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Found a natural quick fix !

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Just last week I woke with the dreadred tingling of a cold sore. Been stressed. Selling my house. Paper work. Rushing here there and every where.

Day two I was desperate. Sick of WASTING money on Zorvirax. I went into Dr . Google and search and found that NZ MANUKA HONEY is good for wound healing. I have a jar at home I used on my morning oats. "Rewarewa"Manuka Honey from NZ.

With a warm face cloth I bathed the cold sore, then with a teaspoon I got out some honey. A began to dab on my burning, weeping, swollen top lip.

I swear within 30 seconds it began to sooth. I put a towel on my pillow (because its sticky) , went to sleep.

The next mrning. Sweeling had gone down by 50%. Zero pain. I was AMAZED !

I continued 2/3 days. All I have now is just the scab. Im usually in hiding for 10 days. With a fat ugly lip. Burning. Throbbing, weepy sore lip.

Im thrilled !!! hope this helps someone else out there .....cheers !

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I have that honey, but I don't get the typical open blister to put it on.  not sure if it would work spreading across my rashy skin or singular pimple bump on my scalp that's not painful.  only thing painful seems to be nerve pain inside my manly part.

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No its not cheap. But I got sick of buying Zovirax , its hopless and REALLY expensive.

And I also use this honey on my morning oats. Its good for your insides as well.

Try it  on the rash. its gentle.Soothing. Google NZ ~ Rewarewa Honey. A read all info about it.

Rich, golden  miracle nectare !

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    • win
      Hey hi202020, the Varivax vaccine definitely removed the neuralgia for me, at least so far (fingers crossed). My signs of HSV1 infection after the blood test came back positive in December (with a high IGG of over 55) were: horrible flu symptoms initially (in February) with swollen lymph nodes, followed by almost non-stop, super painful genital neuralgia, and one oral outbreak in March. However, the neuralgia has completely disappeared since the end of April (about a month or so). I had the first vaccine on April 10 and the booster shot on May 19, so about a week ago.
    • hi202020
      Hey Mackie I have the same neuralgia that you do, did you find anything that helped you? Did you try any vaccines? I’m feeling desperate as I’ve had non stop neuralgia/pain for 4+ months after contracting GHSV-1.
    • mconcerned1986
      Got my igG results after 13 months and it is negative I think I need to put this behind and may be rhink do some shitty infection that is causing this itching in genitals and on face. Just an FYI my Western blot at 7 months post exposure is negative.
    • Mikeike3
      Exactly. Plus some people don't seroconvert ever or for a long time, so it's even larger than that.  Also, it takes longer for hsv. To show up on wb than on a commercial igg test. 
    • Stolo868
      Even Terri says that sensitivity of WB for hsv1 is 95-96%. So somebody has to be in this 4-5%...
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