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    • Just a human being
    • Just a human being
      I kinda keep it abstract. There’s a lot online and it’s yet to publish. It sounds like you have a chronic case as such I’d do careful due diligence and watch and wait. I post on the generalities of the situation here. Implore for critical thinking, unity, open dialogue, further research, awareness for our doctors and scientists too scared to speak! I implore on these issues as it’s the most difficult cases that fail to treat with success! I don’t think I could even get a naturopath or practitioner brave enough to openly consult. I cannot speak on any group, admins do not understand science or medicine or politics and show poor leadership! There needs to be MASS REVOLT!
    • chillmoksha
      @Laguna I will try to look into it tonight but I am skeptical about that NO image/ not much info LinkedIn account. @Just a human being  It would be good if u elaborate on 5CC, Nevertheless I will check on it as well.
    • Just a human being
      Few leaders in the community wants to speak to anyone else about it, few leaders in the community wants to have constructive adult discussions, people block, ostracise, fail to critically think, actively prevent support or constructive dialogue, censor, ban, flame, doxx, humiliate, harass actively refuse to allow it, actively work to prevent it...yet so many people in the actual community want to talk about it, want the truth! Our society is insane, deeply conditioned and divided. I have to say I am developing a deep respect for the H/C forum as the only place one human beings voice is heard. We actively prevent the very healing we all need. 
    • Just a human being
      People say they want a cure but some days I wonder. If you express how stressful it’s been to support a small cohort through treatment with limited evidence most do not understand, when you ask for support or your struggles to cope with people’s trauma in treatment, or the ingrained societal perceptions, when you try to talk about the evidence it’s like you’ve done some evil thing! Apparently going against the grain to do what’s right is not worthy of human understanding or support! Expressing human vulnerability also appears to be incredibly evil! Damn! Any weakness or difficulties damn your just not worthy of care, support or respect!  After over a year in the space it’s so clear to me why there has been no progress. You are completely ostracized from the community for speaking out on this topic. How many are voiceless here too scared to speak? Yet we rarely hear from you. When you are successful you just disappear (Of course because we don’t hear from you you don’t exist! You must be a “conspiracy theory”. And even if you did then you would just be anecdotal and oh yeah that publishing evidence when they attempt to discredit it... hmm be interesting to hear the “conspiracy” stories on that one...)and I understand why as no one would listen to you anyhow! I hope for anyone reading this you get out alive lest you become a lost soul in purgatory stamping out hope for others due to confusion weaved in science and medicine.   
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Advice from someone without herpes?

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Is there anybody here who doesn't have herpes, but who has a partner that has been diagnosed? Would really like to talk to someone on the other side. Then maybe I can understand how my partner is feeling? I was never told so I don't know what's it's like to hear it and make that decision. I disclosed to the guy I'm dating and whilst I know he's trying not to bring it up, he's really worried. I don't know what to say to reassure him that it's still manageable having a relationship with someone with the virus. We had so much chemistry and instantly clicked in the early stages but now that I've told him I feel like I'm going to lose him. 

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