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Where to Get PCR Testing

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First off, I have atypical symptoms that are difficult to swab because there's no convenient blister to pop. I've had more than a dozen swab tests done, all negative. I've read numerous reports of swab tests being incredibly inaccurate, and I'd have to say that they appear to be nearly worthless at least for my situation. I'd like to know whether I'm dealing with HSV1 or 2.

That being said, I have had a really hard time finding a clinic or lab that offers PCR testing. I have even been told that the FDA, in keeping with their typical commitment to being worse than useless, hasn't approved a PCR test for men. In fact I was told that only vaginal PCR tests are available from one lab. Is that true? If not, how can I find a PCR test? Naturally, most doctors and nurses seem to consider a request for a test that might actually have some accuracy to be outrageous and exotic.

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I doubt you need further swab testing.

Youd be far better off investing in a Westernblot test and take the result as definitive. 

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I had a PCR done that came back positive for hsv2. I took some antivirals didn't really notice much of a difference. A year later my blood work still says negative, my ex's came back positive on blood a month after I got tested originally for hsv. I've never had any other OB or symptoms since the first one. Not sure how reliable this PCR is now seeing as blood is still negative. Not sure where to get a western blot test but I'll be looking it up. I'm confident that I have it seeing as my ex was positive and we didn't use condoms for the year we were together. 

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    • justagirlxox
      By justagirlxox
      I have a friend who a few years ago had a swab test done which came up with hsv2 however still to this day they test negative on every blood test including western blot. Apparently they only had bumps/blisters the first few weeks but nothing has happened since, including no tingling or soreness and its been years for them. Theyve never gotten a positive blood test, always negative.
      What are the chances of a false positive swab test? Is it possible their results were mixed up at the lab?
    • mconcerned1986
      By mconcerned1986
      Anyone who personally having negative blot and positive swab pls report it here. 
      So far I have come across @fallin and @Birk.neg25 and @bob12. Did I miss anyone else? 
      What where the symptoms? 
      I am having constant genital itching and irritation and does not go away no matter what. The redness and itching gets worse in the genital area and gets better but don’t see anything to swab.
      If you had beg WB and positive swab pls respond here or report stories that you have heard.
    • Help911
      By Help911
      I had unprotected sex January 28 2017, 3 weeks later 21 of February I tested positive for Syphilis 1.16 primary Syphilis , on February 26 (4 weeks) I got the rest of the STDs test including clymidia, gonorrea, HIV (4tg gen combo test), and HerpeSelect 1 & 2: all negative, can I trust my test?, I’m planning on retesting on the 3 month mark, what are my chances that my tests will change ( it’s been almost 2 month without any symptoms) I now that it may take time to create antibodies but my body did produce the Syphilis ( all do they are different diseases) really fast and dint have to wait the 3 month mark as recommended .
    • littelion
      By littelion
      Hi guys,
      I live in NYC and have been struggling with strange genital/lower body symptoms for the past few months. Blood tests show a low positive (1.2ish) for HSV-1 and a negative (<.2) for HSV-2. I have a history of cold sores so the HSV-1 is not surprising. I've had a few small nicks and scratches genitally that I've tried to have tested to see whether what I'm dealing with is HSV-1 orally and genitally (I think it's possible I contracted both simultaneously, or potentially contracted it genitally after having it orally, though I know that is somewhat controversial), but all of the urgent care centers I have gone to only use viral culture which I know is less effective than PCR.
      Does anyone live in NYC and know of a place that definitely offers PCR testing from lesions?
    • ExhaustedGirl1
      By ExhaustedGirl1
      Hi all,
      I've been swabbed a couple times at an STD clinic (thankfully came back negative both times) but I noticed they refer to their test as a "Real-time PCR". Is this the same as the PCR swab test that we all refer to on here? The doctor who swabbed me the second time seemed to think she needed fluid or an open lesion to be able to swab me but did it anyway... she seemed a bit confused about what the actual swab test was. But the lady who read me the results said it was a real-time PCR and I was previously told (after my first swab) that this clinic's swab test is highly sensitive and can pick up shedding, so that sounds like a typical PCR to me. Any thoughts?
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