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Totally F*cked Over - Hate my life - Lost Hope


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I just gotta say that I absolutely hate some people out there. I have been reading some forums on reddit, honeycomb and others. 
So many of you people want to believe that your risk to transmit is so low or non existent because of pills or the years you have had this bullS*it virus, and especially the asymptomatic ones. 

BULLSH*T !!!!!

You do infect people and you need to do other people the service of not screwing their life over by giving them a fair chance. 

I was infected but a real estate lawyer in Denver. This B*tch lied about her age by 10 years, saying she was 43 years old and turns out she is 54.  I slowly began to realize I was getting manipulated and lied to and begin to question other things; by then it was too late. 

I am a college student and I wanted to explore the supposed "milf" shenanigans.  Thinking I was having a little fun by exploring my sexuality.  This woman KNEW she had HSV2, this woman DID NOT AND DOES NOT TAKE anti-virals. She also PUSHES YOU TO USE LAMBSKIN condoms. Me being niave didn't think anything of it.  In one of my encounters with this EVIL b*Tch we got drunk and one of the "sessions" a condom was not used. I had not f*cking idea  would be setting myself up, or better yet getting set up for a life full of misery and depression. 

Within a matter of 2 weeks I noticed I had 2 strange sores that presented themselves as almost wart like, zit like. Accompanied by an insane amount of itching. About a week prior I has asked this woman about std's because the original story she gave me was that she married for years and clean. WHen asked directly about stds, she claimed she was tested last October and that she was "CLEAN".  On the third time I went to go meet up with this person, she decided to disclose to me that she has HSV2 for many years most likely, she claimed she wasn;t sure when she contracted it, she claimed she didn;t give it to her previous husband, she claimed that she was "SPECIAL CASE, in which she did not and does not infect people !!!!!!!!! I have never wanted to get revenge so badly in my life. I hope karma serves this b*tch a life of misery until she takes her last breath. 

I am now 30 years old and have to look forward to these nonstop outbreaks that remind almost ever 2, or 3 weeks if I am lucky of one choice to meet up with a woman who manipulates and lies about her situation. HOw can someone be so f*cking evil to convine themselves that they do not infect people, they are some "Special Case". THen when I call her out on her bullsh*t she proclaims it was my fault we didn't use a condom, it was my fault that i chose to have sex with her. B*tch !!! I didn't know you would lie about having an incurable disease !!!!!!!!!

It took me so long to build my self into a confident man and have had very minimal partners in my lifetime.  I reach a point where I finally feel close to 100% confident and got to a point of loving my self only to have it all taken away by some selfish c*nt who cared more about her goddamn self than someone else's risk of health. 

The sad part is, I wanted to sue this person. Guess what. I fail test after test after test, but I have outbreak after outbreak.  I was infected in January 2017, by June I have managed to get the first cold sores in my mouth. I get tested IGG yet again and 3 months later offering plenty of time for antibodies to show up. NOTHING !!!

It's like the goddamn virus is taking over my body. THe sores never present them selves as blisters. THey range from looking like zits with puss and a lot of blood >>> to zits with a solid white core>>> to red sores that are deep and extremely painful to touch. 

Since June ( the first time I have ever had a cold sore in my life orally) -- I have semi-regular scalp itching, random sores on my scalp, random sores in my nose, random- semi regular itching on my nose, random zit like sores on my eyelids and in my eyelids.  I have been to multiple doctors and an opthamologist and they don';t seem to think I have herpes.  SO how the f*ck can I suee this b*tch when I continuously get outbreak after outbreak, but yet no positive test. I have finally saved up enough money to attempt the western blot. 

Even then it appears I am too late to sue this c*nt because she filed bankruptcy and listed me on her list as a potential creditor. SHE KNEW SHE F*CKED UP and I have no evidence. 

For all the people that say you can't tell who gave you herpes, that is BULLSh*T !!! If you have an encounter with someone and then get symptoms 1 to 3 weeks later, it is a pretty clear indication of whom gave it to you. Especially if you have had only 1 partner in the last 9 months prior. Especially if you had blood tests in the past. 

