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Herpotherm / Bite-away Cobra completely ineffective against GH

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I'm trying the mentioned tools - they are technically the same and work by heating skin area to up to 60 degrees - since a few weeks already against genital herpes. This time i'm sure that I used them already when the blisters were still very tiny. Also I wasn't on any suppressie therapy, so there is no possible interference. Blisters have fully developed, bursted and turned into open ulcers which never happens on acyclovir pills. So I can conclude that this treatment is completely ineffictive and not recommendable.

I don't get prodromal symptoms at all though, so I cannot really judge on using it in that stage. I don't feel tingling or erythema before the tiny blisters appear. They just come. Maybe the virus was never sufficiently recognized by my immune system? I never had flu like symptoms either, not even during the first OB.




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I'm sorry to hear this. I've actually had pretty good success with heat. It's stopped red spots from developing into blisters and kept small blisters small. I did just have a big OB caused by eating a bunch of nuts. The heat appeared to have no benefit with this OB. But I find if I eat a lot of argebnine, those are the worst OBs. So it may not be good enough to help with massive OBs for me. But on typical ones, it has made a significant difference. 124* f or hotter is the magic temp.

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    • LovedAnyway
      It’s related to the estrogen/progesterone balance. You can google and find a lot of info about it.  I have the same problem.  I’ve also recently read about the link to prostaglandins and hsv, and those increase during periods, too.
    • Distraught1
      I found the love of my life ( my wife) after I contracted herpes. She is totally supportive and understanding. Never give up hope! After my first outbreak and diagnosis I was a WRECK! Depression like you wouldnt belive, but in time you will find its more of an inconvenience than anything. My best advice is to be very selective about who you want to date and tell your secret too. There is still a stigma about herpes and gossip can damage your self esteem. 
    • MikeIke
      Postherpetic neuralgia 15% of the time is hsv1. It lives in your nerve ganglia. I don't see why that's so far fetched when it is well supported by research. 
    • Jas14
      I have HSV & foot nerve pain. I am 100% sure it's from HSV. My Infectious Disease Dr, very well known in NJ, said it is a possibility, he is not ruling it out. There are many strains of HSV & the one I have affected my feet.  I take L-Lysine, Daily Complete Vitamins & Vitamin B-12. My heart goes out to you. I will pray you find relief. Keep your head up & think positive. Sending hugs. Keep us posted
    • Rockster
      The chance of getting some HPV-Strain in life (as a person that is not abstinent) is literally about 99% i read. 
      And in 90% of cases the virus is gone after 2 years. And the chance of cancer is looooots smaller than 10% - you just go get your pap smears, so if something happens they know right away and they can treat it. Getting a positive pap smear at some point in life is super-common as a woman. 

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