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    • Voyager2
      Sure hope this pans out. 
    • Voyager2
      Don't forget there are two promising vaccines on the prophylactic front (but only pre-clinical): The Trivalent vaccine worked well on guinea pigs:  https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32347775/ The Einstein (Xvax) vaccine also has a ways to go: https://x-vax.com/ The fact HSV529 is in yet another clinical trial is good news for herpsters. 
    • Davrk8
      thank you for the info. I am uncircumcised. I applied some clotrimazole cream during the last outbreak I noticed, which seem to do the trick (around a month ago). But now, there new dots are appearing at a different location on the glans. Wasnt sure if balanitis can come back so soon or if it could be something else. 
    • Josse
      Looks like mild balanitis. If you are uncircumcised then thats normal every now and then due to accumulation of yeast and the irritation of the foreskin
    • MikeHerp
      I think the simple reason is that this is a fund raiser that was started by our community rather than by Fred Hutch.  Or rather, FHC started it in response to our request.   I still think they should somehow feature it in their pages.  But anyway, that's just how they do it. Keep in mind that FHC's main focus is curing cancer.  It's a cancer research institute.  They might feel that putting stuff on their website that isn't directly related to cancer might give people the impression, especially cancer cure donors (who are by far the main donors to FHC), that FHC is losing its focus. So we have to work within these limits.   However, I do draw strength from the fact that FHC has tried to help us with the fund raiser.  Among others: 1.  When the new research paper is released, FHC has gotten an agreement with a prominent sexual health blogger, to promote the research and the fund raiser. 2.  There is another potential promotion in the works that might get back on track if the US is able to get the coronavirus under control. So FHC has actively helped us to promote the fund raiser.
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I have herpes, my bf does not.

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I’m a 24 year old gay male. I was diagnosed in May. I just got back into the dating scene and the guy that I’m seeing at the moment doesn’t have herpes. I do. He’s my first real “love” interest with me having this affliction. We haven’t done anything but mess around as safely as I can; there has been no direct contact at all. He did know I have herpes before we ever even kissed and he said he’s ok with it but I just feel horrible. I’m not certain if I want to spend the rest of my life with him or not because we just started talking/dating but the prospect of giving him herpes is killing me. Sex is/was the way I usually could tell if I wanted to keep someone around. The idea of possibly leading him on and then dumping him after giving him herpes makes me want to cry... He’s a good guy and doesn’t deserve that.

I guess I’m just posting this to ask for advice. I know I can just go though life fearing I’d give everyone this or I’ll never truly connect with someone but it’s just hard. I truly care about others. 

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There are some very good pamphlets about transmission risks. While they talk about heterosexual couples, the stats would work as well for gay men I think. H.erpes O.pportunity has put them out for free on the internet. They contain information from a multi year discordant couple study that Valtrex's maker did.

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