I pretty much have given up on life with exception of school, work, and my dog. My sexual desire has hit rock bottom, I have pretty much come to the conclusion that I will be single for the rest of my life.  Sure I have read plenty of stories about women having success, well sorry I am not sexist, but you are a goddamn woman !!! Women have much easier time finding a guy won't mind versus a clean woman that won't mind.  Women already have options up the ying yang, ( at least most of them). 

I am now on a path of self prison, because I can't possibly live knowing that I infected someone or put someone else at risk. 

I just don't know what to do anymore. My parents told me to find support groups or a councilor. I can barely afford rent, and I have pretty much no social life. I wanted to have a little fun between semester last year start off January 2017 with a bang, a bang of a f*cking virus that can't be cured. 

Then it appears that the FDA pretty much does not give a sh*t about herpes sufferers. They would rather make money of people managing the virus than actually doing something about it.  Hey guys we are raking in millions, let's keep trying the same approach to a vaccine over and over and over. Let's make it so goddamn hard to develop something that researchers and companies will just give up or not even fund the research from the get go. 

3 girlfriends in my entire life, now 30 years old and i get f*cked by some evil woman that had to lie about her age, her std status, and not only that but her height !!! then when I called her out on her lieing about her height and age she says, oh well I am this height in heels. blahhh blahhhh f*ck the world and all the evil ass people in it.  I have never shafted anyone intentionally in my life and yet somehow I earn this karma !?!?!??!? 


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@f*ckedOver Wow, yes she was dead wrong & she knows it! Adding you as a possible debtor to avoid a lawsuit, that's low! 

If you get outbreaks so often, have you ever gotten them swabbed or just gotten blood test? Some people never show a positive blood test, but show positive when they get bumps swabbed. That would be cheaper than WB if you haven't already gone that route. 

I'm assuming they won't prescribe you antivirals because you aren't testing positive, correct? Have you tried any of the natural supplements that have helped some people on the forum? Colostrum, Resveratrol and olive leaf extract are all popular helpful herbs. You cab also try ordering antivirals online, some sites you don't need an RX. 

Finally please don't give up. Create a "fake" Facebook account and join one of the herpes support groups in your area. I'm sure you will be so many beautiful women in the same boat as you. People think it's easier for women but unfortunately that's not always the case and your giver is an example of this. I know a woman who doesn't disclose after having it over 10 years. My giver lied to me when I repeatedly asked about status and testing. I yesterday negative before and during our relationship, didn't catch from him until 3 years in. I am symptomatic and am currently on the herbs I mentioned before. I think they are helping, I had gone 3 months OB free but had slacked off and got another one so back on consistently. 


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    • Lolahernandez13579
      By Lolahernandez13579
      Hi! Me again, I wanted to ask a few more questions and hope you take the time to read and help me.
      So Ive been sleeping with the same boy since September. He’s the only boy I’ve ever had unprotected sex with, I went to get checked and I’m clear for everything but herpes as it is not in the regular check. Once I found this out I then developed this obsession, I would spend at least four hours a day looking at photos online and my vagina, comparing my vagina to anything, with any spot I had, any piece of dry skin, any itch, I immediately thought it was down to that. 

