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transmitting hsv2 to some with oral hsv

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There has been a lot of talk about antibodies providing some protection and this was provided to me from another site and basically assumes that everyone is different and there is a real risk regardless if someone is a carrier of one type.  I personally have trouble deciphering this so if anyone can help out that would be great



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I am sorry to say but that website has terrible information and this is simply one example.

An immune system cannot respond to the partial DNA of any virus or bacteria, only to the totality of the organism. The immune system produces a range of antibodies and associated immune responses - some of which are very specific to the HSV type a person carries and some more generic that will 'attack' the virus of the other type.

The proof is in the outcomes though. This indicates that the same proportion of HSV-2 carriers that have HSV-1 is the same as those that do not have HSV-2. If there was protection from HSV-1 antibodies to HSV-2 then you'd expect those without HSV-1 to be more at risk of HSV-2 infection and a greater proportion to therefore carry HSV-2. This is not the case. It can only be concluded that it is not wise to assume that having oral HSV-1 provides any protection from a genital HSV-2 infection.

The other way around though is interesting. Those that carry HSV-2 first have an exceptionally low chance of becoming infected with HSV-1 subsequently. Here you'd have to give some weight to the immune response to HSV-2 giving you some to strong protection.

The chart makes no sense at any scientific level, it is best disregarded.

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Thanks Wilso.  I found it complicated.  Some of the info on their site is contradicting but two people vua the fb page are very knowledgeable and state no protection from hsv2 if you have hsv1

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    • livelikeyourloved
      By livelikeyourloved
      I am going to the "Veterans" for this question in hopes you can help.  I'd like to get a few names of "Herpes Experts" that will do a phone consult with my husband and me to see if there is anything we are missing or if there are any other tests we can do.  I am willing to pay for a phone consult.  Can you all recommend anyone?  
    • Whataday50
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      Well it has been a while since I last posted, but I have achieved an anniversary, since I left my ex. I am happier and no outbreaks, but other health concerns. I am also complete with my anxiety medication. Life has calmed down, but it was a hell of a lot of work which is still on going. This summer I will visit friends and worry if I can transmit herpes via eating utensils. Please can anyone answer this for me?
      Sometimes I think about starting to date, but really do not want to be any worse. Please (family) do not take this the wrong way. I do not want to feel any worse and TRULY do not want to make anyone feel worse. Don't think I can handle that right now. So I keep hanging out with my friends and attending events alone. I LOVE THIS. My ex did not enjoy the things I did and this past year I have attended so many events. So nice- and I can breathe again.
    • IAmHealingFromThis
      By IAmHealingFromThis
      Hi, I am newly diagnosed and so is my bf. If he has both hsv1&2 and I have ghsv2 only what does our sex life look like now? I get such different answers from different Dr's and nurses. They really don't seem to have any consensus on how to keep us from making this worse for both of us. 
      I guess my specific questions are 1) how can we prevent him from transmitting hsv1 to me?  2) does it matter if we use condoms at this point if we haven't been using them for the past 8 months? 3) can we ever have oral sex again without condoms/dental dams and all that crap? 4) If we have sex when neither of us is having an OB is it going to cause one? 
      He is asymptomatic, didn't even know he had either one, and I just had a really bad first OB (gential) after being with him for 8 months not using any protection. We know he gave it to me, as I had a clear IGG right before we met. What do we do now?
    • davidis
      By davidis
      Hello friends,

      I haven't been on in a while as I've been busy with work and music and pursuing a career, but from what I've been reading - which seems to be stemming from a lot of fear and anxiety  - I feel like it would help to tell my story, and that is one of complete transparency between me and friends, as well as sexual partners. 

      When I first contracted ghsv2, I - like many of you - thought my sex life was over. The first year was difficult, feeling like I would only be able to meet people online for the rest of my life. After a lot of thought, however, I began to realise that I could either begin living my life the way I wanted to live it, or crawl back into a dark hole and disappear.

      I chose a regular life, and the way I did that was by focusing on improving myself rather than focusing on what others thought of me. I joined a new band, started a new job, and started meeting new people, and meeting people was how I discovered the easiest way to overcome herpes was by telling them on the first day the same way you'd tell someone you have a cold. 

      At first it wasn't as easy as I thought it'd be - but that's okay. Trying things for the first time are always awkward, but eventually it became the most mundane part of my conversations. I told close friends, family, then not so close friends, then sometimes people at work - I would talk about the community around it, talk about how rewarding it is to help newly diagnosed people on message boards by letting them know that this thing really isn't a big deal. I would talk about it like it was laundry that I needed to do when I got home. I realised almost immediately that the vast majority of people don't even blink when you say it, and even more people ask you questions about it, which - in my opinion - puts you in a powerful position to snuff out the awful stigma around herpes.

      When it comes to sexual partners, I'll often wait for the moment before things get going before saying "hey, just so you know I get cold sores sometimes, so we should use a condom." This isn't meant to catch people off guard, it's just a way to express confidence in who you are as a person. By bringing it up as casually as possible, you take all power away from herpes by treating it the way it really is - a common, irrelevant virus. I have never been turned down because of herpes, but I have had people ask me questions about transmission, and I will always return to the same statement, which goes something like this: "Yep, no matter how many precautions you take there's always a risk - but that's true for everyone you'll ever meet in your entire life. At least with me, I know that I have it, which means I take precautions to keep people safe. It's so evasive that it's the same risk no matter who you sleep with."

