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Accepting diagnosis

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I've had hsv for about a year now, but only diagnosed since January. Though it's been almost 9 months since being told I was infected, I cannot accept it or move past the depression it has caused me. I struggled with depression for years and I was getting better and now no matter how much I try to ease my mind I can't.. the only time I'm not unhappy about this is when I'm distracting myself and trying not to think about it, but the emotions can only be bottled up so long until I can't hold them in anymore.. this cycle has been going on since. I feel my life is over. I can never live normally again and I am only 18. I have thought about killing my self many times because of this. I can't cope with this and time isn't helping me at all. 

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i can totally relate and feel the same often (almost every day).  I also had depression, anxiety and OCD before my diagnosis. I was getting better then-BAM- HSV :(  

This is a good place to vent.

Stay busy, whatever works to stop the self-defeating messages and negative thinking. Practice stress management and positive affirmations.

Replace "Can't" with "Can."

Thats what I am working on today (really!)--Changing the mean messages I am telling myself- the bad self talk.

You CAN do it!:heart:

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@abc12 -  What are you doing to manage your depression?  Are you taking anything?  I understand how you feel.  For me, I have been treating my depression with natural supplements that help increase serotonin and dopamine levels.  When I was first diagnosed, I was not taking those supplements regularly.  That probably contributed to my severe depression.  I used to take anti-depressants years ago, but choose not to anymore.  Have you tried exercising? Even just a short walk to start? I know - it's hard to even start, but when you do, you'll feel so much better and want to keep doing it.  Your life isn't over.  If anything, it can become even better.                                                                                                                                                             And, what IcantThinkofaName says is very helpful, too - the negative self-talk does us no good.  It is a habit and something we are comfortable and familiar with.  Treat yourself like you would a best friend, what would you be saying to her/him? 

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I have been in a similar situation in terms of depression in the form of anorexia and have been on antidepressants for some 20 years and am no longer on them and I guess at the end of the day you have to want to help yourself to get through this.  I still struggle but I make sure I do things that I enjoy and keep me happy. the effect Hsv is just an extension of your existing issues and the only way forward this is start dealing with those issues but you have to choose what you want from life and herpes does not stop you from living your life

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On 26/08/2017 at 4:18 AM, abc12 said:

I've had hsv for about a year now, but only diagnosed since January. Though it's been almost 9 months since being told I was infected, I cannot accept it or move past the depression it has caused me. I struggled with depression for years and I was getting better and now no matter how much I try to ease my mind I can't.. the only time I'm not unhappy about this is when I'm distracting myself and trying not to think about it, but the emotions can only be bottled up so long until I can't hold them in anymore.. this cycle has been going on since. I feel my life is over. I can never live normally again and I am only 18. I have thought about killing my self many times because of this. I can't cope with this and time isn't helping me at all. 

Your first step to acceptance is believing that you do not have a genital infection, but an oral HSV-1 since your childhood. 

Then you model yourself on others who have HSV-1. There are approaching 5 billion of them!!! They go about their lives exactly the way they choose - which is all the virus deserves!

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Hi @abc12


You might not believe me but those feelings will pass. I know it's hard right now and I urge you to focus your thoughts and effort on the things that will make your future better. Things like education, health, a good group of friends, self-awareness, intellectual curiosity. Before you know it, not only will you be in the top percentile of desirable people, but you will be living in a different world, a world more accepting of those with our infection.

By then, you will be admired for your strength and your wisdom, you will sought after and you will have your fare share of potential partners. To boot, you will be an independent woman, capable of choosing the partner(s) who make you feel your best.

The next few years of your life are going to determine the 35 that come afterward. Negative thoughts will compound and ruin all the potential above; positive thoughts will pay out dividends 10-fold. Will you let a skin rash shape your future?


