The dose should be increased slowly as tolerated and as gauged by its effectiveness.
      In addition, we must pay attention to the overall microbial content of our bodies, as we know that good bacteria actually synthesize antiviral substances. For most, this will mean following a nourishing traditional diet containing a variety of lacto-fermented foods; for others, a temporary GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) diet may be needed. The fermented cod liver oil is important at the dose of at least one-half teaspoon per day.
      With this regimen, most of my patients have been able to avoid both the conventional antiviral drugs and the painful symptoms of genital herpes..."
      4. Reducing inflammation with turmeric/ curcumin and delivering oxygen to the system since HSV is anaerobic (without oxygen) Just like cancer. I like  Fulvic acid; MSM and MMS, the two are very different- please follow the directions to the T and don't use with antioxidants or they will not work unless you take them apart!! don't use all these together. They have some of the same actions.
      5. Sleep 8 hours in a dark room or mask the eyes so you able to manufacture melatonin and put the stress hormone to sleep while you sleep with Phosphatidylserine especially if you grind your teeth or can't sleep.
      6. reduce stress by exercising (but not overdoing it) ...you fill in the blank. I use fluoxetine for sugar cravings and anxiety. 5 and 6 should really be 1. and 2. because nothing kills immunity like stress, sugar, and lack of sleep!!! thank you Cracked. 
      7. L-arginine L- lysine balance in foods. If you eat/drink foods high in arginine, take some lysine! 
      ETA: I am experimenting with BHT butylated hydroxytoluene loved the book and reviews! ( don't take high levels) Unfortunately, I have family members who have had cancer and I really have a lot of work to do until I get in the habit. I can't just do a few things and get away with it! I don't know if I can do it all, but I really love the results that FeelingNormalAgain has and I also want a functional cure! Cancer victims work very hard on their protocol and I unfortunately need more effort in mine! If you actually got this far you are tenacious! 
      I am going to a natural practitioner and they will be evaluating my blood under a microscope to look for inflammation,  and how active my T cells are which will give them a picture of my immunity. There is one thing for sure, I can take all the lipid dissolving BHT St John's wort or monolaurin I want, but if my T-cells are not active enough to kill the HSV2 I will get outbreaks! Please feel free to add any links or tips! Many substances have the same actions and are just as good! They will also be evaluating my stress levels via inflammation (it looks like little hairs under a microscope.)
      I trust Dr. Axe, Dr. Mercola, and doctors in the Holtorf organization. 
    • hk81
      By hk81
      I need advices from people who have experience with ocular herpes.
      3 years ago I had a few meetings with an asshole liar that denied to have any disease.
      Despite my being careful, I could not avoid to get infected because of his careless attitude.
      2 days after one meeting I developed a small peripheral corneal ulcer in my left eye; my doctor didn't relate it to sexual diseases and after a few days of wrong treatment (she told me to put gentamicin cream in the eye!!), it went away. I believe that I may have touched my eyes carelessly, as it was late and it was my normal behavior from getting tired.
      After another meeting with the guy (about 1 month later), I developed blisters in my genital area. It was a large outbreak, like a primary one. I couldn't see the area well, but I think there were more blisters one near the other, very painful. They caused a large single ulcer which took 3 weeks to heal. I went to a STD ambulatory but the doctor, by looking at it (the healing ulcer), said that it didn't look like herpes. I asked for swabs. To my bad surprise, she did not even make an herpes test and she told me later that it was not tested in her hospital (!!). I have never had such a painful and long outbreak again later, but only very short and mild ones.
      2 months later the blister in the eye came back. I went to an optic and he prescribed me antibacterial drops and steroids.
      About one year later I had a diagnosis of HSV1 in the urethra, which increased my suspects that that person had HSV. He still denied everything and when I asked him to get tested, he blocked all my contacts (I'm still considering how to report such a person).
      For almost 2 years my eye didn't have any problem, even if I went into a lot of stress (relocation, new job, a person toying with my feelings and poor sleep periods with anxiety, lots of exposure to sun, ...).
      I also had several vaccinations (HPV, Hepatitis, Tetanus), which I have recently finished (and they make me wonder if they made any good to my immune system).

      At the beginning of this year the problems with my eye started again.
      The first time I had small blisters in both eyes. In my left eye it's almost always in the same place. My right eye was never affected before.
      The second time I had again blisters in the left eye, this time after not much sleep and a day on the snow. Then in the right eye.
      I started visiting an ambulance for eye problems; every time I had a bad case of red eye, I went back to show it. In total I have been looked by 7 people, both when I had blisters and when I only had a bad red eye.
      Some of them stained my eye with pigments and watched through the lenses. Every time they told me it was not looking like herpes; probably they expected to see the typical branching lesion caused by herpes.
      Some of them said it was bacteria growing on my eye lids, some said I had dry eyes and my oil glands were obstructed. So most of the time I had indications to treat it with artificial tears or antibacterial drops and steroids (lotemax, prednisolone). One doctor once gave me acyclovir eye gel, not being sure if it really was herpes (after my indication).
      During the last visit (red eye only with no visible blisters, after a week end in the sun), I asked if I could get a swab. So they took it and they tested both chlamydia and Herpes. Both were negative.
      Despite their recommendation to use steroids, I applied also the acyclovir gel. I was surprised by the prescription of steroids without having properly tested for herpes. It is known that steroids reduce the immune response, that causes a proliferation of the virus and could make the infection worst.
