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I've found someone, disclosed, but I'm still anxious!

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Hey, I’m new here, diagnosed in 2013 with HSV I get both oral and genital outbreaks (I think I have HSV1, I have oral outbreaks more than genital). I’ve been on Valacyclovir for the past two years. Haven’t really had any long term serious sexual relationships since my partner who gave it to me. After being mostly single for 2 years, I’m dating someone who could possibly be something long term. I’ve already disclosed, he was supportive and did some of his own research afterward.

Now that we’ve started having sex I’ve been so anxious about passing it to him. I’m on anti-virals, but I keep getting I’m worried that I’ll miss an outbreak cause my genital outbreaks have never been all that severe. Like “is that just a zit or herpes” or “My vulva itches a bit” level. I just keep worrying that if I don’t know my body enough I can’t protect him from something that causes me so much stress and anxiety. Without antivirals, if I had a stressful day, you could almost guarantee I would have a cold sore the next day. (I have anxiety disorder as well so that doesn’t help much either :P).

Looking for support because It’s been hard for me to fall asleep on the nights we’ve had sex and its messing with my self-confidence. I know that a lot of my stress is coming from the negative internal monologue I was telling myself for years. I like to think that I’ve gotten past that but it seems to be bubbling up again.

How have you dealt with your negative internal monologue surrounding genital herpes? I always thought I could never have a fulfilling sex life, and this man is proving me so wrong. I don't want to be anxious about my herpes because I've finally found someone who is so awesome.  

Thanks for listening

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Hi @Art_emis thanks for sharing I got into a relationship as I was getting diagnosed it just kind of happened he is awesome too. That was 15 months ago. Worrying as you know is one of the most useless things we do. You are taking all the necessary precautions. I realize he wants to be with me I think more than he cares about the herpes. I try to be the best partner i can and try the best not to infect him. My guy tested positive for hsv1 he had cold sores as a child. Did your guy get tested. Yesterday I felt ob coming dealing with something so doubled up meds and wont be seeing him today...

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8 minutes ago, LillianPanos said:

Did your guy get tested. Yesterday I felt ob coming dealing with something so doubled up meds 

No he hasn't gotten tested. I've heard the tests aren't always worth it because they give false results. Whats your take? 

Which meds do you take? I'm on 1 gram of Valacyclovir a day. Is that what you take as well? 

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I was on 1 gram went down to 500 mg valacyclovir. My guy tested quite low for hsv 1 but it was positive and he said he had cold sores as a child though hasnt had one in years. Did your guy mention he had them? I know some of the testing sucks! @Art_emis

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He hasn't mentioned that he had them, but with how common the virus is I wouldn't be surprised if he has been exposed to it in some form. He's older than me and has been dating much longer than I have. 

How did you determine that you could go down to 500mg? I've been worried that if I take less it wont be as effective. 

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I think I would be more worried about the risk of transmission from my oral HSV than genital because it is quite low that risk but if he is ok with it just accept it and enjoy being in the relationship.   I'm in a situation where I just broke up with someone I have hsv2 he had HSV 1 oral and it didn't impact on the relationship but now trying to meet somebody else is damn hard and so just enjoy the fact that he wants to be with you

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I know it's difficult it's just one of those things. I worry too. I had a pimple and an ingrown hair. And wasn't sure what if it was an ob. It sucks. It's just one of those things. One girl said she has her bf use condoms and wear underwear to try to protect better

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Hi, I need to get some help. I recently contracted hsv2 grinding on a guy I knew for months. Well, my ex wants me back and now i don't know how to tell him about my "issue."  how do I bring it up? I am currently on acyclovir 3 times a day and will hopefully go to Valtrex. I have been symptomattic since the 25th of Sept so I got the ob really bad. Still extreme pain in vaginal area and butt. Eyes burn and nervous system issue as well. This really sucks. Any advice would be so helpful. He is the one and I don't want him to run and I am afraid to tell him the wrong way. I Don't want him to get this for sure. Thank you



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    • davidis
      By davidis
      Hey friends,

      Haven't posted in a while - but I wanted to write a quick post, I had my kinda-5-year-herpes anniversary (got it on my birthday  which makes it easier to remember) - and I'm happy to say that since then I've been in 4 relationships with non-herpes people (with a few short ones in between) and it has only gotten easier for me to disclose each time.

