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Advice from someone without herpes?

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Is there anybody here who doesn't have herpes, but who has a partner that has been diagnosed? Would really like to talk to someone on the other side. Then maybe I can understand how my partner is feeling? I was never told so I don't know what's it's like to hear it and make that decision. I disclosed to the guy I'm dating and whilst I know he's trying not to bring it up, he's really worried. I don't know what to say to reassure him that it's still manageable having a relationship with someone with the virus. We had so much chemistry and instantly clicked in the early stages but now that I've told him I feel like I'm going to lose him. 

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    • dancingmoontj
      By dancingmoontj
      I´m adding to pics : one from wednesday Dec 5th and today Monday Dec 10th.
      Went to consultation and doctor  gave me a prescription right away : with local aciclovir and valtrax .
      I haven´t get my blood lab or swab test yet. I´m still confused the way internet explain how herpes symptomps are, and all of these does not applied to me.
      this appear a day after having sex with my boydriend and that night we didnt even practice oral sex. 2 days before I shave with an old razor and the hair still short. I know it could be herpes and I´m accepting it but there´s many pics and symptoms out there on the pages that make me feel confused.
      Thanks for reading


    • Deexoxo
      By Deexoxo
      Hi I’m new to this website, it’s been a year since I found out I have  HSV 2. My question is, how likely can genital herpes be spread during sex if the condom tore the skin of the vagina area and it was bleeding a tiny bit? I was intimite with a man recently and we used a condom, it ended up pulling and tearing a small cut on my vagina, towards the end he took the condom off and I didn’t know until afterwards... I am on a suppressive treatment. I take Valtrex once a day but I forget to take it sometimes. what are the chances of him getting it?
    • Leemell48
      By Leemell48
      I recently noticed a red rash inside the opening of my vagina. It painful to the touch and I see a small flesh colored bump all of sudden. I'm freaking out since I can't get to the doctor til Tuesday. I also have white gray discharge. What kind of symptoms did you have during first ob?
    • Alwayssmile_
      By Alwayssmile_
      Wanted to find out people's reoccurrence with hsv2 
      -How long you've had hsv2 
      -How your first outbreak was 
      -How many outbreaks you've had since the first and how the severity is of the reoccurring outbreaks 
      Hoping to get some positive success stories with hsv2 
      Any success with only herbal supplements 
    • Lovley80
      By Lovley80
      Hey there, I’m wondering if there are any women here who are in menopause and are experiencing outbreaks after years of not having any. I had a complete hysterectomy in 2015. Before that, my last outbreak was in 2009. In 2017 I got a small sore on my labia. Never had one in that spot before. About one year later I got another small sore in the same place. After that I had constant tingling so my dr put me on 500 mg of Valtrex twice a day to see if it helped relieve the tingling. It helped and the sensation went away. Well, last night after a day of intense itching I noticed three small sore on my anus. I never have experienced them showing up there. I’m so upset and am wondering if this is because of being in menopause, which I take estrogen for hormone replacement therapy, or did the Valtrex somehow cause my immune system to weaken against this virus. I never used Valtrex until my outbreak in 2017. I’ve had HSV2 since 2004. Any input is so appreciated. I’m thinking of starting the Valtrex once a day just so I don’t pass this on to my boyfriend. Thank god he’s very supportive and is so understanding. But I still do not want to give this to him! 
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