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Disease- punishment from God?

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Punished by God?


Loved, have been faithful as a wife, a very good mother, yet I "was afflicted" with herpes because my DH was unfaithful as a ONS with a hooker.

Perhaps one could look at HIS affliction as "punishment", but certainly not mine.


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Punished by God?


Loved, have been faithful as a wife for over 22 years, a very good mother, yet I "was afflicted" with herpes because my DH was unfaithful as a ONS with a hooker.

Perhaps one could look at HIS affliction as "punishment", but certainly not mine.


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my story

I've wondered the same thing. (about being punished) I grew up in a christian backround and from when i was little, was always told you must wait until ur married to have sex. i remember not even having my period yet and older women in my family saying this to me. i even made a promise to god that i would wait. then when college came around, i could not come up with the money to go the school of my choice. i think i was a little angry at god for not providing a way for me to go. i was always a "good girl" and i really had my heart set on going away to this one college. instead, i had to commute to a less expensive college. that's where i met my boyfriend and was completely swept off my feet. i fell madly in love. at that time, it seemed like the only good thing going on. when we had sex, i felt guilty but moved on and kept living my life. we both loved each other. i did ask him if he was checked for STDs and he did. the problem is, herpes is not routinely checked. he had the virus, but did not know it. 2 or 3 years into the relationship, i was diagnosed. it's been years that ive had this disease. i don't get outbreaks, but still feel dirty. And guilty. And I feel like god is punishing me for not living up to my promise. there are other things that have gone wrong and i think that it's because god is punishing me. i don't think he will allow me to be happy until i repent and turn my life over to him. however, now that i'm an adult, i don't see things black and white anymore. i have questions about the christian faith. i still love god and am a spiritual person, but like i said there are certain things i question, which according to the religion, you are supposed to completely follow the bible. like, why is it wrong to be gay? if people are attracted to the same sex, that's not something they can help. are they destined to go to hell? and abortion. i know that it's supposed to be wrong, but i can't help but mentally feel like i'm pro choice. i don't know. i hate these conflicting feelings. i hope that god understands me and that he will not punish me any longer.

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I find it interesting that so many people connect their spirituality with guilt.

We are all human. If we are to believe that we are created by God then it seems only right that we embrace what this means.

The human race exists because of our ability to pro-create. In other words life is "sexually transmitted". Sex is not bad. I cannot accept that we should feel guilty for being human and embracing our sexuality.

If we are to embrace the bible as the only word of God we need to keep in mind that it was penned by man, carried on by man and interpreted by man.

The bible says many things and to take them out of context is dangerous. If it says that we are all created by God and in his image this includes all humans regardless of race, color, gender, sexuality, personal afflictions etc. The main directive it to be fruitful and multiply. This is about having sex and honoring the creator by furthering his/her plan of birthing a living legacy. Just because God created some individuals who cannot pro-create because of physical affliction or that they are gay does not mean that they are an abomination it simply means that they have not been blessed with the promise of pro-creation. It is not a sin to be who you were created to be. We are fortunate because we live in a time where science makes it possible for people to become parents who might not otherwise be afforded this blessing. We also have the ability to honor the Creator by adopting the children of the world who cannot for whatever reason be raised by their birth parents.

I'd like to think that I embrace my humanity by being myself. I'd also like to think that I had an intellect bestowed upon me to help guide others to embrace themselves and the beauty of who they were created to be. If a belief causes you to feel guilt over who you were created to be then you should re-think this belief as it doesn't honor the Creator.

The herpes virus is not a punishment it is simply a manifestation of one aspect of the Creator's creativity and it has just as much right to exist as the human race.

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I know this post is 5 years old, but I just joined to tell you, and anyone else who thinks like you.. how shallow, cold, and idiotic you are. The fact that you think others should be punished for not living your singular idea of a "Prudent" life such as yours, and to think that you are somehow better than others who are more deserving of your condition just shows what a pos person you are! This is what extreme religion does to people, they gain religion and lose their humanity. What an evil mindset. "I don't deserve my disease, but you do because of your poor nutrition, and camping!" Oh wow.. poor thing. God does not punish or condemn people because they aren't prudes like you, or don't "avoid tall grass". Lmao. You are on the wrong side of religion, honey, and you are a bad influence on other people. I certainly hope that with these last 5 years you've grown up a little, and come to accept the condition you have, and decided to help others battle theirs. Ugh. Nasty.

