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Looking for results people have had using Lysine for HSV-2.  Also dosage recommendations.  I'm a 190-200 lb male, thinking 2000mg/day, half in the morning and the other half in the evening.  

I've been having OBs since 2011, usually about 1 a month.  Hoping to at least cut the OBs in half.  

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You will need to review the information yourself, but I have have a couple of problems surrounding lysine.

First there is no evidence that arginine contributes to an increased outbreak frequency. Once I learnt that, it was enough for me to stop using lysine. The other issue is that the correct intake of arginine is necessary for correct body function for an increasingly identified number of systems, such as your heart! Emerging research suggests there are benefits to increasing 

Even if you were to believe that arginine was an issue, in most diets there is already a surplus of lysine. The average intake of arginine is about 5g a day, the average intake of lysine is 20g a day. What would 2g extra of lysine actually do is a question worth considering.

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i did that and it helped me with nerve damage . stop taking it when feel better . off and on it . probably same thing as expensive valtrex but works . lol.  i'd use that and  turmeric powder sprinted on food. make golden milk .  now i use a couple brands of bee propolis . sweet as.    olive leaf is supposed to be good . i found some good lysine with it in it but costs more than bug bottle from nature store ..  horse pills .lol.  only worked for me doing like 1000 in morning 1000 at night .   then only do it when eating bad food or drinking to much .  now i just eat foods that don't have additives .. makes huge difference. more tea , coffee and water now .  eating meat veggie fruits .  now i can cheat again , sweets go for real desserts . pies , cakes you make. brownies .  store cakes all ready made are full of extra gunk . ii . tool me years to finally do it . feel better , stomach way better . used to blow up non stop .  salt pepper spices . can't go wrong .  dp that ya wont need anything , haha .    

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This treatment should be on an empty stomach, like in between meals for best results. 

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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      No they didn’t 
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      Did your pictures look like the top pictures?
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      No it won't go up forever, I know I have been infected for a long time. Some people in here have values in the 50s. it just gives you an idea of where those numbers can go from here. The more antibodies you have the better off you are and at least you know your immune system is building those antibodies. I hope you do really well!
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      The number doesn’t matter very much in terms of your experience with herpes. Your immune system has 80 elements that address HSV and your experience is related to the combined effort of these 80 elements. I’d suggest this partner is very probably infected and has been for a while.
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      Obviously zero percent transmission rates can't be assured with the combination of Pritevilir and Valtrex. But I think it's safe to assume based on what we know that their effects will be cumulative and they'll work better together than they would separately, since they're halting viral replication by different methods. Pritelivir inhibits the enzyme helicase, where Valtrex inhibits the enzyme polymerase. If it were the case, for example, that Pritelivir were also going after polymerase and did a better job of halting it than Valtrex, then we would just take Pritelivir by itself with no more need for Valtrex. But that's not the case. Since the approaches of halting replication are different, a "cocktail" of the two drugs is certain to be more effective than taking just one or the other.  More on how Valtrex and Pritelivir work here: https://www.acsh.org/news/2018/06/12/herpes-vaccines-dont-work-what-about-drugs-pritelivir-page-aids-playbook-13074

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