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Herpotherm / Bite-away Cobra completely ineffective against GH

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I'm trying the mentioned tools - they are technically the same and work by heating skin area to up to 60 degrees - since a few weeks already against genital herpes. This time i'm sure that I used them already when the blisters were still very tiny. Also I wasn't on any suppressie therapy, so there is no possible interference. Blisters have fully developed, bursted and turned into open ulcers which never happens on acyclovir pills. So I can conclude that this treatment is completely ineffictive and not recommendable.

I don't get prodromal symptoms at all though, so I cannot really judge on using it in that stage. I don't feel tingling or erythema before the tiny blisters appear. They just come. Maybe the virus was never sufficiently recognized by my immune system? I never had flu like symptoms either, not even during the first OB.




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