      I’ve had a doctor tell me I’ve convinced myself I have it even though there’s nothing wrong and even considered I should speak to a psychologist (bad I know)
      I have had the doctors check photos (due to covid) at least 10 times now and they’ve all given me explanations (fordyce spots, heat rash, etc) but I can’t seem to stop worrying. 
      We’ve not had sex since November and I’m only panicking about every little thing since February because I noticed a patch of skin which ended up being decoloration. 
      None of the stuff I’ve had have never looked like blisters but then again sometimes this happens.
      I recently made myself so ill with stress, I collapsed and spent the day in A&E, I got loads of tests done and they found no infection in my blood (which is a good sign right?). He told me there was no elevated white blood cells and everything looked healthy.
      The most recent I’ve had red around my vagina, sometimes it’s like dry skin, the doctors are testing for bacterial or fungal infections and if it’s unknown I’m getting a referral to a gynaecologist. I’ve swabbed the area and get back my results on Friday or Monday.
      but again they told me it does not look like herpes or anything to be concerned about.
      do you think this is a psychological thing? Am I stressing myself out about nothing? The doctors have told me I’ve nothing to worry about but I have severe anxiety so it’s all I do lol. Please give me your opinions 
      note the boy I’m with has also been tested and was negative for everything. He’s not my boyfriend yet which is why I don’t want to talk to him about this, which is why I’m here, I’m suppose to see him Sunday, but I wanted you guys opinion first! 
      the only symptoms I’ve really had is tingling, but I’ve read that could be due to stress. I’ve had back pain but I always have that. No swollen lypo glands, no ulcers or blisters, I’m itchy now and again but it’s usually after I’ve been working and sweating.
    • HSV2sucks
      By HSV2sucks
      On Feb 10, I slept with somebody new. I specifically asked him if he had been tested for HSV and HIV via blood test. He told me he had just been tested two months ago and everything was negative and he hadn’t slept with anybody in a year. He either lied to me about being tested or lied about his status. I believe he knew he had HSV2, was not taking antivirals, and didn’t care if he infected me. Now he is using it to make me feel like I HAVE to stay with him because we both have this. And he is minimizing it. 
      I am in pain, depressed, having suicidal thoughts (don’t think I’d act on them), and feeling hopeless. I have nerve pain all over my genitals, my lower back, my butt, back of my legs. It’s a constant pain and burning. I’m also bleeding as if I’m on a light period! ITS AWFUL! I don’t understand why anybody minimizes this!!! INFORMED CONSENT IS SO IMPORTANT! I feel violated! I’m so angry
    • Little Star
      By Little Star
      I was watching a documentary online the other day about one of the busiest STD clinic in London UK, there wasn’t even one mention of the word herpes, not once. I can understand why people dont want to come forward and admit that they have the virus but as it was almost like it didn’t even exist, they talked about every other STD apart from herpes, I mean wtf! This virus is suppose to be rife but it never gets mentioned in tv dramas, films, anything here in the UK. 
      How can this be? How does a virus that turns your normal daily life into an absolute living hell overnight not even get a mention? How do people like me end up in a situation where a couple of years ago you were fine but today I feel so depressed I can’t even get out of bed and face the day. Had someone told me about this virus, how it’s transmitted and what it’s really like to live with I’m sure I wouldn’t even be in this situation but nobody did and it feels like nodbody cares either. 
      This is a heartbreaking, devastating illness to have to live with and I find it astonishing that even today nobody really acknowledges the scale of the problem. 
    • Bhbr2018
      By Bhbr2018
      “I was tested, I’m clean,” he said on the phone
      I said “Are you sure?” I didn’t  like his tone
      Can I see your results, in plain black and white?
      Cause something feels off, I know it’s not right
      “My blood tests all negative, I’m in the clear”,
      I said “Where is HSV bloods, cause I don’t see it here?”
      We both seemed confused, and picked up the phone
      It’s not included in the panel? How should we have known?
      Did I give it to him? Did he give it to me?
      The CDC doesn’t test for herpes? HOW COULD THIS BE?
      Did he cheat? Was it dormant? Did I pass on a disease?
      No answers from lab coats to put me at ease
      No bedside manner, or kindness in their voice
      They decide what to test, what about our choice?
      I have to beg and to plead to pay for a test?
      Because knowing my own status will cause me more stress?
      Is this all a joke? Some kind of enigma?
      For a medical community to promote this kind of stigma?
      “We don’t think the test will change a damn thing”
      How about the psycological pain it will inevitably bring?
      “We therefore encourage doctors not to run the test”
      So let the poor symptomatics deal with the mess?
      “Ignorance is bliss, so it’s better to not know”
      And for everyone else, you reap what you sow?
      “It’s a harmless skin condition,” they’ll tell you I’m sure
      But let’s not test or talk about it, and not look for the cure
      False positives, the stigma, and lies all around
      A few examples as to why the CDC let’s us all down
      DEATH TO THE CDC fuck it right up the ass
      Include Hsv in the tests, we all may not pass
      And that’s perfectly fine let’s talk about it more
      Let’s normalize the STI, and the common cold sore. 
    • honey120
      By honey120
      I want to die but i am afraid since i got herpes what shoulf i do friends

