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So this is another post from me because, once again, I'm not sure if I'm having an outbreak!

I've only ever had two definite OBs;

My primary OB which was terrible, swelling, about 10 sores up to 5mm in diameter on foreskin and frenelum, painful and swollen lymph nodes in my groin, lasting about 2-3 weeks until I was back to normal.

Then unsure of if I was having them for about 3-4 weeks but I think it was just scare tissue from the healing sores.

About 5 weeks after initial OB my definite Secondary OB which was only 1 sore around 3mm on my foreskin, slight/no tingling, no pain, no swelling in my nodes, this lasted about a week until fully healed.

Now, I remember how the stinging, tingling, feeling felt of my Primary OB and I've never experienced that since, I am at around 10 months since my Primary OB and other than the above occurrences I've never been able to tell if I'm having an OB. All I've had is the occasional red dot that's around 0.5mm either right under my glans at the join to my foreskin or on the corona of my glans and it doesn't seem to ever act like a sore, doesn't blister, no pain, doesn't seem to be a little hole in my skin but more of a bump outwards and it hasn't been in the same place as my Primary or Secondary OBs. I can't seem to tell if I'm just experiencing redness, thrush, irriation or a popped blood vessel after sex with my girlfriend or masturbation. I'm starting to drive myself mad with checking in case I am indeed having an outbreak and I can't seem to find any information on this!

Basically what I'm looking for is descriptions of what you all experience with your OBs, HSV1 or 2? size of your sores, number of sores, location (glans? Corona? Frenelum? Foreskin?). I know that may seem weird but I need to see if what I'm experiencing is an OB. I think this may help a lot of people know what they're experiencing!


Thanks for any answers!


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Wish I could help. But I'm a female. I had a definite outbreak during the night time. It was a very distinct pain in my vagina like the very inside. And also before that happened wheich sent me back to the doctor to get tested for herpes, I had little white pus bumps formed on the left lip of my vagina, it was very itchy. It went away when I started using yeast infection cream twice daily and not scratching. My doctor was very non caring because I initially went to get checked for herpes and she refused to test me saying they don't do tests unless you have an actual outbreak. But anyways I realized now that I was having frequent bacterial and yeast infection because I was exposed to herpes. I'm switching doctors though because my doctor hasn't replied to me yet. I asked for prescription. They been acting annoyed with me ever since I found out I have herpes. 

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    • StuM1900
      By StuM1900
      Hi guys.
      Dont  really know where to begin!
      I had a promiscuous encounter back in October and have been suffering from multiple symptoms since.
      the actual encounter only involved me receiving oral sex.  Since then I have had symptoms including the following;
      Testicular Pain
      Groin/Pubic area pain
      Prickly/Razor blade feeling in urethra
      Heavy clear gel like discharge with a fishy smell
      Redness on penis Glans
      Burning/Tingling/Irritation on Penis
      Back ache
      For these symptoms I have been to see my GP countless time, GUM (Sexual Health Clinic) and been screened for everything under the sun barring HSV as no sores or blisters have appeared.  I have also seen 2 seperate Urologists.  The following is a list of diagnosis’ I have received since October;
      Yeast Infection
      Non Specific Urethritis x 3
      Now I know the above dont specifically link to HSV but it has been in my mind since I began experiencing different symptoms, but as I havent presented any real visible evidence of HSV, no health professionals have taken blood samples to test for it.
      I have however, woken up this morning with a red patch on my penis glans and am really hoping somebody in this forum can gove me some honest feedback as to whether it looks like I may have genital herpes.  I have attached a link to a photo as it is too large to upload and welcome/look forward to hearing from anybody willing to offer any input.
      thanks in advance
    • floridaguy
      By floridaguy
      Need some advice 
    • tommylee
      By tommylee
      Hello my name is Tommy, 
      I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for two years. At the beginning of our relationship everything was going well and we clicked as a couple, until I made the worst possible decision of my life in December 2016. I slept with another woman, unprotected, in which i contracted genital herpes HSV-2 from my one and only sexual encounter with this woman. I deserved it as a punishment for what I had done and felt as if I should even die for what I did. I then had sex with my girlfriend the following January of 2017, in which she contracted genital herpes. She was in hospital and the first break out was very severe. This was the worst moment in my life and will be until I die.
      To top it off, after this tragedy in January 2017, the same month i slept with another woman and another throughout the year (not continously). I don't understand how i could be so evil as my girlfriend was still recovering from contracting herpes from me, yet i gave her more emotional heart break. ever since then the relationship has been broken and we fight and violently argue as I have no idea what to do to make this better and she feels 'stuck' with me. she feels like i ruined her life and she is right. I cannot rectify this or cure herpes and this is what is leading me to suicide as my intention in life was never to ruin somebody elses life, but I have. My girlfriend is an admirable woman who has stuck by me through a lot of the bullshit, however I feel like she hates me now as she feels she could have had a much less traumatic experience with any other man and that she is stuck with me as she cannot tell anyone about having herpes due to the societal shame that it brings and how society teaches us to think. 
      My Girlfriend hates me and she wants me to 'fix' the situation but i have no idea what to do as it always comes down to her asking me "well can you take this away from me?"
      I am using multiple forums to try and get opinions from people with Herpes as I am close to killing myself as i feel i have basically committed a sin which is the same as murder and created a monster inside my girlfriend. The relationship cannot be left behind as we do have feelings for eachother but the herpes problem causes violent fights involving police (one occasion) and destruction of goods. 
      I have no idea what to do and feel like death is the only answer, i often ask her to kill me or get people to kill me as i feel so lost and powerless and possible like the worst person on the planet, as well as feeling alone as i cannot tell any of my friends about this, none of them know what i have or why my relationship is so unhealthy. I am alone in this world and my girlfriend feels like that also, however i feel alone as well but because i caused the whole situation and gave her herpes any feelings of depression or alienation that i have a null and void because i am the 'bad guy' in the relationship. I am the 'joker' in the batman hypothetically speaking.
      I want to die as i have no idea what to do. This is the most complicated situation in my life and there is no way to solve it, no answer, no path, no God that can take this away from me and no cure for herpes.
      What do you advise I do to rebuild the relationship and at least TRY to live a life without having to commit suicide?
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