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High Volume index ?

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When I got blood tested a about eight weeks after I had sex my index  volume was 11.40 ,some are saying that since it was so high that I may have had herpes t way before her even years and there should not have been that much antibody in my system yet at only 8 weeks .How true is this ?


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The issue is not just the index, but the symptoms that preceded it.

Your number is neither high nor low, it is simply confirming an established infection. Is it possible to be that high at 8 weeks, possibly yes.

However if you were infected 8 weeks prior then there is a high chance you'd have experienced symptoms, especially the case if you do not have an oral HSV-1 infection.

If there were no relevant symptoms after the sexual contact and your first ever IgG test is a firm positive 8 weeks later, the odds are simply heavily, very heavily in favour of a long term infection.

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I have read a high index can mean the virus was active at testing time.  Some people just have higher readings

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    • Voyager2
      I certainly hope this research continues. It all seems legit to me, but again, I'm no medical man (although I did play doctor a few times).   
    • here-to-help
      This is good information to know. To go from continuous outbreaks to none all this time is encouraging. I wonder if after you've given it some time and this regimen proves itself, maybe you could title it, and type it for everyone to read. The more suggestions, the better! You mentioned you've suffered with Herpes I outbreaks. I have suffered with the type II, and I recently read that Lysine doesn't help with the type II. I don't know about that, because it really has helped me in years past. Anyway, by mentioning in your article that you have type I will help, because apparently something might work for type I that won't work for type II. I myself will get these products and add them to my daily garlic regimen, and perhaps I will be able to eat whatever I choose without triggering an outbreak. That's my big problem, wanting to eat the foods that trigger the outbreak!
    • RNY18
      “..Meanwhile, the present study suggests LDXGFG as an alternative, inexpensive, and lasting-effect medicine for curing HSV2 infection caused genital herpes....” Anyone  seen any further research on this ?
    • Skrillah80
      Let me know how it all works out.. 
    • Miss Horne
      https://m.facebook.com/CopperRibbonHsv12Awareness @MikeHerp

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