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It's like being cold from the inside

The frigid breeze comes from within 

And there's no place to hide


I can't swim


Except the water, I'm making it

My heart I'm breaking it 

Everyday I'm faking it 


When does life begin 


They told me I'm healing 

Everyday it hurts less 

But why can't I stop feeling


I don't think I want it to end


But my mind says it's not worth it 

And I'm attacking me from the inside out 


If not now then when


I bash my head against a wall 

This wasn't supposed to be like this 

I was supposed to stumble, not fall


Like sepsis, like Lupus, like cancer

The poison is from within 


I'm a walking contagion 

They say keep going


My light is starting to dim 


I make it to the surface 

And something reminds me I'm not worth it 

I was never going to win 


While physically this can't kill me 

It can completely fill me 

With hate for myself for my body 


Was it because of my sin?


Not everyone goes through this

There is so much to this 


I can't swim

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Beautifully written and full of emotion. I feel it and it’s very helpful to read this. Thanks for sharing! 

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    • Voyager2
      @MissHorne, Please don't take what I said as a criticism. Just thinking out loud and wondering if he reads these. I haven't seen anything derogatory.  
    • Sunny*Side
      Just north of the city. 29/f
    • Advent
      Really need to sort my anxiety out. I've had heth anxiety for a few years and my new worry is hsv2. I think I had 1x unprotected exposure. The reason I say i think is that I passed out and  was possibly assaulted. No lesions, blisters ever seen. Ive been checking. Though 8 weeks after exposure had tingling and itching that lasted for 6-8 weeks on and off. I had this for a good year and a half.  Saw 3 GPs, and visited GuM twice where I was referred to a vulva dermatologist. A culture for HSV was taken, this came back negative.I was diagnosed as having Lichen and prescribed steroids which helped reduce symptoms. I just need some reasurance that I can assume I don't have this and move on. Is the fact that I had a negative culture enough proof and the absence of lessions etc reassuring? Thanks
    • higgboson
      Your penis looks similar to mine...please update if you ever figure out what this is.
    • Skrillah80
      So ur saying the herbalife was the key?? Olive leaf extract and pro biotic are good? How many mgs of Lysine did you take a day? 

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