      I applied the gel only to the affected eye. The redness would decrease significantly after 1 day and after 3 days it was almost looking normal. 1 week later after the start of the redness, the symptom appeared in the untreated eye. So I started to treat that eye in the same way. Then back again to the previous eye. And this continued from the beginning of the year until now (7 months).
      The redness is often accompanied with pain in the same side of my head. Often it happened after sun exposure (in summer period), biking for long, swimming training. Sometimes the affected eye has a small morning discharge near the lacrimal gland (yellow). Sometimes when I put artificial drops, I get some white patches on my eye lids, like if the tears are bringing out of my eye dead/dried skin.
      Many of these things are still making me suspect of herpes.
      So I would need some suggestions from people that have had the same problem. Can you relate to my symptoms? How did you get diagnosed? Is a swab a reliable test, or does it have many false negative? Did you get so many recurrences of red eye? And what did you do to stop them?
      I'm really depressed for what is happening to me and all the limitations that this is imposing me to my life. And also by the fact that I can't seem to get a proper diagnosis and treatment.
      Thank you for your help.
    • thissucks31
      By thissucks31
      Hey guys, 
      Has anyone experienced recurring coldsores every 3 weeks, externally and internally.
      I have had HSV1 since 2010, so 9 years. At some point I started having outbreaks on the roof of my mouth. 
      Now at roughly 9 years, I'm getting them every 3 weeks, Roof of mouth and bottom lip. 
      Any advice. 
      I take 2gm Valtrex at the start of the break out then 1 grm every 12 hours after. I take lysine, escherichia (however you spell it) vit c, vit a, t cells booster (antacid med). Nothing is changing. 
      Any advice. Its seriously depressing in a shitty weird way. 
    • abdull81
      By abdull81
      alsalam aliykom sisters and brothers
      im looking for 7alal inshaAllah .. i have been diagnosed hsv2 since 5 years ago .. my ex wife passed it to me .. i was 32 years old virgin man .. she was my first but ..alhamdulillah i
      believe that every thing happens for reason .. anyway
      im here seeking 7alal so we can complete and love each other .. may Allah make it easy for us to find our ways 
      E mail:   mohammed_tempe@hotmail.com
    • TerribleAtUserNames
      By TerribleAtUserNames
      Hi there, 
      Long time lurker, first time poster, and I'll keep it simple and condensed. 
      I've only signed up because I realize the depths of suffering some people are in, trying all sorts of desperate treatments, and I've basically been sitting on something that has taken me to near 0 outbreaks (hsv1 genital).
      When I first got infected some years back, I had an atypical presentation--no pain or itching, but permanently there. Bumps going up and down within the same day even, but pretty much permanently covering the head of my penis. Doctor swabbed it--came back hsv 1; he said it looked like it to him too. 
      Now to the meat of it--rubbing alcohol.
      Its simple, and I'm pretty surprised that I've only seen it mentioned once here--a woman was talking about it, so I assume it works for girls too. I apply once daily, to once every 3 days, and that keeps me pretty much permanently outbreak free. 
      It quite literally went from every day broken out for me to just about nothing. Anyway, to the what and where of it all... 
      I use 99% isopropyl. 70% seems good too. I now have a spray bottle, but used to just dump it on the head and roll my foreskin up over it for like 20ish seconds--whatever process is actually happening, I like to think I'm facilitating absorption into the soft tissue by doing this and wreaking havoc on the virus. Obviously, you may have to do it a bit differently, genital depending.
      I've been doing this treatment for a few years now, so it has staying power. I read once that herpes is shreded by alcohol, so if true, I guess that explains it? However, iterupting regular treatment seems to have anecdotally, but not with great surety, made the herpes a bit less suceptible to the alcohol upon resumption. 
      Yes, it burns terribly at first. Over time it gets better. Some days it still really burns, and in those cases I advise listening to your body and cutting the countdown short. Other than that, it feels really damn good to basically tell herpes to eff off. 
      I don't know what kind of health risks there are. Or whether using a high % grain (drinking) alcohol would work / be healthier. I advise asking your doctor--afterall, alchohol is implicated in throat cancer. Who knows if 20-30 seconds daily on your junk can do something too. 
      But for those who struggle constantly, I truly hope this can help someone other than just me. 
      I also hope that this finds its way to the right forum. I wanted it in a place where casual, straight from Google, viewers would see it when they came here, and I'm hoping--and asking, please--that if I didn't get it in the right place, a moderator can instead. And, should it help as I suggest, perhaps even stickying it one day. 
      I'm sorry in advance, I'm not a big forum person and don't come here crazy often. It just felt like something I should do for everyone else's sake. Hopefully you can excuse me if I'm an absentee topic starter. 
      Thanks for reading,
      - Taylor
      I forgot to add in any negative effects I've experienced. 
      Sometimes, if its burning more than usual and I leave it too long, it does make the skin pinker than it should be, and sore. 
      The big question, what about loss of sensitivity? I worried that may happen, and its possible actually that I've lost some amount. But if I have, it wasn't even enough to remember when posting this originally, hahaha.
      Still every body is different, so I can only speak for me. But yes, for me, my sensitivity down there is still in great shape. 
      Over the last few years I've on average had less stiff erections, and dysfunction, which I never had before. However, I've also been less physically healthy, I've been mentally disengaged and highly anxious around sex and sexuality (and when I'm not anxious, it often improves quite a bit), I read once that herpes itself can actually cause forms of ED, and I'm also now out of my 20's, so... 
      Possibly related? But also very possibly unrelated to the alcohol. I'm biased though, both in mentality and my words here. So, perhaps consult a doctor if you're concerned. 
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