      I guess the reason I am writing this is because I want you guys to know that despite all the negativity, the fear, the self-doubt, the stress, the insecurity, the low self-esteem that comes with having herpes (it happens to all of us) just know that you are as beautiful of a person as you'll ever be and that herpes is as serious as you make it. One of my favourite comedians growing up was Eddie Izzard, a transvestite, who believes that if you tell people your secret, it's no longer a secret, and therefore has lost most of its negative meaning. There is nothing positive about "herpes" as people understand it, so create your own meaning and tell the world, because in my opinion, the only cure we'll ever have in this lifetime is self-confidence and open dialogue.
    • dancing
      By dancing
      I am a newly diagnosed (<1 year) HSV2 positive female. For the first time since my diagnosis, I started to hook up with a guy and things got heated. Being the fact that I didn't tell him about the situation, no intercourse happened however, at one point he fingered me and in the heat of the brought his fingers to his mouth. Although no direct oral sex from him to me happened, we are worried about the rate of transmission. I am on valacycolvir daily had no sign of an outbreak and no prodrome pain from shedding (I've experienced nerve pain in the past). I also went down on him and, even though I do not have oral HSV2, this is also something he is concerned about.
      I would like to know if anyone has had any similar experiences to mine or has any information on how likely it may be that he has been put at risk, anything to ease the anxiety... 
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    • It Hurts
       I've had this wonderful gift for seven years now and every day I have the tingling, itching and at times, burning sensation. Everybody is different and I hope yours subsides. Your menstrual cycle will bring it on worse and having sex will make it worse.  Getting a massage is great advice as being stressed out will increase your problems.   I actually bought a small ice pack that is flexible that I use on a very regular basis to help numb the skin so the tingling will subside.  I don't really have a suggestion for internal tingling.  I have heard plain Greek yogurt soaked in a tampon help some people. At times it's even difficult to urinate without it being painful. I take 1 g Valtrex every day and I can only imagine what it would be like if I did not take my medication religiously.  There is very promising research out there and hopefully within the next five years we will have a functioning cure.   
    • selu
      Thank u wilsoln
    • Wilson00
      Hi, I am so scared now. I met a prostitute eight days ago. She had rubbed my penis with her labia(lips of vagina). Then we had vaginal sex and oral sex with condom. Is it possible for me to get HSV? What is the chance? I had felt penis head pain and itchy for a few days, now my bladder and urethra are pain. My buttocks occasionally feel itchy. I also had mild fever a few days ago for 4-5 days and  a prolonged sore throat till now. Please help! I am extremely panic these few days...
    • Niek075
      If you do have it they will give you some meds to stop the outbreak but what is also good for it too in to keep you from having outbreaks is olive leaf extract just order it online or pick it up at a store 
    • Lizzie Silva
      So I got told today by a doctor I likely have genital herpes (tests aren't back yet but doc says it looks like it). Three days ago I had sex for the first time with a man I'd only very recently started dating and I feel very stupid now for not being more careful. Problem is, I was so nervous about sex I didn't even notice at first that he wasnt using a condom and I'm upset he didn't even ask me if that was ok. After I realized, I told him no and we proceeded with just oral but I feel like an idiot that I didn't even think of getting STD' s from that. I got a few tiny spots in my mouth a day afer sex and then bumps in my vagina two days after. He assured me he'd been tested for STD' s and was clean but since herpes isn't part of the standard tests maybe he doesn't know. I think my breakout is very mild; nothing hurts and the bumps haven't turned into sores or anything. I'm meeting with him soon to tell him what has happened and ask him if he knew or not.  I guess I just want to hear from people who have been diagnosed, how you got through it and any tips you have. I'm a 22 year old female who obviously still wants to be part of the dating scene. If this guy genuinely doesn't know he has herpes I would consider continuing dating him. Has anyone been in a similar situation?
    • jude
      Hi guys!!! It's coming up to a year since I contracted HSV2  and what a terrific day that was... Things have come a long way since then and I've managed to keep my OB's under control etc., but tbh it's still a constant psychological battle everyday. However, this might be down to the fact that I'm only 22 and I haven't had a relationship since my diagnosis.  Anyway, I come here to ask what oral HSV2 symptoms would be, if there are any? Since my diagnosis I have developed a clicky neck, crackling and clicky ears, tinnitus, dizziness and strange sensations that radiate from my ears out towards my neck, side of my face and the back of my head. All the symptoms are exacerbated when I drink alcohol (sometimes even one glass!) and I feel like I can't breathe due to my nose becoming stuffy and suddenly feel very heady and dizzy.     I've seen a ear, throat and nose specialist who said I have no infection or fluid in my ears as well as no signs of sinus issues. So it must be more internal?! These symptoms have been ongoing for months now. I'm not stressed and everything par having herpes is amazing in my life! So I come to my own conclusion that it could be herpes related.   Three months into my diagnosis I remember I accidentally scratched the inside of my nose after touching my sores down there. I also remember a huge spot appearing inside my ear not shortly after.  I didn't think anything of this but now I'm questioning whether this has anything to the symptoms affecting my ears, nose, neck and head.  I'm absolutely tired of these symptoms as they affect my concentration and focus at work, plus I can't enjoy a nice drink with my friends without feeling like I can't breathe.  I really would appreciate any advice or hear of similar experiences you might of had.  All the best, Jude     
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