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Questions about blood test

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Hi! I signed up on here a couple of months ago.  I had a visual positive diagnosis of herpes from Plannec Parenthood a little over two years ago, almost three. I took medicine, and haven't had an outbreak since.  It was so painful, I can't imagine what that could have been if it wasn't an outbreak....

So, just this past week I decided to face my fears and become more knowledgeable. I got tested through stdcheck (FPK Services) and used a Labcorp near me. I got all ten major STD tests. Three of the tests said if the number was less then a certain number, then the results were negative. All the rest were purely negative. Final results back: I am negative and have no stds!

I'm thinking of doing one more panel test somewhere else, just to be sure. What do you think? I've been told the most reliable is the culture swab (does that happen only during an outbreak?), the Westernblot test and the test specific test (I got the test specific test done), but I' just not sure if I should get another type of test just to make sure.   Also, I know there is a window as to the waiting period to get tested. Since my potential one and only outbreak happened almost three years ago, are these results that I got today accurate? They said it was 97% accurate. My last question is this:  would you take these results to heart, or would you get another type of blood test or culture done?

I wanted to take the time and thank everyone who has been so kind and helpful to me on here. You have helped me get through a difficult time. If I can do anything for anyone, and be here as a support, please just email me. If you have any insight on if you think I should trust my results, please let me know. I'm just suspicious of the results after what I went through, I guess.   Thank you!

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Idk it's always hard to say. I had a PCR done that said I was positive. No OB or symptoms since the first one and it's been a year. I just got another test done last week and it still says I'm negative for either type. My ex's blood came back positive so I feel even though my blood a year later says no but my PCR and my ex's say yes then I have to have it regardless of multiple blood test that say I don't and not having anything else strange happen down there. 

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janie you were on suppresive therapy for 3 years? i believe you are very lucky that your blood tests shows negative.  from what i have been reading thewestern blot is the most reliable

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    • Gems
      ANd eight hours is on a surface...on a towel who knows. The eight hours was a quote off a thread a long time ago of worst case senerio. Obviously it doesnt survive double touching unless its some weird arse almost immediate thing off a shedding site and this is all WORST case scenerio. HSV shouldnt be treated with stigma...but for everyones well being it should be treated as carefully as poss. It is a highly contagious condition and can be difficult to diagnose and GP's will let you walk away thinking you are clear when you are not if you do not do your due diligence.    

      I knew more about it than the specialists at the hospital I was refereed to. 

    • Gems
      I have seen your advise on a few threads and to be honest while I am over careful at times you are not careful enough. This can absolutely happen and people should be well aware of the fact to prevent it from happening. I supposedly have good immunity on labs too. You just cant tell who will pick it up. It can live on surfaces for up to eight hours and towels that are wet and warm and that make micro abrasions when rubbed on skin are ways that transmission that can occur. You will often find out more by spending many hours reading on threads than your doctors. SO no it doesn't always just involve a cut on the skin. How do you think people get it else where.

      So please DO NOT swear at me as this is a possibility and this person should careful tick all his bases before ruling it out, cos on the rare case it is I wouldnt want his life totally ruined. Cos if it gets everywhere your life kinda is.

      It's called caring.       
    • Gems
      it happened to me i think i should know.; someone caught it off me off a towel. it bloody well happens.
    • WilsoInAus
      This is total BS and scaremongering. Please study further on here and elsewhere to learn a few more facts. 
    • Dutchy
      What about the side effects?

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