      When I was first diagnosed I had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that I would have to disclose to everyone I meet some horrible secret, because after the initial shock it didn't feel horrible at all... it just felt like a harmless thing I had to live with.

      So then I decided that that's how I was going to live my life - I tell people who I'm dating about it as soon as I can tell it's going well. Sometimes the night I meet them. And in five years I have not met a single person who has turned me away because of it.

      I truly, truly believe it's the only way to live with herpes - the more we keep it a secret, the more people will think it's something to be afraid of - which it's not. When I was first diagnosed, I met someone at the Toronto herpes meetup who sat down with me and told me that it wasn't a big deal - and that generally speaking, people don't care. Five years later and it's some of the best advice I've been given.

      I know there are exceptions, and I know from what people here have told me that it can be incredibly difficult to disclose, but I really hope that doesn't stop anyone here from trying.

      This is just my experience - but if one person reads this and feels hope, then I'll be happy.

      You're all beautiful snowflakes

      - David.
    • EffieG
      By EffieG
      Approximately 5 years ago a  girl gave me a peck on the lips, I wiped my lips off.
      The next morning I woke up with a painful rash all over my top lip that dried up and resulted in chapped lips, where the skin died and regenerated. No pus or obvious cold sore.
      I have had this same outbreak approximately once a year in the same place except for this year where I have had it almost continuously, I have been very stressed.
      I went to the doctor who says it isn't cold sores (I have to wait 2 weeks for a blood test), however I have found someone ( To those with oral HSV2 only by Penumbra,)  who tested positive for HSV2 by blood test with my EXACT symptoms.
      Before an outbreak, my lip/nose area is tingling a lot and I feel a strong twitching in my lip.
      Is it possible that I have mild cold sores?
      I would greatly appreciate any help
    • Skye249
      By Skye249
      How do you strike a balance between remaining unemotional in delivering a disclosure speak and any subsequent questions and being honest about how it has affected you emotionally?
      For me, the emotional fallout of dealing with HSV has had a huge impact and I find it hard to rationally think about how I would deal with this and all the stress of worrying about transmission without letting on how much I am thinking about it – to not scare the other person away and make them think HSV is something to worry about.
      I would want to inform a partner yet enable them to think about it with as little negativity as possible, and yet how could I do this if I was being honest about how I really feel about it?
      And if I couldn't be honest about my journey with it, would that in itself cause more resentment, anger and bitterness? This time directed at the virus itself not the person that gave it to me?
      In essence, for me, dealing with HSV on an emotional level wouldn’t end after a successful disclosure where someone wanted to be in a relationship with me. It’s not the end of the story.
      I've always had an anxiety and I've been seeing a counseller for two years now, as a result of getting HSV. It's not helping.
    • loulou48
      By loulou48
      Hi i am wondering if anyone has experienced an unusually bad mood and irritability that comes on for no apparent reason much like PMT before an outbreak. I realise that stress will cause an outbreak but i have experienced extreme irritability and moodiness that comes out of nowhere with no actual bad event that would give me reason to feel this way. I would love to know if others have experienced this. 
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    • win
      Hey hi202020, the Varivax vaccine definitely removed the neuralgia for me, at least so far (fingers crossed). My signs of HSV1 infection after the blood test came back positive in December (with a high IGG of over 55) were: horrible flu symptoms initially (in February) with swollen lymph nodes, followed by almost non-stop, super painful genital neuralgia, and one oral outbreak in March. However, the neuralgia has completely disappeared since the end of April (about a month or so). I had the first vaccine on April 10 and the booster shot on May 19, so about a week ago.
    • hi202020
      Hey Mackie I have the same neuralgia that you do, did you find anything that helped you? Did you try any vaccines? I’m feeling desperate as I’ve had non stop neuralgia/pain for 4+ months after contracting GHSV-1.
    • mconcerned1986
      Got my igG results after 13 months and it is negative I think I need to put this behind and may be rhink do some shitty infection that is causing this itching in genitals and on face. Just an FYI my Western blot at 7 months post exposure is negative.
    • Mikeike3
      Exactly. Plus some people don't seroconvert ever or for a long time, so it's even larger than that.  Also, it takes longer for hsv. To show up on wb than on a commercial igg test. 
    • Stolo868
      Even Terri says that sensitivity of WB for hsv1 is 95-96%. So somebody has to be in this 4-5%...
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