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I recently discovered what looked like a small canker sore inside my vagina by the opening, I wouldn’t have noticed it if it weren’t for the sex I had almost 2 weeks ago. I noticed it burned when I peed after the encounter and I went home the next morning and looked in a mirror and saw the lesion. I have been active with this guy on and off for over two years and i’m so deeply in love with him. I have unknowingly given him chlamydia once before and he forgave me and understood it happens though he was pissed at first. I have been with one other guy this semester and we used protection but I am worried that I could have contracted it from him since condoms are not 100%. I feel sick thinking I could have infected my partner with this incurable disease after he told me he doesn’t know what he wants in the future with me but doesn’t want to let me go either. I feel this would completely destroy me if I have it myself and having to deal with the guilt of passing this on to him not knowing I had this. I can’t seem to get out of bed and wish some mornings I wouldn’t wake up. My culture was negative but I am still waiting for the results from the blood tests. I have had HSV1 orally since I was a kid so my hopes of this at least being the “good herpes” down there are shot. I hate myself. 

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Ok, lets breathe. 

How quickly did you get the lesion swabbed? If you got it swabbed within 1 day of realizing it was there and the result was negative, there is a high chance it was NOT herpetic. If it was several days after, then there is more wiggle room for a false negative result.


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    • HSV2sucks
      By HSV2sucks
      On Feb 10, I slept with somebody new. I specifically asked him if he had been tested for HSV and HIV via blood test. He told me he had just been tested two months ago and everything was negative and he hadn’t slept with anybody in a year. He either lied to me about being tested or lied about his status. I believe he knew he had HSV2, was not taking antivirals, and didn’t care if he infected me. Now he is using it to make me feel like I HAVE to stay with him because we both have this. And he is minimizing it. 
      I am in pain, depressed, having suicidal thoughts (don’t think I’d act on them), and feeling hopeless. I have nerve pain all over my genitals, my lower back, my butt, back of my legs. It’s a constant pain and burning. I’m also bleeding as if I’m on a light period! ITS AWFUL! I don’t understand why anybody minimizes this!!! INFORMED CONSENT IS SO IMPORTANT! I feel violated! I’m so angry
    • Lolarae
      By Lolarae
      Around 3 years I go I contracted HSV2 from my now ex boyfriend. 
      At first it started off as a small tear..straight after sex. I assumed it was just due to the Brazilian wax I had gotten earlier that day. (I now know that that is probably what aided in me contracting HSV2) the next day, the year turned into a blister, then more appeared in the coming days. It was horrible. I had a funny colour discharge and it burned. I would sit in the bath just to pee. I went to a sexual health clinic in london where they took swans and examined me. They gave me meds to take and told me that it did indeed look like herpes. But that I should wait for my results to come back,and take meds in the mean time. 
      I got a call a few days later saying that I tested postive. I asked her if it was for HSV1 or HSV2.. as I had done a lot of research by then to know the distinct difference.  She confirmed that it was HSV2.. to this day I have not had a blood test. As swans are usually most accurate at detecting HSV.
      at first I was in denial. I didn’t get out breaks that often luckily.. and if I did it was just a. Small blister on my labia to the right of my clitorous. I would occasionally get some nerve tingling in my legs which I put down to asymtomatic shedding. I have never been on antivirals as my symptoms were barely noticeable 
      I started dating someone a year later and I told them about my HSV2. He took about an hour to read up on it.. and never mentioned it again. We carried on our relationship. I never took antivirals and we did not ever use condoms. To this day he has not contracted HSV. For a long time I somehow managed to forget that i had this horrible disease. I lived normally and happily..outbreaks were barely even noticeable. I guess this is because I had no reason to think about it. He treated me no different. Sadly our relationship has ended, however we are still friends. He has never ever mentioned my HSV to me since the day I told him.
      But now 3 years on I am dating a new guy that I really really care about. I see us getting married and having kids. 
