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Cannabis Oil - pharmacies ignoring research

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I'm guessing it's the old adage  about not making money on a natural product  or that a cure has to be in the form of a pill or needle. Can it be because in some parts Cannibas is still illegal or frowned upon and some companies just don't want anything to do with it?

It's too bad as I have been reading whatever I can find about it  the last few months  and including my own personal experience (almost half year in and so for so good) I am starting to be convinced that cannabis oil just might be one of the best remedies for herpes..

There are some papers on its possible effectiveness but I guess we need big pharma to legitimize it before It becomes a mainstream solution. 

As a side note there is a member on here that has an actual patent on it using oil and the root as a bandage. I don't exactly  know how the patent process works regarding claims of verifying effectiveness but he was awarded with it.


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