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Ok so my first post here, and I'll give a quick introduction. HSV2 popped up several years ago, and I became one of the unlucky few where it got worse with time so I spent 2/3 of the time always in a OB. Not fun, but the upside is I became a great guinea pig to test the effectiveness of different remedies. I'm not an overly holistic individual, but western medicine doctors do truly frustrate me, as they want you in and out as quick as possible, and just write you a script so they can hurry off to the next patient. Through multiple injuries and now this, I can appreciate alternative therapies and practitioners. I'm a big believer in a yin and yang theory, and anything that can be created, can be destroyed, anything that can cause life can also take life, there is never a problem without an answer... you get the picture.

So, I was sure there was to be some ways to at least get this in check and possibly over time start cleaning it out of your body. Over the past few years I've dabbled in about everything you could find on a google search. I keep records of what I was trying and how I reacted. Lots of stuff was... complete nonsense. Lots helped, a few really made a difference. I'm still playing with some TCM stuff but it's really hit or miss. However, I think I have enough anecdotal evidence from me and a few others, to start a protocol that I plan on following for the year to see how it works and wanted to see if anyone else wanted to try and provide first of the month updates along with me. I believe the key to everything is consistency, so ... this is relatively cheap and easy to follow, and as long as you're consistent, let's try this.

2 steps. From inside and from out.


Olive Leaf - 6 grams a day

Daily intake of an antiviral. I take a few but hands down the one I noticed the most impact from was Olive Leaf. If you have never taken it and you have an OB, take it... and you'll notice your OB will get 3x worse. But THEN, actually heal faster. So basically blows it up, purges it out, and then heals up. Out of everything from Lemon Balm, to Elderberry to oddball stuff from a witch doctor in Tahiti... Olive Leaf was the one I could actually witness a reaction with. I believe most people take too little of it though, and since it's very low toxicity, I'll be doing a minimum of 6 grams a day. 2 grams at 3 intervals. You can find the powdered leaf online and either shake it up with a lil juice to take it as a shot, or buy a cheap $12 capsule maker and make your own 00 caps.



Zinc Sulfate Spray - 8 times a day

A search on this site and on google will show that there is a good argument for topical Zinc. I've played with a few kinds and strengths and like Olive Leaf, it's one of the few I've tried where I noticed a definite difference. From the studies I've been able to find, it appears Zinc ions draws the virus to the surface (so be prepared for a bit more of an OB than expected), and then kills it. So the hope is that it will not allow as much of the virus to go back into latency, instead, it holds and kills it. So I will be using 2 teaspons of Zinc Sulfate with 1/2 liter of water, mixed up well and kept in the fridge, and then pouring that into small spray bottles (you can find tiny purse sized ones that fit in your palm online for 50 cents each), and then using that as a quick topical spray atleast 8 times a day, every day, unless you have scabs from an OB... in that case let them heal as Zinc will then start to irritate the skin.

Do a bit of research on Zinc first before trying this as you'll want to supplement with copper while on this and if Sulfate irritates your skin then either water it down a little more, or roughly double the amount and use Zinc Gluconate instead. Everyone has different tolerances so just watch how your skin reacts and adjust the zinc potency as needed.

If anyone wants to join and report monthly, it'd be a lot more organized than random hit or miss trials. This protocol is simple, cheap and should be much safer than some of these collaidal silver/bleach/liquid oxygen $#@! I have seen. Feel free to research and tweak if you'd like (for example I may use prunella tea instead of water for my zinc topical), and just report monthly if there is progress. Any other supplements that help the immune system in general, would of course be beneficial and I do believe a supplement that breaks down the lipid coating of the virus (such as monolaurin or BHT) would be very beneficial to add in. 

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I use nigella setiva and cats claw morning and night 2 capsules. Also i supplement selenium and magnesium and around 32 mg of Iodine. The iodine is use is Lugols 2%. Also look into pokeweed. It has a chemical known as pap-43 and has shown anti herpes abilities. How much you can actually get in your system i dont know. Also as far a zinc, try using a zinc oxide cream. Its usually meant for baby rashes and stuff but ive used it and it works wonders to dry up the herpes. 

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Sorry slow on the updates. So Olive Leaf & Zinc definitely speeds up healing time, but doesn't appear to really affect regularity. Will still continue though

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Blanca2018
      Has anyone tried Longdanxiegan (LDXGFG) as a treatment? There seems to be scientific evidence of great results in animal trials. This is the link to the study https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1028455916000322. It is a Traditional Chinese Medicine formula that now has won some scientific attention. I have previous experience using Traditional Chinese Medicine for improving symptoms of another rare diseases I suffer and, seeing this has been backed by some research, I am considering giving it a try. Thanks to all contributors to this forum for all the valuable information shared.
    • tayelle
      Wow this is very sad that this man committed suicide from hsv. We've all been there with depressive states. I think the numbers are accurate...no more than 15% have hsv2. Every forum I join, its low numbers compared to other diseases. 
    • theuniversesucks
      yep going into my sixth year , constant constant scrotum tingling , when i say constant i mean 365 for the last 5 years , been living on autopilot , dead inside .
    • theuniversesucks
      thats amazing , sign me up for a shipment , can you use your transporter to ship the goods ?
    • KG303
      Me either. I got it from someone I truly cared about and in my experience it’s been hell because I was so hurt over the fact that he put my health at risk without even caring of the consequences because I was so good to him. He was in college starving so I would offer to buy him groceries, I would always be there when he was having a tough time and give him encouragement, and in the end he ignores me but still can go out and party. So maybe I was better off catching it from someone I didn’t care about. Maybe then i wouldn’t be as emotional over it. I feel like if I would’ve just got it from a one night stand I could be like oh yeah well shit happens, but getting it from someone I would’ve done anything for just ain’t fair because I was good to him and I know some people may not know they have it but he was sleeping with multiple women but acting like he wasn’t. If we’re having sex you should care about me enough to let me know what’s going on so I won’t sleep with you anymore if you’re wilding out that crazy but whatever. 

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