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A guy I just started dating has found out he has herpes

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Hi! Recently a guy that I had just started dating got an outbreak and found out that he has herpes. We had been dating for a little less than a month and everything was great, I was really falling for him until he found out that he had herpes and decided to stop dating me. To give more context, we had sex before he found out, but after his diagnosis I took a test and came up negative, so neither of us passed it to the other. Anyway, he said that he was too depressed and shocked with the news to even think about getting in a relationship or keep dating me. I got very upset because at no point I had said I didn't want to date him because he had herpes, in fact I tried to be as supportive as I could and told him that I'd be happy to keep getting to know him and see where things go. So I'm very confused right now because I feel like maybe he was not sure about me or he was not very interested. But at the same time, I don't have herpes and I don't know how I would feel in his situation, so was trying to get your opinions, is it really possible to be so depressed with the news that you want to avoid contact with someone you were dating? do you think is true that he is very depressed? And is there anything I could do or just let him come back when he has accepted the news a bit better (he found out about a month ago)?


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I don't think you should take it personally, most people when they find out they have herpes they need time to digest it. I know for me I denied it at first I just didn't want to believe it. And then when he found out you didn't have it he may of been thinking that he doesn't want to give it to you, I know if I passed it on I'd feel pretty awful about it. Maybe just reach outnto him as a friend and tell him you can't know exactly what he's going through but if he ever needs to talk about it with someone your there for him. He probably hadn't told anyone else so he most likely feel a pretty alone right now. 

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West end gal

An HSV diagnosis can be very psychologically impactful...so do not take it personally. I would give him some time process and deal with it.....being supportive would definitely help 

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If I had a dollar for every person who thought there last was over because they had herpes I would be very wealthy.  There are also some people who a very adamant about not passing it to somebody else so the fact that you are negative may come into play in that regards.  Know when you say you got tested how many weeks was it after you have sex that you got tested because normally it takes up to 12 weeks for antibodies to develop.  If you have told him that you still want to proceed with him then you have done your bed but he probably just need time.  The main reason it have an impact on people is because of the stigma and many people really can't deal with that because they believe that they will be judged or rejected.  And he would be stupid to let you go if after a month you feel enough for him that you're willing to risk it so good for you


I would also try and encourage him to join us here

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Like I was[still am] maybe he is in shock and needs some time ,but stay close and educate yourself like your doing and educate him . I think he is thinking he could have given it to you and that is a hard pill to swallow when your a good person and he does not want to risk that again.  When he does want to hang out again ,maybe give him a list of all the sexual things you can do together that are not risky  to you ,but are still fun and still give pleasure and start slow. 

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I died inside and didn't come out of my room for an entire year. I'd say yes this news can be crippling depressing. I lost a year of my life... but also how I got it was pretty bad. So I think how and from who matters

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The initial shock of this diagnosis can be surreal. I know I didn't talk to my gifter much for a two weeks. She had no idea she had it.  I needed time to process my emotions and thoughts rationally and correctly. When I was certain I could talk to her to handle my emotions as well as all her emotions to come I did. I know how difficult it was to deal with telling someone who gave it to me, I can only imagine how difficult it is to tell someone you just started seeing this. Especially without feeling mortified. None of us want to give it to someone else and it's a deep internal struggle knowing you possibly could change someone's life forever too. Give him time, support, support, support. Don't pressure but if you really like him and care for him then you'll be patient and understanding best of luck. 

