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It's like being cold from the inside

The frigid breeze comes from within 

And there's no place to hide


I can't swim


Except the water, I'm making it

My heart I'm breaking it 

Everyday I'm faking it 


When does life begin 


They told me I'm healing 

Everyday it hurts less 

But why can't I stop feeling


I don't think I want it to end


But my mind says it's not worth it 

And I'm attacking me from the inside out 


If not now then when


I bash my head against a wall 

This wasn't supposed to be like this 

I was supposed to stumble, not fall


Like sepsis, like Lupus, like cancer

The poison is from within 


I'm a walking contagion 

They say keep going


My light is starting to dim 


I make it to the surface 

And something reminds me I'm not worth it 

I was never going to win 


While physically this can't kill me 

It can completely fill me 

With hate for myself for my body 


Was it because of my sin?


Not everyone goes through this

There is so much to this 


I can't swim

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Beautifully written and full of emotion. I feel it and it’s very helpful to read this. Thanks for sharing! 

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Thank you, I feel this characterizes the darkest days of my struggle, very helpful to read this.

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    • Taintedgirl
      By Taintedgirl
      Yesterday I had my life 
      Yesterday I would have been a wife
      But then....
      Burning, shooting, stabbing pain 
      Never again to regain my health 
      Tormented for life by this strange disease
      Revenge from the body I foolishly neglected 
      Blinded by love 
      Always too trusting 
      How could this happen? Why me? Why did you do this?
      Burning, shooting, stabbing pain 
      Yesterday shall come never again 
      Tomorrow promises better but today.....
      Today I simply want to go back to yesterday
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    • HerpesOrNot
      @DJwah curious about your results. anything you can share?
    • HerpesOrNot
      Thanks. Did you experience general discomfort when urinating for quite a while after the excruciating part was done, or was it instantly over after the week with antivirals? 
    • HerpesOrNot
      Thanks for the response.  I have been tested for HSV over and over for 5 months (IgM 1 time and IgG over 5 times) and been negative on everything, including a swab of a red rash and of an irritated urethral opening.  My very first symptom of anything was VERY painful urination that lasted about a day or two if I recall, followed a week or so later by a sore throat, chills, night sweats, and fatigue.  Things settled for maybe a few days, then came an extremely itchy anus/rectum with redness for weeks, itchy groin with no redness at all, then eventual red, itchy rash in groin and increase in redness on penile skin with mild itching. Never had a lesion or blister anywhere from what I've seen. Nothing seems to coincide with typical herpes, but herpes isn't always typical from what I've learned. Creams of all kinds from doctors are not helping at all.  I seem to have a new bug no one has ever come across (doubtful), or an atypical case of herpes or something similar. 
    • WilsoInAus
      No, Sebi was a fraud. This article is an interesting summary. https://www.thebody.com/article/dr-sebi-did-not-cure-hiv-nipsey-hussle-documentary If you’re basing the possibility of ‘cures’ on Sebi, I’ve got a car for sale that’s had one careful lady driver! Its simply fact that of the 40 billion people who have ever had HSV 1/2, not one eradicated it from their body.
    • Mr Fasting
      I'm amazed people do not think outside the box and to go to great efforts to reply to me saying "it's not curable" I simply cannot understand. If you truly believe Western Medicine and they say it's not curable then whatever they claim in the future you will live your life with their scientific proof. I simply have posted here to hear from like minded people who are juicing and doing colonics to see what their results are. People who have had cancer have cured it with a alternative lifestyle becoming vegan etc so if cancer is cureable who can't you open your mind and just think could hsv be curable? did you know Dr Sebi was taken to court because he claimed he cured someone with Aids? He turned up with 25 people who he cured of all illnesses and was let off. So please spare me your thought's of "It's not curable" as I will never belive that. Unless you have some experiences with juicing and colonics you wish to share then do not comment on this thread. Will no longer reply to closed minded sad people like yourselves.
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