      Buy one day We were talking about his sexual partners and he informed me that he always uses protection as he has had a herpes scare in the past and that it was the worst time of his life. Luckily he tested negative.
      Because of this I don’t know if he will ever accept me. And I am heartbroken. I cry all the time and am very very depressed...to the point of thinking about suicide. I don’t want to live my life like this. I look at females and envy them for being normal and for being able to have such carefree sex, never having to worry about this. 
      Even if this guy isn’t the one for me. I wonder if I will ever be able to find someone without feeling like this. 
      This world is cruel. And evil. And unfair. I don’t deserve this and neither do any of us. Life sucks
      im pretty sure these companies have a cure but are feeding us useless antivirals in order to make money. Our lives mean nothing to them. We mean nothing To them.
      emotionally I a ruined. I don’t see my body the same. And I hate my vagina. 
      The thought of having to take pills for the rest of my life just because of  my stupid ex boyfriend tears my heart apart. Why me? I was good.. Now I am tainted and undesirable.
      I’ve been looking online for natural remedies/cures. Although I’m not gullible enough to believe in paying money for a natural cure. 
      I’m in going to try Dr Sebi’s cell food diet. They say it is an intracellular cleanse that can rid the body of any disease. But it is a lifestyle..not a quick fix. I do believe he was really onto something.. that’s why they killed him in custody. He proved in court that he had cured people of HIV AIDS, blindness, herpes and other illnesses. He brought 77 paitients to court with him to prove this. 
      I’ve also read scientific research stating that oregano oil is very affective at killing the herpes virus.
      the trouble is getting it to the virus in our nerve cells in the ganglion. 
      I understand why pharmaceutical companies would not promote this method of self healing as it does not benefit them. 
      But I am also aware that there are no people in this forum that have been able to sucessfullu rid themselves of the virus. And even if the tests do come back negative and outbreaks stop... the virus could still be in there hiding. 
      But im trying  to save my life. So I am willing to try.
      This is long. And if you’ve made it to the end.. congrats. 
      This may be the last post I make. As if this doesn’t work. I can’t stay on this earth living with the pain of what could have been if I had not been with one person. 
    • honey120
      By honey120
      I want to die but i am afraid since i got herpes what shoulf i do friends
    • Tina3535
      By Tina3535
      Hello everyone,
      I am new to the forum and I joined because I am feeling shitty. I was diagnosed 8 years ago and I contracted it from my then boyfriend who became my husband. He did not tell me he was infected, I doubt he even knew but I am angry now because I found it that he was cheating on me. 
      We are currently going through a divorce and it makes me afraid that I won’t find someone who won’t scorn me. My mood is fine as long as I don’t have an outbreak but as soon as I have one I get depressed, I feel dirty, feel hopeless and it keeps me awake at night. I am so frustrated and I keep asking myself “Why me?”. Has anyone else ever felt this way? How do you cope?
    • Lk2404
      By Lk2404
      Hello all,
      I’m a female and was just diagnosed GHSV 1 and I’m devastated. I really need someone to talk to about their experience. I’m at the end of my rope with general practitioners and their horrible bedside manner. If one more person spits a statistic at me or dismisses the psychological pain I’m going through, I’m going to lose my mind. Cannot see a psychologist for another week. Seems like nothing will ever be the same. Please help me.

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    • WilsoInAus
      @CHT my comments regarding your race and socio-economic status are not rude, sounds like they were accurate. I just want you to be aware that there is unconscious bias in your comments based on your perspective. Yes I stand by my comments that the US healthcare system is shameful. If that loses integrity in your eyes, then that is where you sit relative to the healthcare system and my public health philosophies. There is nothing shameful about expressing ones philosophies. Have I been antagonistic in the way I have expressed these things. Yes I have and I apologise for that. I think overall I was pretty shocked that you believed that the majority of infections were asymptomatic for the receiver. Your personal experience was quite the opposite and I admit I was perplexed why you didn't share your personal experience with someone who really wanted to hear a story of a true genital infection.