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    • Learningtolivewithhsv
      By Learningtolivewithhsv
      So I have recently been diagnosed with ghsv-1. I am traveling to Mexico soon tomorrow and my outbreak hasn’t completely healed as of yet. It’s been a week since taking the medicine and about a week and a half before noticing the outbreak. Even though it’s not painful to pass urine anymore but I’ve been pooping a lot and feel like I’m getting another outbreak inside of my anus. Are there any essentials that I should pack in order to subside the pain? Whilst home I’ve been taking epsom salt baths and adding tea tree oil to my sores. 
    • lostgirll
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      Hey everyone, I recently got diagnosed 2 months ago with genital herpes and the guy that gave it to me is it denial about it. About a week ago, I met a new guy and we talk about having sex a lot but I feel so guilty that he does not know yet. We haven’t engaged in the act but we are going on a date this sunday and I have a feeling that he is expecting to have sex. I’m just so scared of his reaction for when I tell him. Are my odds in my favor? How likely am I to get rejected or ghosted after telling him? What are your guys’ experiences? 
    • Nikki22
      By Nikki22
      So I’m not sure I never really looked at my test results because I was scared... I’ve been told it could be a uti or something but I only get them when I’m stressed. I just... does any one else find dating hard?!? It’s like the guys I do tell instantly friend zone me or never talk to me ever again. I don’t what to do and was wondering if anyone else had a similar experience..? 
    • tadasana
      By tadasana
      I got the wonderful virus on my genitals from a guy I dated 5 years. I definitely stayed in the relationship too long because of being scared to have to disclose to someone. I finally broke up with him in 2016.
      I finally got up the nerve to start dating again about six months ago. In late November I met a guy who I had a lot in common with, got along with, was attracted to, etc, and I could tell he felt the same way about me. (We are both divorced and in our 40s.)
      So over the course of a month, we got closer and had wonderful times. I could tell he was falling for me and I was for him. On the Saturday before Christmas we spent the whole day together and went to dinner that night then back to my house to exchange gifts. He had bought me a really pretty necklace for Christmas (not too extravagant but sweet and I had picked out a special book as a gift to him.) We had not had sex yet but I knew it would be coming soon so I needed to disclose. He ended up telling me he loved me that night and I told him the same. Then came the disclosure.
      He just looked kinda stunned then sat with me without really saying much for about 30 minutes. He then gave me a brief hug and said he had to go. He left the book I gave him at my house and as he left, I tried to give him the necklace back because I could tell that everything had changed. He asked me to please keep it. It was the end of the night so it wasn’t completely weird and I figured he was shocked and needed time to process so, while I was very upset, I knew that this was always a possibility.
      I will admit that I did a terrible job at the actual disclosure. It was my first time and even though I had practiced saying it aloud many times, I know that sounded ashamed and embarrassed.
      We texted a little bit the next day, mostly with me explaining more about my situation. I explained that in my personal experience, it had not been very disruptive for me. I have only had three outbreaks in six years. I also explained that if someone was with a partner who had it, the partner could take medicine to reduce the other person from getting it. I sent him some links.
      After that day (the day after disclosure), I did not contact him and he did not contact me. Once again, I figured he needed time. About three days after, he finally texted me saying that he was sorry for the way he reacted. He also said that he loved me and was very sad but according to what he read, he would eventually get it and that he couldn’t knowingly do that to himself and if I ever needed anything to let him know.  (I did not see the point in disputing what he “read” on the Internet and how he felt about it. The links I first sent him clearly indicated that was not the case.) Neither one of us wants more kids (we both have them) so it has nothing to do with any issues it could cause in that sense.
      I basically said “thank u, next” and wished him well. That was the day after Christmas.
      Fast forward one month to Wednesday, January 23. (We have had no contact at all. We are not connected on social media and we have no mutual friends.) I get a text from him asking how I’m doing.  I respond politely and we exchange a few pleasantries. He then asks me if I’m seeing anyone and tells me that he’s sorry for what went on and he really wanted to go out with me again. I say I am confused since for the past month, I’ve accepted the fact that he did NOT want to be with me. He asked if we could just meet to talk, but he totally understood if I said no. I said, sure, I’ll meet you to talk but told him not to have any expectations about us dating again. I said I needed some time and maybe we could meet in a week or so.
      We texted a little bit yesterday. I told him that I wanted to meet him at the restaurant because I wanted to be sure I could leave whenever I wanted to. He then said, “I cannot apologize enough for how I handled things between us.” I said, “I don’t want to talk about that now.” And that I needed space between now and our meeting next Thursday and I would confirm with him on Wednesday (in other words, do NOT contact me). I want to see if he will honor my wish.
      Here’s what I need advice on. I have NO experience in dealing with being rejected for this particular reason and none of my friends do either.
      Is he just a total jerk???   In your experience or opinion, will he ever be truly emotionally supportive? Should I cut him some slack? Should I meet with him at all? Should I meet with him in order to end it with him in person? To begin with, I am a person with avoidant attachment issues. I cut people off and out of my life very easily, many of my friends think too easily. It was a huge deal for me even to disclose to him. Huge deal.  I know me cutting him out of my life could easily be justified in my mind and it is my natural tendency to want to do this. I am truly shocked that I actually kept his number in my phone and didn’t block it right after he texted me to end it. The fact that I am actually opening up just a little bit (maybe even to someone who doesn’t deserve it) is major progress for me.
      I miss him and I still care about him. I really, really thought he would have been one to be okay with the situation from the get-go, but obviously I was mistaken.
    • Spoiled_iam90
      By Spoiled_iam90
      Hey, I’m a 28 year old black female and I just was diagnosed with HSV type 2! The bad part about is that the doctor can’t give me a timetable for when he thinks I could have contracted it!! I am a survivor of sexual assault twice, once when I was six and again at the age of 21!! It hurts even worse now because I don’t even know where to start!! I feel like I’m being punished for something I did in my past life or something!! How am I supposed to date or just tell my next partner what I have and risk them leaving me, talking about me, or even harming me because of what I could expose them to!! I really haven’t had a big breakout or anything yet, so can someone please just tell me what I should expect in the near future!! Will I be ok because right now depression is winning!! They have me on 500mg of Valtrex daily for suppression and it works really well!! 
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    • win
      Hey hi202020, the Varivax vaccine definitely removed the neuralgia for me, at least so far (fingers crossed). My signs of HSV1 infection after the blood test came back positive in December (with a high IGG of over 55) were: horrible flu symptoms initially (in February) with swollen lymph nodes, followed by almost non-stop, super painful genital neuralgia, and one oral outbreak in March. However, the neuralgia has completely disappeared since the end of April (about a month or so). I had the first vaccine on April 10 and the booster shot on May 19, so about a week ago.
    • hi202020
      Hey Mackie I have the same neuralgia that you do, did you find anything that helped you? Did you try any vaccines? I’m feeling desperate as I’ve had non stop neuralgia/pain for 4+ months after contracting GHSV-1.
    • mconcerned1986
      Got my igG results after 13 months and it is negative I think I need to put this behind and may be rhink do some shitty infection that is causing this itching in genitals and on face. Just an FYI my Western blot at 7 months post exposure is negative.
    • Mikeike3
      Exactly. Plus some people don't seroconvert ever or for a long time, so it's even larger than that.  Also, it takes longer for hsv. To show up on wb than on a commercial igg test. 
    • Stolo868
      Even Terri says that sensitivity of WB for hsv1 is 95-96%. So somebody has to be in this 4-5%...
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