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    • Telemnar1
      Had protected sex but unprotected oral sex. Penis bent alot in process and somtimes when just doing normal thing. I notice no bumps, blisters, or rashes or groin pain Went to local hospital after experiencing itchy and burning in urethra Tested positive for hpv1 through blood test.  and assumed I had chlamydia I always feel great when I pee.  Felt fine for a few days. Then pain in left side of penis on shaft in 1 spot and touchy urethra returned Went back for doxycycline and hpv1 meds. Allergic reactions so went to a different hospital bc local one has 1 star rating, there I was told I did not have hpv1 and was clean. Had to pee every 5 mins Went to convenient care and was told I had urethritis. Was given pills and it helps the situation Went back when out of pills. Was given shot and pill for chlymedia, pills for trich, and urthritis pills issues after: Tip urethra burning Penis left side of shaft pain Lower in my urethra feels pain and super sensitive and touchy Pain in tip of urethra too Pain left side of shaft. If I get an erection, it goes away Feels like a little pee or clear discharge Sleep naked so somtimes urethra hits blankets and rubs it. Keep having to go to bathroom, bowl movements Tip somtimes gets a little itchy and when I go to move it, I feel a tiny bit of pee or discharge Got a main doctor and went to her Started drinking 8 waters a day Peeing every 10 mins Somtimes drops of pee come out At end of peeing. I wait a min and little more comes out and somtimes it burns the tip so bad at the tip of my urethra, its clear If I sit to use bathroom, I cant stop peeing in small amounts. Just keep coming bladder feels tingly and feels like I have to pee on tip of my penis 3am.. pain went to the right side of shaft now Woke up,  Pain is back in left side. It hurts so bad this time Pulsing pain on left side One night, my penis got erect and the whole urethra was really hurting and really sensitive and inside my body in my pelvis area, maybe little higher was hurting when it moved. Update It's just urethra and behind testical pain Testical pain Pain further behind all the testical stuff. But not the anus. Between the 2. Especially when I sit. Feels like pressure Left testical hurts the most. Pain inside bladder and a little below it When I masterbait, my urethra and area above the base of my penis inside the body hurts really bad. Especially if my penis is erect When erect, testical pain I pee alot. And when I'm done. I wait a min and more comes out repeat No pain at all when urinating  Somtimes when just doing my normal thing. Tip of penis will sting and I'll feel a little discharge Left side of penis feels harder than right side. Right side is more squishy Pain in both left and right shaft. Also tip. I seem to be forgetting things alot more often. Like things someone told me just a few mins ago or I'll forget the symptoms that I was gonna write down. Feel like I have to pee then not much comes out Urine comes out in small angle Bladder feels sore and a little burn inside bladder Bladder pain It hurts after I move my penis around, like when its flacid and i slightly stretch it or just move it around Hurts when I start to have an erection and hurts to masterbait Quick sharp pain in middle of urethra After peeing, it feels like my bladder is sore or swollen. Like it feels like theirs still pee but I dont really feel the pee. Just like its expanded with urine but no urine Always during peeing, I feel fine.
    • Shubhherpe
      My prognosis is that the funding for herpes will be either cut down or completely stop for sometime. Curing herpes was never on the priority list of NIH. Though i pray my prognosis goes wrong.
    • Just a human being
      I believe from others studies lysine showed mixed effects. HoweverI would question those studies and designs if they are looking at the right factors. The causative factors of chronic infections are a little more complicated than lysine yes or no.  Traditional diets as one can see are naturally high lysine and it seems important in the case of viral infections whether if appears to help or not on the surface.  I posted it as it’s just such a well written and referenced article and explains a lot of orthomolecular science (HTMA science) and is based on the same science as Synergy (science is science published or unpublished!). I cannot tell you how many times I was told this year “It’s not science till it’s published”.  I thought @hk81 might enjoy it as a jumping point into the foray of hazy patchwork of unpublished and published science while applying their keen intellect.  I give this resource to most people as I think it’s an excellent article.   
    • shadowgirl88
      I take 1000mg of L-lysine daily.  I heard it helped tremendously with OBs. And I never have OB’s. So. I believe it!  (And I’m on no suppressive drugs) 
    • iFdUp
      I don't  believe this will affect the HSV research too much. 
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Please Read These Powerful Stories of People with Herpes

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Hello all. I wanted to share some stories with everyone here so that everyone understands they are not alone in this. I made a petition recently to raise awareness about herpes. It's steadily gaining a lot of support on social media. The MOST powerful thing is reading the stories of people who have been diagnosed. It is heartbreaking to read, but it's also the experience everyone needs to see. People need to understand that the STIGMA is the WORST part of this disease.

If you decide you want to sign the petition (AFTER reading it over), please know that 


Please know that you do not need to sign the petition with your real name or e-mail address. Please protect your privacy. Your name is NOT what we need. It is your support that matters. If you do decide to use your real name and e-mail address, please note that if you comment (your name and location will be revealed). If you sign but do not comment, neither the petition creator nor anyone else who signs the petition can see it. However, the petition is on change.org. Please know what you are comfortable with. I wish people wouldn’t cast judgement for supporting a good cause, but that’s the aim of this petition. We aim to change how this condition is perceived. You can absolutely lend your support using a different name and different e-mail address. There is no need or obligation to reveal your true identity. If you have already signed and commented, please feel free to remove it and sign in with your alternate name. Please hang onto your new e-mail for when we post updates! Your help is essential!


Here are the stories of people with herpes. Here is what they are asking for. Let's help them. Let's help ourselves.

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