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Fast forward almost 5 years

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To be honest, the physical part of living with H has not been a problem at all for me.  Early on I would get itchy during my monthly but once I got Mirena my periods are almost nonexistent so nothing.  I have 1 and 2 and neither have manifested itself physically. Being asymptomatic is a blessing and a curse.  Not knowing when you should be even more cautious creates more of a paranoia and a sense of "I'm more contagious right now" way of thinking.  I don't take meds for it either.  

The emotional aspect has been more challenging.  My first thought in the morning is "I have Herpes".  Sometimes I feel deficient because of it when I look around and see people and I assume they are H free.  Every time I have anything going on in my body I assume it's H related.  I use to be very active, I ran, I weight trained, I did Zumba and my body was tight.  Now, I'm overweight after gaining almost 30lbs. I have no engergy most days and I have insomnia.  I kinda let myself go and I can't seem to get it together.  Outside of waking up with the initial thought I don't think about it but when I do it gets incessant and I come here only to see more and more new infections and people where I was 5 years ago.  I feel for them because I know what a diagnosis does to all the thoughts you had for your life.  Seems like I hear more and more jokes and shows reference it more.  It not more it's just that it's relatable now so it stands out.  Darn "Two Broke Girls" reference it in just about all the episodes.  

I will say IT DOES gets better if you continue living.  I have a son, a husband, a job, family and Church family.  Outside of my husband, nobody knows.  I think that has been hardest part - not having anyone I can talk with it outside of my online H family.  Luckily when I was initially diagnosed the Chat Forum was the best.  No matter the time of day it was always full of people and we talked for hours about everything.  It saved me!!  People asked about our lives outside of H. Thanks all who was on there back then.  

Anywho, I was feeling down because my eye has been giving me trouble and of course I blame H but most days I do very well at living with H.  I don't read up on research and cures because they will depress me because it seem so far away.   In the meantime I just keep on trucking.

Just felt like sharing today. 



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Thank you for sharing I don't think you will ever fully get over having this virus or accepting it for me I had anorexia for a long time and I know mentally I will never get over it but I am better and the same thing applies with herpes you just get better at accepting it.  And sometimes you really just have to realise what's important in life and just enjoy what life has to offer

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I think if u r married it shouldn't even exist in ur head anymore. who cares. people have warts and nail fungus and rashes and those are all contagious. would u wake up every morning thinking about that? no. there's a reason the medical community doesn't take it seriously....because there are so many other serious diseases that actually impact ur ability to function and be ALIVE generally. life is short! be happy and have an awesome life with ur loving husband who is hopefully supportive. I don't think catastrophizing this benign condition is healthy. the only time it really is a bummer is if u have really bad symptoms or arent married and have to tell people (in my opinion). marriage is in sickness and health and this isn't even sickness. ur honestly so lucky in life if this is ur biggest problem.

you are entitled to ur feelings of course. I'm just trying to express a different perspective. 

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    • Hallie
      Hey all! I’m new and my diagnosis is pending. I’ve done so much research that I have a new understanding and respect for people living with herpes. That being said it wasn’t like that alway, I had been a part of a stigma we all know very well up until my latest annual pap. So I went in and had my pap and just a routing std check. Two days later and my OB calls and says everything’s good on the pap and the bloood work came back but there’s an acute result for herpes. Although he states he doesn’t know which kind or where and to come back in 6 weeks. So me being the 22 yo uneducated student, freaks out. I am asymptomatic and at the time he advises to check around my mouth and lips for any cold sores. I had a minor canker sore like lesion on my gum above my tooth and that was it super minor discomfort. So I went into a care now and the doctor did a pcr swab of the cut and another igm and an igg. So it’s about 5 days waiting period and during that time I get sick, similar to pharyngitis ( it was so bad I went back, the doctor gave me  Valacyclovir in case it was an outbreak). So now I really am thinking ok this is most like HSV-1 being it’s possible but less likely to be HSV -2 And I have zero symptoms on my genitals unless it’s dormant. And then plot twist, I get all results back, second igm, viral swab, and igg and all negative! What is going on? 
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @sheikha and welcome to the website. Different tests around the world have different numbers as to what means positive.  Do you have details of what test was performed? Does the paperwork indicate what number means positive? For some tests it’s 1.1, others 11 and some more than 20!
    • Mikeike3
      What symptoms brought you to test in the first place 
    • Mikeike3
      Over 3.3 is a strong positive. You could repeat that test. I'd assume I had it. 
    • Kev003
      Lysine seemed to dry the blisters during outbreaks.  They would take about the same time to heal but there would be no/less fluid while using lysine.  At first it seemed like it was reducing the amount of outbreaks, but after a couple months they were coming just as often as before - if not more often.  
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