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      On Feb 10, I slept with somebody new. I specifically asked him if he had been tested for HSV and HIV via blood test. He told me he had just been tested two months ago and everything was negative and he hadn’t slept with anybody in a year. He either lied to me about being tested or lied about his status. I believe he knew he had HSV2, was not taking antivirals, and didn’t care if he infected me. Now he is using it to make me feel like I HAVE to stay with him because we both have this. And he is minimizing it. 
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    • WilsoInAus
      @CHT my comments regarding your race and socio-economic status are not rude, sounds like they were accurate. I just want you to be aware that there is unconscious bias in your comments based on your perspective. Yes I stand by my comments that the US healthcare system is shameful. If that loses integrity in your eyes, then that is where you sit relative to the healthcare system and my public health philosophies. There is nothing shameful about expressing ones philosophies. Have I been antagonistic in the way I have expressed these things. Yes I have and I apologise for that. I think overall I was pretty shocked that you believed that the majority of infections were asymptomatic for the receiver. Your personal experience was quite the opposite and I admit I was perplexed why you didn't share your personal experience with someone who really wanted to hear a story of a true genital infection.
    • CHT
      "talking up the chances of infection"  What? Wilson, you are now making up dialogue that never occurred.  He asked about testing and when symptoms might manifest.... I answered his questions and then asked why he felt he may be infected?  You need to go back and read over the actual messages.... never once did I "talk up the chance of infection."  You have done a poor job of reading between the lines of my messages back to "Dumbass."  I suggested he may want to meet with a doctor to discuss his situation with the goal of alleviating his concerns about infection particularly since the little bit of information he provided would likely indicate he had a low chance of infection in my opinion.... hearing it from a medical professional, especially with testing, would help confirm this and give him peace of mind.   Wilson, what really surprises me is your last paragraph.  I have read many of your posts on this website over the last couple of years and have always held your opinions in high regard.... always well informed and you never resort to petty insults and bullying even when challenged.  However, your snide speculations about my race and socio-economic status are rude, unnecessary and clearly antagonistic.  Further, your remarks about the healthcare system in the US were clearly hostile, not to mention showing a gross ignorance of how healthcare works here.  Your statements were shameful.... lost integrity.    
    • WilsoInAus
      I'm sorry @CHT you did not give the full information. The chances are not high they will not have recognisable symptoms. And if they do not have recognisable symptoms, then what is the point of going to a doctor for a swab? It is your obligation to tell people their chances and they how arrive at the correct diagnosis through available tests. Are you aware of the psychological harm that you have probably caused by talking up the chance of infection. You didn't say that there would be 50% plus chance that the person did not have HSV-2 in the first place and that the episode was less than a 1 in 1,000 chance. What happened to those odds? What role do they play when you are interpreting symptoms or their absence? In life, you support someone by saying what they NEED to hear and not WHAT you know or want to say. Further, let me guess, white middle class? The bulk of the population cannot afford nor are granted access to health care in your country. Must be nice to be able to afford a clinical evaluation, but let's spare a though for those who can't afford that. All they can do is go with the odds and they are perfectly entitled to do that in their circumstances
    • ZealousidealAide7
      I know that it is not contagious, if that helps 
    • CHT
      "Simply because people think they are asymptomatic doesn't mean they are. When they go to a doctor for education and consciously on the lookout, there is a very high probability if they are infected they will find something." Absolutely true, no argument on the study you reference.  I am also aware of the clinical studies that have demonstrated that those who self-reported as "asymptomatic" when evaluated by medical professionals are made aware that they they aren't actually asymptomatic.  However, going back to the original question at hand as to whether those who are infected demonstrate recognizable symptoms, the answer is still (as per CDC, WHO, and other reliable sources):"Most individuals infected with HSV are asymptomatic or have very mild symptoms that go unnoticed or are mistaken for another skin condition"   So, when someone comes to this site seeking advice and help when they suspect they are newly infected, we have an obligation to point out, as I did in this situation, that the chances are high that they may not have symptoms, or recognize any symptoms,  so, waiting to observe the classic symptoms (that they will no doubt look up online and find all sorts of photos showing "this is what a herpes outbreak looks like") will likely not detect those symptoms.... but, it does not mean they do not have the virus.  Obviously, most infected individuals won't have the benefit of weeks of clinical observation/testing to help them identify easily misidentified (or asymptomatic) symptoms..... these infected individuals will then move along thinking "I dodged the herpes bullet" and quite easily and unknowingly pass the virus on to others.  This occurs frequently when a person who does test positive confronts the person they believe gave them the "gift" and this gift-giver" vehemently denies having the virus since they have never had symptoms of herpes..... (which, again, is very likely as the CDC and WHO clearly point out).  Again, in the unlikely event this person were to enter into a clinical evaluation (as you referenced above), including testing/swabbing, they may find out otherwise.  This fact is one of the main reasons the virus continues to get passed along to others and the percentages of people becoming infected (particularly younger aged population) continues to increase. 
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