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do i have it?


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i have found 2 small pimple looking spots around my vigina. they are red on the outside, with a white center. i do not know if i have herpes or not. i do not have any of the symptoms. it does not burn when i pee and the pimples do not puss nor are they opened. i do not feel any itching, burning, or tingling down there. however i have had these pumps since the end of the summer. also can you spread herpes through shaving? i have made a doctors appointment and am waiting to go. i was just hoping maybe you could give me some words of wisdom and tell me what you think. thanks.

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I don't think it's herpes. Sounds like pimple.

Herpes outbreak (whether it looks like bumps or a blister) doesn't "stay" for months.

If the razor touches and cuts the herpes sore, and touches other places, it may be spread. But.. even if not that case, when/where you have herpes, you shouldn't shave. Shaving can aggrevate the sore and gives stress to your skin.

But.. I don't think yours is herpes anyway. :-)

Best wishes..


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I don't think that is HSV...

HSV is much more like a blister then a pimple... and it doesn't have a white head, it has a pussy clear-ish head...


Richard posted this link to some pictures on another site...

some of them are severe cases, but most of the pictures show a pretty good representation of the blister, which I think would be hard to confuse as a pimple...

I thought these 2 pictures were the BEST representation of what a mild outbreak looks like during, and after...



After (note the tiny tiny scab right in the middle of where each blister was)


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Guest Anonymous

dont think it is herpes maybe it is molluscum

http://www.herpes-coldsores.com/std/molluscum.htm this site will tell you about it . i also had small pumps that looked like pimples and they were there for about 7 months until i started using reten A on them. i had no symptoms of herpes but i was still extremely worried about the small bumps. still go get checked out

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