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Is tingling always a sign of an OB?

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Basically I noticed some red like spots around 6/14. They don't itch unless I irritate with with soap or lotion. Went to the doctors on 6/26 she said "it doesn't look like herpes" maybe irritated hair follicles from shaving. I was taking valtrex during this time. I started noticing I've been having a tingling sensation as well. On the top of the vagina, buttox and sometimes near my foot. I stopped taking the valtrex since the 26 until about the 5th. Still has tingling but no OB. How long after tingling does an OB take? Also I noticed the spots b4 the tingling with is not usually of the OB progresses. I have ghsv1 and I'm worried about the likely hood of me spreading to a partner I have protected sex with. I'm a women. Help? 

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