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Just found out I am positive HSV1 and HSV2!

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    I just found out on Monday that I tested positive for Herpes Type 1 and Type 2. As herpes Type 1 can be oral or genital, I am not sure which one it is and the drs said there is no way to know unless I have an outbreak. I was tested recently as well and was negative, so I know exactly where it came from. The only thing about this is, I have never had an ob. Never had a cold sore in my life or any genital problems. They said it means I might never have one but I am officially a carrier who can pass it along to others. This worries me because I have 2 small children. My daughter has HSV1 due to people not knowing how to keep their lips off her when she was a baby. Everyone had to kiss her, not thinking about what would happen if they had cold sores at the time. So I know I cant pass it to her...but I have not had my son checked yet. I feel like i cant even kiss him and I worry about getting too close because hes still a baby and likes to grab at my face and my mouth. Not knowing if my HSV1 is oral or genital, I am scared of somehow passing it to him. Does anyone else have this problem or any advice? 

    I would have never got this crap if my exs dr didnt lie to him about what he had. He has had HSV1 his whole life but we were always careful about that. He self contracted HSV2 by not being careful when he was masterbating. The drs told him he just had a really bad yeast infection. i got tested then and I was negative. That it was not in fact herpes and they refused a blood test on him. I got tested because I wanted to make sure we were both in the clear before having intercourse together again since we had been broken up for nearly a year. I was negative at this point. But the problem kept coming back to him after we had sex. I knew something was wrong, so I decided to get checked myself again since we had had sex again, and BOOM!! That is when I tested positive for Type 1 and 2. So now we know for a fact he was falsy diagnosed. It is really upsetting to me that this could have been avoided. Now we both have both Types and I still feel gross about touching him again. I dont see him as gross, I just fear making things worse and see myself as not good enough for anyone now.

    I have told my friends and some guys who have been trying to be with me and they were very accepting of it, like it didnt matter. So that was helpful, but still not enough. I told a guy I was also seeing at the time about the positive results and he freaked on me and told me he wanted to kill himself and has been treated me like shit ever since. He knew from the get go about it because I got the blood test done before him. He knew the risks and the chance about it, so I never hid the information from him. But he took it alot worse than he said he would. I just....I have never been so emotionally ans physically detached in all my life. It is upsetting not only myself, but my kids as well. 

    On a side note, since my and my ex both have both Types now, I have decided to work things out with him. Some people think he trapped me, but I was with him when the Drs said it wasnt HSV, so I know this wasnt intentional. We have kids together, as he is my sons father and my daughters only thing like a father. So all in all, this has only pushed us back on track of fixing our family like we wanted. But this is still very new to me and very hard to deal with. I am sorry for this being so long. I just needed to get it out because I am in straight panic mode.

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    Note that HSV types are defined by their own DNA and not location. HSV-1 can be on any location of the body and so can HSV-2.

    What testing did you have that showed positive? Do you have the explicit tests and the results?

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    3 hours ago, WilsoInAus said:

    Note that HSV types are defined by their own DNA and not location. HSV-1 can be on any location of the body and so can HSV-2.

    What testing did you have that showed positive? Do you have the explicit tests and the results?

    Can a person get hsv2 from hsv1?

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    No they cannot, HSV-2 is its own virus with different DNA, just similar qualities as it were to HSV-1. If your partner has HSV-2, then he got it from a person with HSV-2, most probably vaginal sex and potentially long ago.

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      • McDuck
        By McDuck
        We all know that in theory it usually takes 12-16 weeks (sometimes up to 24 weeks) to get positive IGG blood test for HSV2.
        What are your personal experiences of testing positive for HSV2, i.e. time since exposure? And IGG score?
        Can you also state if you had HSV1 (oral or genital) and took any Antivirals prior to IGG testing?
      • jacob101
        By jacob101
        We both did blood HSV testing and we both have  HSV1 and not HSV2. However here are the differences: 
        - she has flare ups on regular basis in genital area, I don't have any, neither in mouth nor genitals so I actually don't know where it is.
        - The anti-bodies test/HSV test, shows levels of HSV1  that are six times higher than mine
        Based on these, am I taking risks if I have unprotected sex with her? I cannot stand condoms. Either way I'm looking in the future in case we want to have a kid...
        She is borderline willing to take antivirals, is that useful at all? 
      • McDuck
        By McDuck
        Hi. Will try to keep it short:
        Day 0 - Exposure with HSV2 confirmed female. Exposure = 1-time brief unprotected vaginal. Not sure if she had outbreak/shedding/blisters at that time. She was not on any meds.
        Day 5 - Redness and itchiness on the penis head and shaft on and off. Resolved in about a week. No lesions/blisters or other symptoms.
        Day 28 - Other symptoms started: tingling and nerve pains in the groin on and off throughout the day, radiating pains in the legs, fordyce spots appeared on the shaft, lower back and neck pain, burning in urethra (occasional), rashes on the body (occasional), diahrrea (occasional), overall nervousness and tiredness, flue like with feverish (occasional). No lesions/blisters.
        Day 30 - Tested HSV1 positive (IGG 19.6) (had it since childhood), HSV2 negative (IGG 0.3). All other STDs negative.
        Taken antibiotics for 5 days. Taken AV (acyclovir) for 10 days (Days 35-45). No symptoms at that time.
        Day 50 - Tested HSV1 positive (IGG 16.4), HSV2 negative (IGG 0.1). I believe AB went down a bit due to AV. All other STDs negative.
        Currenty symptoms persist on and off, but less severe: tingling and nerve pains in the groin, radiating pains in the legs. Still no lesions/blisters.
        Planning to retest again at Day 90. I am aware that prior HSV1 and AVs may delay HSV2 ABs production.
        What are your thoughts/advice? Thank you.
      • Panicking
        By Panicking
        Soooo I messed up. I applied some coconut to my cold sore and didn’t wash my hands. Then I proceeded to get dressed for work. Now I’m wondering, if I touched my vagina while I was getting dressed (like tucking in my shirt or something) could I have transmitted the disease to my genitals? Or would the coconut oil have killed the virus that was on my fingertips?
        I do have anxiety and cannot stop thinking about the possibility of transmitting HSV1 to my genitals. I know I should have washed my hands immediately and I realize that I messed up. Please help.
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      • randomQ
        By randomQ
        I've been casually dating this guy since September. We were having a regular phone conversation when he randomly asked me "Have you ever had a STD before?" I said "No." Which is obviously a lie. He said "Okay, good. A girl I used to date told me she had chlamydia before & said everyone has had a STD at least once in their life." He said he thought it was odd/disliked that she made sexual health seem so unimportant. This was MONTHS ago. We haven't had sex, and I want to tell him I have genital HSV1 before things get too deep bc I think it's a deal breaker for him. I really like him, and he feels the same way. We both would like to be in a committed relationship, but this is holding me back. 
        I just don't know how to tell someone. Its embarrassing, and I don't want to be judge like I don't care about my health, bc I do! Advice please! Do share your personal experiences of disclosing to someone you are dating. 
        ***BTW he travels a lot for work so I don't know if I can have a face to face conversation - I honestly don't want to. Would a text or phone call be ok?*** 
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