A Thought Experiment in Positivity and Perspective

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Hi folks, 

Had a few thoughts today on perspective that felt worth sharing. I keep finding myself thinking "Well, I'm glad it's Herpes instead of ______." Or else I feel less bothered by everyday annoyances like traffic or a top not fitting the right way because in light of the Herpes thing, it's small potatoes.

I was wondering if other people might find it beneficial to practice this thought process with me....

"Better Herpes than _______"

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I think it can't be forced, this kind of thought. I have arrived in this stage now and am happy about it, but I had to get through the darkness first.

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ahhh well it depends perhaps on age and experience. I lost my mother to cancer when I was in my twenties

so of course, I can say at least it is not cancer. Nephew just dealt with a year long battle with lymphoma which was really scary but he doing pretty good now. 

My father was an alcoholic and died from liver disease. I can say at least it is not liver disease. 

My brother dropped dead from congential heart failure. At least my heart is still pumping blood thru this body

there are a great many things this is not. It is not ever going to get any worse then it is right now. 

I am not going to end up in a wheelchair or lose the use of my limbs. I am not going to lose the use of my mind. 

Whether I choose to disclose this to another human being on this planet is up to me

I can also choose not to put myself in a situation where disclosing becomes necessary

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A person can only choose to be positive but I do often put things into perspective like I just went to Cambodia and I would rather have herpes and my life then the life that they have to lives in those countries.  And I guess sometimes for some people an issue that they have can silo you with your thoughts and you can also get into a bad habit of just being constantly negative and I say this from my own experience because I was depressed with anorexia and day by day I used to believe that I would be depressed.  

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