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Prodomes on acyclovir

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Hi guys 

I haven’t posted in a while since I started my

supressive therapy in may.. it seems to be going okay I haven’t noticed any sores since I started  but what I do get a lot of is prodomes and itchiness it was quite bad when I first started taking the tablets and I actually thought it was the tablets making it worse. About a month in I felt funny down there so went to get checked out and was told there was nothing there.. now that feeling I get often and I really don’t know what it is I’ve examined myself a lot and I can never see anything there but it feels like something is.. sometimes I can notice a tiny tiny break in the skin and then the next day it’s gone but if I walk somewhere far or exercise it becomes irritated again and seems to come back. 

I get tingly feelings alot in my legs my back and my bum I see a specialist for hsv who monitors me on the tablets and she said I shouldn’t get that  whilst on the meds’ And it could be non hsv related so I should see a doctor. 

Righr now as we speak I have burning in both legs but no active sore and I can sometimes feel it in my arms but rarely.. 

I haven’t thought about hsv as much since on suppressive as in general it has eased my symptoms alor as I was having monthly OBs for the last two years but I’ve never had prodomes as much as this in all them 2 years even when  an OB was coming it would be tingly and sore in the genital area I wouldn’t get leg tingles now I get them a lot.  I take Extra meds when I get these feelings to try and stop it if it is one coming but it literally has no effect and the prodomes if it is hsv continue.  


Has anyone experienced this ? 


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I do.  I also have sore lymph areas and hamstrings.  I get a feeling like chafe, but no ob.  I mike lemon balm oil and cocnut oil apply to penis, butt crack, and inner thighs, basicly anywhere skin rubs and ob could occur.  This provides relief to the chafing feeling, instantly!  Nothing stops the legs and genital lymph area from soreness. But the skin feels better.

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I do too, I even get new lesions almost every day, though usually anywhere unrelated to where I feel prodromes.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • floridaguy
      By floridaguy
      Hello people well let me start by saying I've suspected that I've had HSV for years now me and my wife. But I've been to afraid to come to her with it. She's had fever blisters as she calls them and she gets huge painful bumps and clusters of blisters at the top of her butt crack and she has major irritation down there often. Which makes me believe we have it. I dont usually get anything but itching and as of lately I have irritation inside my penis and on the head but never had an outbreak.
      Well I had an encounter with a sex worker I used a condom but for some reason she decided to put lotion on the condom I only received oral from her no sex. After doing some research I found out that can damage condoms. But it didn't tear. But I've been feeling very irritated down there like I described earlier. 
      Is it possible to be re-infected with a different type of HSV or do you guys think that it is something else going on?
       I've been so depressed lately and having major anxiety.  I want to get checked so bad but I'm afraid she will accuse me of infecting her. Also I just want relief I've bought acyclovir online and have been taking them for a day now hoping to make the irritation go away. My friends says it's all in my head. I've been tested for most STDs and all negative.  
    • Dying2Live
      By Dying2Live
      Looks like there is now a site that's in English selling Amenalief (amenamevir) for the rock bottom price of about $95.43 USD a day. ($668 shipped for 14 x 200mg pills at 400mg/ daily dose). Amenalief is one of the helicase primase-inhibitor class of drugs that has been around for the better part of a couple decades, but has just recently made it to market in Japan. Pritelivir is also a member of this drug class. For those that have less than stellar results from current antivirals, helicase primase-inhibitors are likely to offer a relatively impressive improvement in quality of life assuming you can afford the ongoign cost of using them suppressively (needless to say they are NOT a cure). As a side note, the FDA blocked further testing of Pritelivir back in 2013, so in case you're wondering why you cannot buy this class of drugs as a consumer at your local pharmacy for a more reasonable price using your prescription drug plan, you owe a large thanks to the FDA for your being forced to weight your physical and emotional HSV-related damages against the cost of this treatment.
      If anyone out there is independently wealthy, willing to order an antiviral drug from a Japanese company, and would be so kind as to report back with their experiences taking Amenalief suppressively, I'm sure many of your fellow sufferers would be extremely thankful!
    • TCBH
      By TCBH
      Link to nice description of the 3 main antiviral drugs and chart below. http://www.emedexpert.com/compare/herpes-antivirals.shtml

    • Emily45
      By Emily45
      I'm new to this forum and I've found it really useful and interesting.
      I'm interested in hearing how long it takes for everyone's OBs to clear up once you have already experienced a primary OB.
      No doubt healing time will vary person to person, but I would be interested just to have an idea
    • smile!
      By smile!
      I used to get outbreaks maybe once every 2-3 months. Recently, as soon as I get an outbreak, I've been taking acyclovir tablets (200g 3 times a day for 4 days). It helps clear up the outbreak fast, which is great! That said, now I seem to get outbreaks every 1-2 months, and twice now I've had an outbreak only a couple weeks after a previous outbreak!
      Not much has changed from before. I'm less stressed. Diet is pretty similar (I have tried taking 2g lysine a day, and eating high lysine/low arginine foods, although that made little difference). I am having a lot more sex, so I wouldn't be surprised if that's playing a role (my partner, as far as we know, does not have HSV, although she may have it but not show symptoms). Overall pretty healthy!
      My wonder is that if the pills are making it easier for my body to fight off the infection, and as such my body's defences are getting weaker, and so I'm getting more regular outbreaks.
      Has anyone else experienced anything similar? This time I'm not going to take the pills, see how my body reacts.
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    • G77
      I read an article about arganine vs lysine. The tests they get this info off were done in a test tube and not on humans. There was also another study done on mice with herpes. Mice die from herpes and when they gave the group of mice higher arganine than the 2nd group, it actually kept them alive longer than the group not given it. I was taking lysine until recently and I've noticed no difference and I eat a vegan diet which is higher in arganine. The only thing lysine seems to do is stop the itchy tingling feeling I get but then again that might be in my head like the placebo effect. 
    • G77
      When I had my first and second outbreak of genital hsv1, I had a weird thing happen with my throat.  The first time which was 2 days before the sores appeared, I woke up in the night unable to breath because my throat felt like it had closed up. The second time it happened it was the same thing but much milder. 
    • Quest
      Maybe try black seed oil 1 t? Maybe a sauna or there is a group that will help you build an infared tent. Really great for acne and it will disappear while doing it.  Hormone inbalance?
    • 35hope
      im surprise not more are trying to find the cure for it, with the amount of people that have it around the world it's the most profitable thing in medicine to cure.
    • dont quit!17
      Thats what I figured too, haha

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