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Newly diagnosed, disclosing after the fact

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Hi everyone!

I was just diagnosed with HSV2 this week after my routine annual appointment. I have not had the bloodwork done for various STIs in years as I have not had any new partners in a long time. So I am just now getting over the shock of my new condition. I am not sure if I have had an outbreak before. I recall getting what I thought was a really bad yeast infection about a year ago, and my doctor is wondering if that was an actual OB.

Anyway, my question is about telling someone I have already had sex with. I met him a month ago while traveling out of state. We had sex one time and used protection. We have been talking constantly and I go to visit him next week. Any advice on how to tell someone who I have already had sex with that I have HSV, but didn't know it? I feel beyond horrible about having to tell him this, I don't want him to think I deceived him when we first met. :|

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Please do not worry too much about the circumstances of finding out. Remember over 80% of people have no idea they have HSV-2. There is no need for you to be apologetic etc. It may well be that he has had something to disclose as well.

It is possible that the yeast infection was an outbreak, this often occurs that people put an outbreak down to a yeast or bacterial infection (and vice versa).

I always get a little bit worried with HSV testing at an annual checkup. I think it would be best if you first got exact details of the test you had and the results. Can you get a printout of that? 

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isn't it possible you got it from him? I think it takes a while for antibodies to show up but this virus has a unique response in each person from what I'm told. so maybe be gentle and non accusatory and just say you have no idea where it came from, it's possible u contracted it from him but u don't know? 

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Just be honest.  Explain it as it is.  As you have done here.  Out of your control as you did not know.

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