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    • WilsoInAus
      @CHT my comments regarding your race and socio-economic status are not rude, sounds like they were accurate. I just want you to be aware that there is unconscious bias in your comments based on your perspective. Yes I stand by my comments that the US healthcare system is shameful. If that loses integrity in your eyes, then that is where you sit relative to the healthcare system and my public health philosophies. There is nothing shameful about expressing ones philosophies. Have I been antagonistic in the way I have expressed these things. Yes I have and I apologise for that. I think overall I was pretty shocked that you believed that the majority of infections were asymptomatic for the receiver. Your personal experience was quite the opposite and I admit I was perplexed why you didn't share your personal experience with someone who really wanted to hear a story of a true genital infection.
    • CHT
      "talking up the chances of infection"  What? Wilson, you are now making up dialogue that never occurred.  He asked about testing and when symptoms might manifest.... I answered his questions and then asked why he felt he may be infected?  You need to go back and read over the actual messages.... never once did I "talk up the chance of infection."  You have done a poor job of reading between the lines of my messages back to "Dumbass."  I suggested he may want to meet with a doctor to discuss his situation with the goal of alleviating his concerns about infection particularly since the little bit of information he provided would likely indicate he had a low chance of infection in my opinion.... hearing it from a medical professional, especially with testing, would help confirm this and give him peace of mind.   Wilson, what really surprises me is your last paragraph.  I have read many of your posts on this website over the last couple of years and have always held your opinions in high regard.... always well informed and you never resort to petty insults and bullying even when challenged.  However, your snide speculations about my race and socio-economic status are rude, unnecessary and clearly antagonistic.  Further, your remarks about the healthcare system in the US were clearly hostile, not to mention showing a gross ignorance of how healthcare works here.  Your statements were shameful.... lost integrity.    
    • WilsoInAus
      I'm sorry @CHT you did not give the full information. The chances are not high they will not have recognisable symptoms. And if they do not have recognisable symptoms, then what is the point of going to a doctor for a swab? It is your obligation to tell people their chances and they how arrive at the correct diagnosis through available tests. Are you aware of the psychological harm that you have probably caused by talking up the chance of infection. You didn't say that there would be 50% plus chance that the person did not have HSV-2 in the first place and that the episode was less than a 1 in 1,000 chance. What happened to those odds? What role do they play when you are interpreting symptoms or their absence? In life, you support someone by saying what they NEED to hear and not WHAT you know or want to say. Further, let me guess, white middle class? The bulk of the population cannot afford nor are granted access to health care in your country. Must be nice to be able to afford a clinical evaluation, but let's spare a though for those who can't afford that. All they can do is go with the odds and they are perfectly entitled to do that in their circumstances
    • ZealousidealAide7
      I know that it is not contagious, if that helps 
    • CHT
      "Simply because people think they are asymptomatic doesn't mean they are. When they go to a doctor for education and consciously on the lookout, there is a very high probability if they are infected they will find something." Absolutely true, no argument on the study you reference.  I am also aware of the clinical studies that have demonstrated that those who self-reported as "asymptomatic" when evaluated by medical professionals are made aware that they they aren't actually asymptomatic.  However, going back to the original question at hand as to whether those who are infected demonstrate recognizable symptoms, the answer is still (as per CDC, WHO, and other reliable sources):"Most individuals infected with HSV are asymptomatic or have very mild symptoms that go unnoticed or are mistaken for another skin condition"   So, when someone comes to this site seeking advice and help when they suspect they are newly infected, we have an obligation to point out, as I did in this situation, that the chances are high that they may not have symptoms, or recognize any symptoms,  so, waiting to observe the classic symptoms (that they will no doubt look up online and find all sorts of photos showing "this is what a herpes outbreak looks like") will likely not detect those symptoms.... but, it does not mean they do not have the virus.  Obviously, most infected individuals won't have the benefit of weeks of clinical observation/testing to help them identify easily misidentified (or asymptomatic) symptoms..... these infected individuals will then move along thinking "I dodged the herpes bullet" and quite easily and unknowingly pass the virus on to others.  This occurs frequently when a person who does test positive confronts the person they believe gave them the "gift" and this gift-giver" vehemently denies having the virus since they have never had symptoms of herpes..... (which, again, is very likely as the CDC and WHO clearly point out).  Again, in the unlikely event this person were to enter into a clinical evaluation (as you referenced above), including testing/swabbing, they may find out otherwise.  This fact is one of the main reasons the virus continues to get passed along to others and the percentages of people becoming infected (particularly younger aged population) continues to increase. 
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