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So this is another post from me because, once again, I'm not sure if I'm having an outbreak!

I've only ever had two definite OBs;

My primary OB which was terrible, swelling, about 10 sores up to 5mm in diameter on foreskin and frenelum, painful and swollen lymph nodes in my groin, lasting about 2-3 weeks until I was back to normal.

Then unsure of if I was having them for about 3-4 weeks but I think it was just scare tissue from the healing sores.

About 5 weeks after initial OB my definite Secondary OB which was only 1 sore around 3mm on my foreskin, slight/no tingling, no pain, no swelling in my nodes, this lasted about a week until fully healed.

Now, I remember how the stinging, tingling, feeling felt of my Primary OB and I've never experienced that since, I am at around 10 months since my Primary OB and other than the above occurrences I've never been able to tell if I'm having an OB. All I've had is the occasional red dot that's around 0.5mm either right under my glans at the join to my foreskin or on the corona of my glans and it doesn't seem to ever act like a sore, doesn't blister, no pain, doesn't seem to be a little hole in my skin but more of a bump outwards and it hasn't been in the same place as my Primary or Secondary OBs. I can't seem to tell if I'm just experiencing redness, thrush, irriation or a popped blood vessel after sex with my girlfriend or masturbation. I'm starting to drive myself mad with checking in case I am indeed having an outbreak and I can't seem to find any information on this!

Basically what I'm looking for is descriptions of what you all experience with your OBs, HSV1 or 2? size of your sores, number of sores, location (glans? Corona? Frenelum? Foreskin?). I know that may seem weird but I need to see if what I'm experiencing is an OB. I think this may help a lot of people know what they're experiencing!


Thanks for any answers!


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Wish I could help. But I'm a female. I had a definite outbreak during the night time. It was a very distinct pain in my vagina like the very inside. And also before that happened wheich sent me back to the doctor to get tested for herpes, I had little white pus bumps formed on the left lip of my vagina, it was very itchy. It went away when I started using yeast infection cream twice daily and not scratching. My doctor was very non caring because I initially went to get checked for herpes and she refused to test me saying they don't do tests unless you have an actual outbreak. But anyways I realized now that I was having frequent bacterial and yeast infection because I was exposed to herpes. I'm switching doctors though because my doctor hasn't replied to me yet. I asked for prescription. They been acting annoyed with me ever since I found out I have herpes. 

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • George555
      By George555
      Hi everyone, I recently had unprotected sex with a girl, the day after I noticed my penis glans was red and sore. Since that my glans has cracks and is still slightly red, I get an occasional itchy glans. Just wondered if you could help me. Photos of my penis will be attached .Thank you

    • Memtz40
      By Memtz40
      Hello! So I have been having minor UTI symptoms that come and go. A little urgency to pee. But nothing crazy uncomfortable. And a small tingling feeling in the vagina. That comes and goes. Again nothing that causes me to wanna take meds. I got tested for UTI, and it was negative. Than I noticed this in the shower this morning. It doesn't itch or hurt. Just a little sensitive to the touch. Its on the right side of the area where the anus and vagina meet. Please!  help would be greatly appreciated

    • GHSV?
      By GHSV?
      I’m new here, and I think I may have really messed up. I’ve always been so careful and have had very few sex partners. But they say everyone has to go through a little hoe phase right?!... I should be old enough to know better, but I was careless and now I’m in a jam.Well about 2 weeks ago, I had sex with someone I’ve slept with before. I hadn’t slept with anyone in a while (almost a year)  and it was exciting and passionate since we hadn’t seen eachother in a while...We did not use protection. The next night, I actually met someone out at a bar. we hit it off, and I ended up having sex with him (he wore a condom, and Didn’t even get off).  About 4-5 days after that, I started talking to mr, passion again, and we had sex. The day after that, I started having a wierd tingle in my thigh, and a little vaginal itching, but i didn’t think it was serious... until today. The guy I hooked up with that wore a condom (about 2 weeks ago) contacted me, and stated he noticed a small group of blisters on his leg. He said they didn’t hurt or itch, and he’s never had anything like that before... but that it looked like the pictures of herpes. He asked me if I’ve had anything like that before, and I hadn’t... until just a little bit ago. 
      He went and got tested, and advised I did to. Heres my question, would it have been possible for me to  be expose to and contract herpes and then within 24 hours have sex with a man who had a condom on and transmit it to him?  Or is that very unlikely. 
      At at this point, I’m worried that I either A) got it from Mr. Passion, and in less than 24 hours I gave it to Mr. Condom, or B) I got it from Mr. condom.... and could now have potentially given it to Mr. passion because I had slept with him again a few days after my encounter with MR. Condom. 
      So far, Mr. passion has not said anything to me about having any issues. 
      .... but I feel like it would be very unlikely for me to give it to a man, less than 24 hours after I contracted it, if he was wearing a condom...right? 
      I havnt gotten tested yet, but I am starting to feel very fluish.  I work as a server and I’m off mondays, so I’m going to go get checked out on Monday. 
      Can anyone tell me if th above scenario is likely? 
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    • G77
      I read an article about arganine vs lysine. The tests they get this info off were done in a test tube and not on humans. There was also another study done on mice with herpes. Mice die from herpes and when they gave the group of mice higher arganine than the 2nd group, it actually kept them alive longer than the group not given it. I was taking lysine until recently and I've noticed no difference and I eat a vegan diet which is higher in arganine. The only thing lysine seems to do is stop the itchy tingling feeling I get but then again that might be in my head like the placebo effect. 
    • G77
      When I had my first and second outbreak of genital hsv1, I had a weird thing happen with my throat.  The first time which was 2 days before the sores appeared, I woke up in the night unable to breath because my throat felt like it had closed up. The second time it happened it was the same thing but much milder. 
    • Quest
      Maybe try black seed oil 1 t? Maybe a sauna or there is a group that will help you build an infared tent. Really great for acne and it will disappear while doing it.  Hormone inbalance?
    • 35hope
      im surprise not more are trying to find the cure for it, with the amount of people that have it around the world it's the most profitable thing in medicine to cure.
    • dont quit!17
      Thats what I figured too, haha

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