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Florida wants to remove herpes-excreting wild monkeys

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    Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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      • Jimmyjimmyhuapua
        By Jimmyjimmyhuapua
        Hi everyone today i sent an e mail to herpes.org.uk asked them to contact with researchers from Einstein School of Medicine as herpes foundation and ask about their vaccine work. I am sure this will be better. 
        I also want from others to do the same we can contact with foundations and give them idea. I will wait for answer from them and will share with you.
        I also wanted to contact with American herpes foundation but they dont have contact mail or phone. 
        We can ask these foundations to contact with excision about their work,
        To contact ongoing trials.
        I am sure that we will br helping them by our findings and researches.
        We can make a lake by drops.. If everyone here tries to drop we can have a big lake...
        Then i will be hopefull really.

      • femgen13
        By femgen13
        At the end of October, I tested positive for herpes without any symptoms (combined test) - I was pretty devasted. My only sexual partner of the year was on October 3rd, so I figured it was him. I got my first outbreak on December 29th after shaving. I get ingrown hairs a lot, but these looks like raised bumps, kinda big, filled with white/yellow puss. They soon scabbed over but as they were healing is seems another wave of sores are forming, I noticed some new ones today. I got tested for HSV 1 and 2 on January 10th, both came back negative. Also, I've been on antivirals since my outbreak started and it has not helped AT ALL. I've had sexual partners since my first test (one 2-3 weeks before my out and one 3 days before, but we didn't have sex).. So it's possible I got it later than I expected, which would devastate me more because I assumed I was positive all along. My question is, is it possible to test positive early on and then negative later? And is there something else I can do to help heal the outbreaks, since antivirals are providing no relief at all?
      • christinewhite
        By christinewhite
        Hi can anyone help me find a herpes dating site? I am always totally honest and upfront about the fact I was exposed to herpes (my ex got it cheating on me and didn't tell me for months!!!) when I meet someone but obviously it puts people off and I can kinda understand, but I'm not ready to be alone for the rest of my life and if I could meet other people with herpes then dating would pose no issue as they/ I have already have or have been exposed to herpes. If there is a herpes dating site then that's like, the big question out of the way and I can just date someone who gets it!! Help?

      • ButterflyKisses_26
        By ButterflyKisses_26
        I was recently diagnosed with genital herpes. At first I was stoic about my diagnosis, because this is just something I will have to deal with.  I have had one outbreak since being diagnosed. I cried and just felt alone. I'm not ready to tell my family yet, because I know they will be disappointed. Hell I'm disappointed. You never think anything can happen to you until it does! I know life goes on, but right now it's new to me. How do you cope? How do you keep it moving? I know what I'm feeling now is normal. 
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