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Do herpes pimples always burst?

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Do herpes pimples always burst? I have a couple of skin colored pimples on my inner thigh. They have nothing in them, been there for about a week. My upper thigh is pretty sore when I touch it.

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Hmm... the pimples sound like just pimples.

But then again, kind of concerned about the sore feeling in your thigh.

When I'm about to have an outbreak in my genital area, I sometimes get the sore (more than tingling,... it hurts when I touch it) in my thigh..

Maybe you should go see a doctor and get the test for lesion culture...?

You know... just to make sure....

Best wishes...


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Is there any chance that the sore comes from something else..? (like... too much exercise or ...even from cold weather..?)

But if you got an appointment already, don't worry about it. You do all you can do right now.

Remember... it sounds like pimple also. It could be just pimple... the doctor will tell soon anyway.

Even if you have herpes, you already had it. So there's nothing you can do about it now. And even if it is, I won't change your life.

There's nothing to worry about.

In case of that it's herpes, if you touch the pimple like thing, wash your hand well. That's it.

Don't think about it, till you go see the doctor.

OK? <smile>


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Since I've been on Valtrex, I've only had a couple of OBs (stress, missed pill, PMS) but they haven't ruptured - I don't touch them. They just seem to go away, then I get the "scab" which is more like dry skin over the area. If you haven't seen much change it may not be an OB, but I'm with Faith - tell the Doc you need to be seen before it goes away - I did that - got an appt. that day. Good luck.

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Guest, that sounds more like a sebaceous cyst...

Basically a pimple that is deeper in the skin then a typical pimple so it doesn't form a head and you usually can't squeeze anything out of it.

They can be quite sore to the touch... I get one every once in a while..

Are you lymph glands in your groin swollen????

The fact that its on your thigh, not genitals, and how you describe it, I don't think its HSV...

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Kinda knotty feeling... Like it isn't a pimple because you can't squeeze it, but yet, it feels like it should pop....

I get those every once in a while..... They seem to last longer then a typical pimple too...

Sometimes they might come to a head, but more often then not, they don't... If I try to pop them, they just get a little red and irritated and sometimes the skin on them dries a bit from too much abrasion...

not hsv though... :wink:

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