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My h is my blessings! Without it I never would have known my first husband was a cheater. I never would have met my now husband or had my daughter, I was told I could never have children due to scarring from endo, so I consider myself very blessed. Did I lose hope , yes. Have I gained new faith, absolutely.. Take care. Truly, Ace :)

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I agree. H can be a blessing on several counts. You know who really cares for you and is willing to take the risk for you. You learn the value of abstinence, monogamy, and waiting for marriage. You learn to investigate more into other STDs. You can still get pregnant. You find out your friends have it and connect on a new level. For example, my friend gave me H jokes. I think I'll post them.

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For those that believe in God, do you believe disease is inflicted upon certain people as punishment for wrongdoings/sins?

I think I remember disease being used as punishment in the Bible, as well as being used for testing of one's faith.

In any event, I was a very healthy woman. I have great genes, great body, great health, and I ate only organic food and I drank only water. I also was with my sex partner for 8 years. I was very careful about avoiding disease.

Yet, I got late-stage Lyme disease and then as soon as I was able to walk around and run- I got type 1 herpes from my bfs cold sore. It seems very unfair. I know a lot of unhealthy people- who eat trans fat, are chunky, who have bad genes, and so on- and they are all better off then me now. It is very unfair. I always knew abotu Lyme disease and PURPOSELY avoided tall grass. Yet, I got it from walking my parents' dog. I ALWAYS knew about cold sores and avoided people when they had one. YET, I get ghsv1.

I feel I made all the right decisions. I was very prudent, yet I suffered the same cosnequence as people who make poor choices. It is very unfair. I don't think I should have nerve and joint problems due to Lyme- people who camp and hike should! I do not feel I should have ghsv1- people who have sex outside of a monogamus relationship should.

So, I think God is punishing me. It all makes sense. I think I am being punished for being prideful or something. :| Or maybe God is doing this so my life isn't as great. At one point, things were going exceedingly well for me. I think this is a way of making me low. I have lost many things due to diseases I was at low-risk for. I lost a graduate degree (had to drop out after being told I had MS or cancer), high-paying job, many fun travel opportunities, lots of $$, and so on. I know I should be grateful at least the MS and cancer was negative and it ended up being Lyme, but I just feel like I have had enough lately. I was also assaulted by four african american women at the mall because I accidently dropped ketchup on one of their shoes. This was at a very expensive mall in a very nice area where politicans live. The girls were not from the area. Anyway, the list just goes on and on of bad things that have happened to me that are very odd and rare. I mean these things are exceedingly rare, yet they happen to me. The security guards said something like that NEVER happened at that location before. Also, my risk for Lyme was very low. Also, I find it odd that I am in a monogamous, faithful relationship , where neither of us EVER had any type of std (not even hpv!) and I end up with cold sores down below. I got a std from someone that doesnt have a std! Argh. That is why I do not even consider hsv1 a std.


Do u think you are being punished by your disease? I do. I hope God stops throwing the lightening at me because I am becoming worn out. :)

Hi Anon:

I often feel worn out too by the many things I've suffered in life. I'm tired, but I don't think God has ever punished me, not even with HSV, which seems to be a most hateful disease. I know that life in this world is not fair, but I also remember that my life in this world will end one day. For someone with my faith, it is only the end to an imperfect world. It will be the beginning of something perfect for me. I'm not evangelizing or proselytizing, just lightly sharing how I get through each day.

For all of my struggles and unhappiness, life is even less fair to many others than it has been to me.

The knowledge of this does not always help me to feel better. My suffering is my own, and it has been bad for me. It can't be compared to anyone else's. But when I am able to remember that others have had and are having it worse than me, I don't feel so bad.

One thing that helps me a lot, and brings joy to my life is having compassion, and reaching out to encourage and motivate others. You asked, so I thought you'd be interested in knowing how I feel. :flowers:

P.S. About what is in the Bible. I tentatively suggest that you think about reading in it to learn more about what you are asking. You don't have to believe anything in it, or accept anything in it. I'm just saying that it's there and free, for anyone to read. You don't have to have anyone to tell you about it. I like the King James Version, but I also have other versions for reference, since I'm a writer. A good, simple, easy to read version in plain language is The Good News Bible, or The Good News For Modern Man. I ran across this small, paperback Bible in the 70s. I really like it because of the simple line drawing illustrations throughout. And reading it is just like me and you talking now. Take care and have a good evening.

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