    • CHT
      "talking up the chances of infection"  What? Wilson, you are now making up dialogue that never occurred.  He asked about testing and when symptoms might manifest.... I answered his questions and then asked why he felt he may be infected?  You need to go back and read over the actual messages.... never once did I "talk up the chance of infection."  You have done a poor job of reading between the lines of my messages back to "Dumbass."  I suggested he may want to meet with a doctor to discuss his situation with the goal of alleviating his concerns about infection particularly since the little bit of information he provided would likely indicate he had a low chance of infection in my opinion.... hearing it from a medical professional, especially with testing, would help confirm this and give him peace of mind.   Wilson, what really surprises me is your last paragraph.  I have read many of your posts on this website over the last couple of years and have always held your opinions in high regard.... always well informed and you never resort to petty insults and bullying even when challenged.  However, your snide speculations about my race and socio-economic status are rude, unnecessary and clearly antagonistic.  Further, your remarks about the healthcare system in the US were clearly hostile, not to mention showing a gross ignorance of how healthcare works here.  Your statements were shameful.... lost integrity.    
    • WilsoInAus
      I'm sorry @CHT you did not give the full information. The chances are not high they will not have recognisable symptoms. And if they do not have recognisable symptoms, then what is the point of going to a doctor for a swab? It is your obligation to tell people their chances and they how arrive at the correct diagnosis through available tests. Are you aware of the psychological harm that you have probably caused by talking up the chance of infection. You didn't say that there would be 50% plus chance that the person did not have HSV-2 in the first place and that the episode was less than a 1 in 1,000 chance. What happened to those odds? What role do they play when you are interpreting symptoms or their absence? In life, you support someone by saying what they NEED to hear and not WHAT you know or want to say. Further, let me guess, white middle class? The bulk of the population cannot afford nor are granted access to health care in your country. Must be nice to be able to afford a clinical evaluation, but let's spare a though for those who can't afford that. All they can do is go with the odds and they are perfectly entitled to do that in their circumstances
    • ZealousidealAide7
      I know that it is not contagious, if that helps 
    • CHT
      "Simply because people think they are asymptomatic doesn't mean they are. When they go to a doctor for education and consciously on the lookout, there is a very high probability if they are infected they will find something." Absolutely true, no argument on the study you reference.  I am also aware of the clinical studies that have demonstrated that those who self-reported as "asymptomatic" when evaluated by medical professionals are made aware that they they aren't actually asymptomatic.  However, going back to the original question at hand as to whether those who are infected demonstrate recognizable symptoms, the answer is still (as per CDC, WHO, and other reliable sources):"Most individuals infected with HSV are asymptomatic or have very mild symptoms that go unnoticed or are mistaken for another skin condition"   So, when someone comes to this site seeking advice and help when they suspect they are newly infected, we have an obligation to point out, as I did in this situation, that the chances are high that they may not have symptoms, or recognize any symptoms,  so, waiting to observe the classic symptoms (that they will no doubt look up online and find all sorts of photos showing "this is what a herpes outbreak looks like") will likely not detect those symptoms.... but, it does not mean they do not have the virus.  Obviously, most infected individuals won't have the benefit of weeks of clinical observation/testing to help them identify easily misidentified (or asymptomatic) symptoms..... these infected individuals will then move along thinking "I dodged the herpes bullet" and quite easily and unknowingly pass the virus on to others.  This occurs frequently when a person who does test positive confronts the person they believe gave them the "gift" and this gift-giver" vehemently denies having the virus since they have never had symptoms of herpes..... (which, again, is very likely as the CDC and WHO clearly point out).  Again, in the unlikely event this person were to enter into a clinical evaluation (as you referenced above), including testing/swabbing, they may find out otherwise.  This fact is one of the main reasons the virus continues to get passed along to others and the percentages of people becoming infected (particularly younger aged population) continues to increase. 
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