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Hi. I have Hsv2 and like most, am paralyzed by the virus; even though maybe I'm lucky to have only 3 OB's over 7 months compared to some. My last 2 OB's were brought on by drinking too much over extended period and not watching what I was eating. I also feel that taking existing AB meds is like taking Sudafed, etc. for a cold - totally useless to cure the virus.

I feel this forum is pretty rational compared to others out there - if not a little alt therapy sceptical... :). I tried the Food Grade HP protocol which I couldn't finish. I'm not sure if that is viable based on some data I've seen. I have also tried the usual stuff: OLE, OOO, ACV, Lysine, Tea Tree Oil, etc, and as most of you know there is no magic bullet. But after dealing with this for a few months I feel I'm ready to start the nuclear option, based on science and anecdotal evidence. It will involve am internal strategy, and external. 


Step 1:

Monolaurin, using large brand name product 



Vit C

St John Wort

Lugols Iodine



zinc sulphate and magnesium chloride in distilled water 3-4x daily

if active lesions: tea tree oil & OOO, followed by coconut oil. 


I would stop SJW after 7-10 days. And reduce Lysine & C, and Lugols. Curious to get your thoughts and if anybody else has tried a similar approach. I do feel like this can be rendered permanently dormant - but I also know it's not easy. As mentioned; I am trying to incorporate elements that have been successful in attacking the H virus in a scientific setting. Pls feel free to add or comment with your own views. Sorry for such a long post...! Good luck to all. 

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8 hours ago, Mmmboston said:

I feel this forum is pretty rational compared to others out there - if not a little alt therapy sceptical... :). I tried the Food Grade HP protocol which I couldn't finish. I'm not sure if that is viable based on some data I've seen.

Yeah this forum is a bit skeptical on that kind of stuff. But you need to do what works for you.

I also tried the food grade h2o2. I stuck with it for 6 months. Started with 3 drops in a glass of water, built up to like 20 drops. I'd have one glass every morning when I woke up. I still got outbreaks, pretty much at the same rate as you. My outbreaks are usually triggered by friction so it didn't seem like the hydrogen perioxide did anything. I do kinda believe that it helps overall health, so I will probably continue it, just way less strict and at a lower dosage. Maybe 5-10 drops in a full glass, whenever I remember to.

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You say you did some heavy drinking and poor diet.  Wouldnt it be worthwhile looking at changing this first to see if there is change

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I have a thread pretty much using the same stuff. Ive been ob free for about 6 months now,  used to be every month and a half or so.  My diet is usually low carb, i drink a lot, working on stopping that.  Still remain ob free. 

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    • Nopeimout
      By Nopeimout
      Hi guys, this is my first post but honestly i´ve been lurking around for a while (lol ikr)
      Lets get to it. 
      I had unprotected sex with a friend, she claims she´s clean and two months later i noticed this in my pubic area.
      No itching, no pain, no flu simptoms just these lil fuckers (sorry for coursing) 
      I went to the doctor and he claims thats not HSV2 but i live in south america and honestly i dont trust doctors, i made another appointment with another doctow this week. Also i had blood test done and it came out negative, but im waiting to the 13 week to be sure.
      Im extremely paranoid and anxious about STD´s so u can imagine im dying over here.
      Its been around 5 days that hey appeared and havent changed, like i mean they havent became ulcers or crust.
      Sorry if my English is kind of sloppy its not my native language.
      I really would love to have an idea of what this is or could be, and what to expect if its HSV2.
      Im currently dating a girl and i told her about this so were not having sex until im sure i dont have anything, honetly im getting really paranoid.
    • SeeB89
      By SeeB89
      I was diagnosed in 2013 with hsv2.
      back in March, after I went to a public place & used the bathroom, I got a small bump on my butt. (May of been a coincidence but I remember it) Figured it wasn’t my hsv outbreak but still took my meds to suppress it, if it was. Now here we are, 5 months later & it’s gotten worse. More bumps & are on both buttocks.
      Could this just be hsv showing up in my butt/lower back region? Should I get tested again? Any oral ointment I can take?  I take my acyclovir but it only suppresses for my mouth. Doesn’t even seem help for my lower body regions.
    • Cnerol
      By Cnerol
      Hi everyone . I’m just here to ask a question since I can’t seem to find an answer anywhere. I had unprotected sex with someone who has herpes2 . She stopped me after maybe 20 seconds of me being in her and told me I shouldn’t freak out but she has hsv 2 . So naturally now I’m freaking out. She seemed really confident telling me not to worry and that she hadn’t had an outbreak in years and that she’s had the virus since 16 years ago etc. basically she said I shouldn’t worry but than called me next day to apologize saying sorry I messed up. My question is how likely is it that I cough it  from her, she says she was with someone 5 years and didn’t pass to him. But I think she’s dishonest .  Also I read here people who have been with someone with hsv2 for years and never got it from their wives. How worried should I be? Thank you for any feed back. Also she takes meds as needed apparently. 
    • Antoinette63
      By Antoinette63
      I’m a woman with HSV-2 in my vaginal area. I’ve never had symptoms orally & was diagnosed from swabs from my vaginal area.
      i gave the woman I’ve been dating for the past 3 weeks oral sex a few days ago, and had “the talk” with her after. She was ok and said we could figure out how to protect her from getting it. Now she’s  having cold symptoms that are getting progressively worse, similar to what I had when I had my first outbreak. I’m very afraid now that I may have HSV2 orally & I just didn’t know I had it & gave it to her. 
      What should I do?? She’s  going to feel like I lied to them. 😩
    • abdull81
      By abdull81
      alsalam aliykom sisters and brothers
      im looking for 7alal inshaAllah .. i have been diagnosed hsv2 since 5 years ago .. my ex wife passed it to me .. i was 32 years old virgin man .. she was my first but ..alhamdulillah i
      believe that every thing happens for reason .. anyway
      im here seeking 7alal so we can complete and love each other .. may Allah make it easy for us to find our ways 
      E mail:   mohammed_tempe@hotmail.com
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