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Any H women here with Non H partner?

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Hi everyone,

ive been infected for almost a year now and I have been dating a guy for about five months now. We have been intimate a few times but not all the way. I told him I wanted to wait until I knew that we would be long term. STDs came up once way later and he specifically mentioned herpes saying that at his age if he ever got something like that he would hate himself and talked about how bad it is and incurable, etc. This left me absolutely devastated. I know I need to disclose soon but am I just asking for embarrassment? He seems to have shown his opinion already- do I even bother? I care about him a lot and for how much he claims to care about me I WANT to believe that he would accept it but the way he reacted just by talking about the subject really worries me. Any thoughts ?

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If you can live with yourself if you don't tell him and he gets it, then do whatever you want. Coming from your other "Is it too late to sue?" post, I'm assuming you would want him to tell you if it was the other way around.

Irrespective of how things work out with him, new pharmaceuticals (pritelivir) are past phase II testing at the moment, that are twice as effective at lowering shedding than the current standard drugs. Pritelivir has also been FDA fast-tracked, and should be out in 2-3 years.  

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If you think he'll for sure reject you. Break it off and don't tell him. 

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You have blown trust by not disclosing anyway.  Trust is important in a relationship. Have you had skin to skin genital contact

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Any updates on this? Did you tell him?

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    • Thursdaychild
      By Thursdaychild
      I am almost 28 and I’ve now had genital herpes for more than half my life. My partner has never experienced symptoms of herpes. 
      I have periods when I seem to have herpes weekly, despite taking antivirals fairly regularly. I do struggle to remember to take 4/5 tablets a day a lot of the time, but tend to take a minimum of 2. This is also compounded by seemingly having recurring thrush. 
      I am very protective over the health of my partner and won’t have sex if I feel as much as a slight tingle. The problem is that we go through periods of months not having sex. I feel so guilty and often wonder if he’ll ever leave me in order to have a normal sexual relationship, though he has always been amazingly understanding of my situation. 
      I’m just so isolated with this sometimes. I try not to talk about it too much with my partner as I don’t want to scare him as I can’t fully protect him from the virus. I don’t understand why I have outbreaks so regularly when I have excellent overall health. I never feel totally safe to have sex and I sometimes feel like I should leave my boyfriend to allow him to find someone he can have a healthy sexual relationship with. 
      Does anyone else have very frequent outbreaks? Thrush? Insane guilt and worry? Have you found anything that helps? 
      Thank you so much for reading. 
    • ButterflyKisses_26
      By ButterflyKisses_26
      I was recently diagnosed with genital herpes. At first I was stoic about my diagnosis, because this is just something I will have to deal with.  I have had one outbreak since being diagnosed. I cried and just felt alone. I'm not ready to tell my family yet, because I know they will be disappointed. Hell I'm disappointed. You never think anything can happen to you until it does! I know life goes on, but right now it's new to me. How do you cope? How do you keep it moving? I know what I'm feeling now is normal. 
    • Alilscared
      By Alilscared
      As I stated in an earlier post, I was given my diagnosis For Genital Herpes about a week ago. My doctor is doing a retest for me just to be sure. Today is not a good day because my body just feels out of wack. I really just want to go get in my bed!!! I have a dilemma that I'm trying to make a decision about. There is a man that I was in a 10 years relationship with and we've lived apart (in two different states) for three years now but he said I'm the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. I know he loves me and I love him and he thinks very highly of me. He has no idea about my diagnosis and whenever we talk now, I act like everything with me is just fine but I feel I need to tell him but I feel it will change everything. I'm thinking about moving back to the state he's in and I'm trying to decide if I should let him know or wait until the move? Help me figure out the right thing to do!!!
    • Wondermom
      By Wondermom
      I caught herpes from my husband. He cheated on me about three months after we'd been married. We had gotten into an argument, he left and we ceased contact for a day... And he had sex with a younger chick. 
      His symptoms from that didn't actually pop up until last year. And we've been married since 2015. When he was diagnosed. He was in denial... And he's cheated again too. 
      When I was just diagnosed, he is now angry with me... Because I let the two women with whom he'd recently slept with, know I'd tested positive and it was from him. He's angry with me. But I believe I did the right thing ...
      Apparently it got around to his friends who are now making fun of him. So he's denied it and said I'm crazy. Do I have a right to be upset!?
    • lovelyhgirl
      By lovelyhgirl
      Hi! Recently a guy that I had just started dating got an outbreak and found out that he has herpes. We had been dating for a little less than a month and everything was great, I was really falling for him until he found out that he had herpes and decided to stop dating me. To give more context, we had sex before he found out, but after his diagnosis I took a test and came up negative, so neither of us passed it to the other. Anyway, he said that he was too depressed and shocked with the news to even think about getting in a relationship or keep dating me. I got very upset because at no point I had said I didn't want to date him because he had herpes, in fact I tried to be as supportive as I could and told him that I'd be happy to keep getting to know him and see where things go. So I'm very confused right now because I feel like maybe he was not sure about me or he was not very interested. But at the same time, I don't have herpes and I don't know how I would feel in his situation, so was trying to get your opinions, is it really possible to be so depressed with the news that you want to avoid contact with someone you were dating? do you think is true that he is very depressed? And is there anything I could do or just let him come back when he has accepted the news a bit better (he found out about a month ago)?
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